Walkthrough Samorost 1

The Complete Samorost Walkthrough 1 in Russian


1 Level:

-We smoke a hookah pipe 3 times, after which the person will throw her on the floor
-Now click on it again, it is inserted into the lock
-We press on a piece of hanging rope, snaps into place
-We activate the red button, the gnome will climb the mountain
-Next to the gnome is a board with a pointer. We turn it to the left. Click on the gnome, it shows that there is a person below and interferes with the path
-We press on this person, he runs off to the right, now the gnome will calmly slide down to the next location

2 Level:

-We press the bait, a man leaves the house, catches fish and leaves to cook it in the house
-Lizards are crawling on the rock, discard them. A bone is thrown from the house, a bird comes to peck it
-Click on the bird, she will take off, gnome grab a bone

3 Level:

-Turn the gear on the right 4 times, move the tree with the mushroom as far to the left as possible
-Click the hole in the hollow on the left, the trunk will come out and flowers will bloom
-Click the last top hole, bees fly out
-A silhouette of a man will appear in the same hole., click on it, he will climb the stairs and put the light bulb on the stump
-We press the button under the gnome, the light will turn on and the elevator will arrive
-There is a small button on the elevator that opens the door to the inside.. Leaving

4 Level:

-Click on the worms that come out of the tree, the bird will eat them (4 pieces)
-Hollow in the center of the tree, there is a squirrel with a turntable
-The player has a red button, turn on the music
-Change 2 fold the plate, the owl starts to dance
-Now we click on the owl, she jumps along the branch and drops the elevator with the gnome down

5 Level:

-Use the button on the elevator to open the door, jump out
-Throwing the board on the tree
-When the anteater begins to eat the beetle, we pass under him along the stairs
-Opening the control panel (Small box near the door)
-Turn the levers so that the red lights light up as a pattern on the door.
-We enter the opened door

6 Level:

-The red button will turn on the light
-Below are dials with degrees. On the left control panel, click 2 fold the upper button until the arrow points to 50 ° C. Then the second button below on the same panel to pull out the ladder
-We go up the stairs
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