Alone in the Dark 1: Passing 100% Jack in the Dark

Passage of the add-on called “Jack in the Dark”


In short

  1. Потратьте A coin в конфетном аппарате;
  2. Вылейте масло из Lamps на Марионетку, when will she start to speak;
  3. Играйте на Drum, until all three toys jump into the chest;
  4. Положите Cosmetic bag рядом с куклами у решетки;
  5. Подберите выпавшую Confetti, give it to Jack-of-the-Box, when he eats it, покажите ему Mirror.

How to start

In fact, this is not an addition, but a separate game, но запускается она из той же MS-DOS консоли, as myself “Alone in the Dark“, when the black console opens, just press a number “2” on keyboard. Watch the credits and the game will begin.

  • Arrows – walking and menu navigation (management, like in a tank – hold “left” and “right” to turn);
  • Double click on the up arrow – run.
  • Enter – open the menu, close the menu, choose action;
  • При приближении к подбираемому предмету option left – leave him lying, option on the right – pick it up.
  • On the menu: “USE” – use, “SEARCH” – to search, “GIVE” – give away, “DROP” – put, “EAT” – eat, “EMTRY” – pour out.

Есть возможность сохраняться через меню в “ESC”, but we don't need it at all.

How to get

  1. Collect the things you need: на полу валяется Oil lamp (Oil Lamp), Coin (Dime). Search the chest – to pass this tower you need to either quickly run or use a veil Drum (Toy Drum), search the corner behind the cash register, to pass this tower you need to either quickly run or use a veil Book (“Book”), which describes the story of toys and gently hints, how to deal with them. If you don't know English, hammer on the book;
  2. There is a candy machine next to the cash register, use a coin on it. Will fall out Sweets (Candies), can you eat them, they won't come in handy;
  3. As soon as you get the candy, you will be attacked by the Princess Puppet. Come close to her, as soon as you hear a strange voice, выберите в меню Lamp и выберите функцию “To empty” (“EMPTY”), Major will slip, Major will fall;
  4. Take Drum в руки и ходите рядом с сундуком достаточно долго, so that all three toys, blocked the passage, climbed into the chest. If they get stuck, walk next to the chest, until they “nalyadyat” your route;
  5. Enter the room, which was previously covered with toys, слева подберите “Cosmetic bag” (“Vanity”) and “Mirror” (“Mirror”);
  6. There are two dolls on the right by the grate., Coming home Cosmetic bag недалеко от них. Одна из кукл уронит Confetti (“Candy Stick”), we need her, don't eat it. You can pick up a teddy bear, but it won't come in handy;
  7. Подойдите к Jack-of-the-Box, дайте ему Confetti. When he eats it, используйте на нем “Mirror”;
  8. Наслаждайтесь финальным роликом :3

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