Days Gone: How to maximize your health, stamina or concentration in Days

Small guide, which will make it easier for you to play!


Self-Improvement Trophy

Self-Improvement Trophy (Performance Enhanced) Days Gone can be unlocked by reaching the highest possible health level, reserve of strength or concentration. Let's figure it out, how to do it.

Health, strength and concentration can be increased with injectors (Injector). These are special items, which can be found in two types of locations on the world map.

The first type of locations with injectors

These are the NERO roadblocks (NERO Checkpoints). Once the Deacon gets to a place like this, he has to open the door, filling the generator with gasoline or installing a fuse in the fuse box. Inside there will be a large white chest with an injector.

The second type of places with injectors

These are the objects of Nero's research. (NERO Research Sites). They can be found in caves or across small chasms. (cliffs). In the second case, Deacon must jump over the abyss., using a motorcycle with nitro.

Each research point is a small camp, in the territory of which you can find a white chest with an injector.

In both types of locations, removing the injector from the white chest puts you before deciding which indicator to increase. It could be health (square), reserve of strength (triangle) or concentration (a circle).

To unlock this trophy faster, focus on improving only one of the main characteristics. Current progress is displayed at the bottom of the screen in the main skill menu. The trophy can be obtained after, how one of the parameters will get the maximum value - for example, health, as picture above.

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