Dread hunger: Translation of update # 1 “Through the looking glass”

The first complete Russian-language translation of patch # 1, run by the community Discord team “Friendly Fire”.
From “BUT” to “I” + adaptation for understanding.


Game process

  • Added new weapons – shovel (starting weapon for the priest);
  • Added special excavation sites: hidden safes and burial places;
  • Added a new perk for the Navigator, which increases movement speed (replaces hazy vision)
  • Added leveling and leveling system:
    – Players with an F and D score do not gain experience
    – Custom and singles matches do not count.
  • Added delay before nitroglycerin explosions
  • Added new magazines (teaching element), which provide information, based on, where are you and who are you
  • Added special bindings for inventory in the settings menu
  • Reduced damage on most thrown items
  • Changed: Players come alive with 50% health
  • Changed: Poison no longer heals when respawning
  • Reduced hunger debuff after vomiting poison
  • Full rebalancing of points
  • Engineer now starts with Ice Ax (earlier – Wooden ax)
  • Marine (Marine) now starts with one extra bullet
  • Improved wolf and cannibal attack match animation to match damage taken (now they hit more often and it can be seen visually)
  • Removed additional reticle from the Spyglass
  • Only the host lobby can now operate the ship in the lobby before the start of the match
  • Seals now give two meat instead of one
  • The ESC menu now shows all players in the game (even after, how do they turn off)
  • The player is given a random role, if he did not have time to choose her, and the ship is already sailing away, to start the game.
  • The blizzard is now much quieter, if you are in a prison (brig, guard)
  • Players now take full damage when knocked down (it was previously reduced)
  • Heat from the Lantern, lying on the ground is now exactly the same, like holding it in your hand
  • Ice Ax can no longer be found in Key Chests (safes)
  • The weapon provides more fuel for the boiler (boiler)
  • Players no longer take cold damage while resting (except for a blizzard)
  • Fix: Fists are no longer automatically selected when exiting a punishment cell
  • Fix: Looting the wolf no longer makes your screen unnecessary “red”
  • Fix: Previously, the zoom of the Spyglass could be disturbed at high FOV'a settings
  • Fix: Fixed weapon displacement after respawning
  • Fix: Fixed setting, related to the custom setting of the number of traitors in the game.


  • Cannibals have a new look
  • New spawn effect for Cannibals
  • New look for the Navigator
  • Added “wet” effect for characters, when they enter / come out of the water


  • Added new cannibals animations
  • Added new shovel animation
  • Added new animation for VOIP Talking (the person's mouth moves while talking)
  • Added ship control animation
  • Fixed attack animation, which is sometimes not visible from a third person
  • Various other animation settings


  • Updated user interface for role selection
  • Added more languages ​​to the list when creating a game lobby
  • Added CJK support, Cyrillic and Thai font for correct display of the player's name
  • Added support “snowman emoji”
  • Added error message, when Vivox (VOIP) stops working
  • Added statistics window after the match, showing the progress of the experience
  • Now the text “You won” and “You lose” looks better after the match.
  • Fixed: Now error messages do not disappear in the ESC menu
  • Fixed message in HUD about, that you have three totems, when you don't really have them

Level design

  • Added new excavation sites to The Approach
  • Eliminated the chance of nitroglycerin spawning too early in The Approach
  • Fix: the workroom door on the ship became inaccessible after opening.
  • Fix: the appearance of pieces of ice on a moored ship
  • Fix: the appearance of pieces of ice on the ship while sailing


  • Added hit and dig effects for the new Shovel
  • Fixed issues with loud sounds when opening a map
  • Added new sounds of slowed-down explosion of nitroglycerin
  • Added VOIP echo test (you can find the function in the audio settings)
  • VOIP audio drops out faster now (with increasing distance)
  • Lowered the sound range of the totem
  • Fixed abrupt cuts in audio from VOIP
  • Added new flesh sound for autopsy
  • Fix: Fixed water splash sound, repeating repeatedly with some elements
  • Added / updated other sounds


  • Game server optimization
  • Optimization of work with the client
  • Fixed some crashes


RU-Discord to find partners

  • For the convenience of finding partners for the game “Dread Hungred” we invite you to join our Discord channel “Friendly Fire”

From Mendelson

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