Clicker Heroes: Boss Genocide [RU]

Information about, what is the easiest way to get an achievement to kill 100.000 bosses – Boss Genocide.



Kill 100k bosses – it's long anyway. Bosses spawn in every fifth zone, which means, this is 500.000 zone, if done in one go. To make it easier – this can be done with ascensions (ascension) in semi-afk mode, breaking this 500 thousandth crocodile into smaller crocodiles. You will need to do literally 5 clicks every few minutes / hours (depends on the degree of swing of the Ancients), and the game will do the rest for the farming achievement on its own.


Rock the Ancients you want.
IMPORTANT! You don't have to rock them to that level., as on the screens. I have been playing for a long time and I love to click, therefore they are fatty in places. For a comfortable farming achievement, a much lower level of buildup is sufficient.

Increase the damage of guild heroes:

Reducing the hp of bosses:

Reducing the cost of buying levelap groev:

The next five – to drop gold in its various forms.
In fact, for our method, only Mammon is needed.:

One of the most important – reduces the number of mobs required to kill to pass each of the zones. Initially 10, minimum 2:

Generally my favorite. Souls of heroes (hero souls) = dps.

Optional, needed only for those, who bought a bunch of auto-clickers:

The most important guy – multiplies your dps in afk mode:

Rest – strictly at your request.

Sobsno, procedure

1. We reach some high zone.
2. We are waiting for the appearance of the fish and DO NOT TOUCH IT.

3. Checking, do you have idle mode active.

4. Assendim. For this you need a little pumped up Amenhotep.

5. We immediately remove the ban from Progressiion mode.

6. But now we click on the fish and collect coins.
7. Level up the last hero available while holding Q.
8. For greater reliability, after a few seconds, we level the new last available (I had a leap from Lilin to Chiron) and boldly go about our business or alt-tab on something interesting.
9. We check and do not touch anything, so far it's easy.
10. We run into the zone, where it starts to go slower and we can again level up the last of the available heroes with Q held down. Or we can fall into a cycle from the point 2, if we want to miss the ancients, eg. And at some point you can stop waiting for a fish – one click does not knock down idle mode, and even from an ordinary mob of the 1st level, coins should be enough immediately for some transcendent hero.


If you are not playing through idle mode, and auto-clickers, then DO NOT ROCK these two:

Instead, swing the Ancient to boost crits:
Just an increase in the damage of clicks:
And increased damage for each subsequent click:

And accordingly, you do not need the item 3 (Checking, do you have idle mode active) from the list above.

Yet again – don't look at my numbers, I did not touch these at all after the last Transcend, just finishing the post-achievement achievement, I find it easier and more convenient for me.
Patience and success!

From Jill

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