Tales of Berseria: Card Game Guide

All about the card game in Tales of Berseria.


Rules of the game

Purpose of the game: for 3 round to score more points, than the enemy.

How to do it: collect winning combinations of cards.

What is it for: Tales coins are given as a reward (even for losing). The more points scored per game, the more coins are credited. Coins can be exchanged for various items, and for 200.000 get the achievement "A fortune".

Basic information

Each card has its own suit and sign. The suit can be remembered by the background color of the card or the picture on the left..

Points are gained through card combinations. They can be conditionally divided into two groups: combinations of signs and combinations of suits.

Combinations of signs

The fastest and easiest way to score points. The table below shows all possible combinations from highest to lowest..

*Unique talent – extremely difficult combination to obtain, in the deck of everything 4 staff, therefore, if the opponent used at least one card with this sign, you won't be able to execute the combination. Not recommended for collection.

Combination rating (from the most profitable and easiest to receive in descending order):
1. 2 pink / 2 blue
2. 5 yellow (maximum value - 9)
3. 10 orange (for each additional orange card added by 1 point, ie. for 11 orange cards give 6 glasses, etc.)
4. 3 purple (maximum value - 4)
5. 3 green
6. 4 staff

First three (four) combinations are the most winning among the rest.

Combinations of suits

They cost the same 10 glasses, for each suit 6 kart. Usually collected by accident during the game, faster and more profitable to be guided by signs, than suit.

How to play then

Every move you make (and the opponent's move) can be divided into two stages:

  • first - you fold the chosen card from your hand with a card of the same suit, which lies on the table. If there are no such suits, your card is placed on the table.;
  • the second - a card is randomly drawn from the deck. If there is no card of the same suit on the table, it is put on the table, if there is - add up and count towards your combination, if there are several cards of the same suit on the table, you yourself choose, how to fold it.

The right side of the screen shows the number of collected cards for each combination. White - the combination is not going to, or is in the process; yellow - until the combination is collected 1-2 cards; green - the combination is complete.

If your opponent was the first to collect the required cards, you are given extra time, to recoup. Any combination of yours, collected during this time, will zero the opponent's points.

If you made a winning combination before your opponent, the game will offer to continue the round or end it, I forgot my glasses. Continuing the game, you can collect extra points, but you risk losing everything, if the opponent collects a combination first. It is recommended to start the next round, as the risk of losing all points is too great.

During the game, you can call the menu and see the winning combinations there.

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