All Achievements in the game GoNNER [RU]

A quick and straightforward guide to getting all the achievements in the game GoNNER

If you are unable to complete any of achievements or don't even know about any of them, then you have come to the address 🙂


Achievements since “Glyphs”

GoNNER has its own game currency - Glyphs(Glyphs). Associated with them WHOLE 3 achievements.
.jpg]What is that?
You picked up a glyph!You will receive this achievement., when you first pick up this square glyph(it can be obtained for killing 5 enemies in a row).jpg]GLYPHS
You hit the glyph cap!You will receive this achievement., when you collect the maximum amount glyphs in your inventory(24)

It’s not even ASCII, how can it even be called Roguelike???

You will receive this achievement., when you die and be reborn thanks to glyph
(Prices will affect the level and number of revivals)

Combo Achievements

Everything is simple here, there is in the game Combo and related achievements.
.jpg]High five
You got a combo of 5
Kill 5 mobs or mushrooms in a row.jpg]Combo bomb
You got a combo of 15!
Kill 15 mobs or mushrooms in a row.jpg]COMBO GOD
These combos are just getting ridiculous…
Kill 50 mobs or mushrooms in a row (All colors change).jpg]Combo infinity.
Did you just run out of colors?
Kill 100 mobs or mushrooms in a row (All colors turn gray)

Add. material:

Achievements on the passage of worlds
.jpg]Good job.
You completed the Cave world. Good job.
You need to go through the cave world and destroy the boss “Giant bats”
You completed the Robot world. Impressive.
You need to go through the World of Robots and destroy the boss “Gureddo”
You completed Shooty world! Smooth!
You need to go through the Shooting World and destroy the boss “Snakes”
You completed Death world! Woah!
You need to go through the Underworld and destroy the boss “???”

Side Achievements

.jpg]The floor is lava
You jumped on 20 enemies in a row
Everything is simple here, need to jump 20 times in a row on the heads of monsters did not fall to the ground.
I’m a serious adult person and i think this kind of humor is childish and should be banned.
It's easier to show once, than tell a hundred times…

.jpg]Get off my lawn!
You pushed that big piece of trash off your lawn. Good on you.

Do you remember “Gurredo”? After his death, a large corpse remains, which can be pushed.
You probably already guessed?
All right, he needs to be pushed into the abyss and then you will receive this achievement.

I believe in you, get back up.

Take this accessory with you to your first meeting with Sally, and then follow the Video Guide.

Final Boss Missions

You found sally

When fighting this Lochom you, without killing his, must reach the right end of the location, find Sally's skeleton and jump into it.

.jpg]Stare into the abyss
You became Death.

Put on your skull, which falls after the death of this Loha, and end the game…

.jpg]No really, game over!
There’s nothing there! No easter egg, no extra item, no nothing.
Don’t wear skull, and jump over it with purple balls(I call them blueberries) and go right, until you get the achievement

.jpg]I can take care of myself.
Didn’t have to skip death.
Probably the hardest achievement: finish the game not dying

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