Slender The Arrival: Easy to get all achievements

A simple and convenient way to get all achievements in the game.


Story achievements

Chapter 1

Fearless Fun

Slide down the hill in the Horror Game

When you enter the courtyard, at the beginning of the game, go around the house, do not be afraid. You will take a slide there and two stairs leading to it.

(Just go down it and collect the achievement., nothing complicated.)
I Love Radio

Listen to all radio songs in the house

Near the bathroom, there is a room in which there is a radio. Despite the description, you don't need to listen to all the songs from beginning to end, it will be enough to press LMB several times.
Master Pianist

Play the piano until then, until the first notes of “Without friends”

There is a piano in one of the rooms in the house.. Click LMB several times on it and take your well-deserved achievement.

(By the way, this song, pretty symbolic for this game, I recommend listening.)
Cry Baby

Cut Charlie, when he screams, at least, 3 times.

When you go down to the unfinished territory, not far from the transition to the next level, there will be a planted house. Inside, in one of the rooms, Charlie is worth. Let him scare you three times. You can go to the main menu after each fright., load the same level and run to it again, either, approach him in the next playthrough.

Chapter 2

I…I’ll just…take this..I guess?

Take a very large sign and, anyway, manage to fit it into your scrapbook

At the very beginning of the chapter, before entering the forest, there will be a barn. It is randomly generated. The sign we need hangs on it, come and get her.

(They say, what if you listen to the sounds in the barn, you will hear the voices of the dead. Do not be afraid, we understand, that this is just talk.)
Speed Runner I

Complete level ‘Eight pages’ less than 5 minutes

Quite simple achievement. Depending on the level of difficulty, tactics are also changing. Try to take the very first sheet of paper in the building., there are many rooms, and at the late stage of the game, there is a high probability, that Slender will be able to squeeze you there.

(I can give you the simplest advice for winning:
Complexity – Easy, find 4 pages for the first 4 minutes and we are already looking for Slender. We run up to him for an autograph, then, the level will end early, just shhh. Nobody about it.)

Chapter 3

I Escaped?

Escape any of the levels.

This escape can be done near the elevator in the mine. Go to the left pillar of the elevator and face the control panel.

Go around the first beam and go straight. The following textures have no shell, You will fail in them and get an achievement..
Interesting fact:
Going behind the second beam, turn left and enter the wall, You will find yourself in an empty room with no functionality, you can take a break there, No one will disturb you.
Well At Least You Tried

Die at the level “Into the abyss” 3 times in a row

As you already understood, you have to die at this level 3 times. Achievement is strange, it can fall out as from death only from the Proxy, and from failures for texture.

(I recommend trying the second option first.)
Speed Runner II

Complete the level “Into the abyss” less than 5 minutes

It seems to be, nothing complicated, but there is one big problem – timer. It starts counting on the surface, and there we appear in a random place. Collect all, what do you need, you need to very quickly, because you still need to get to the elevator, climb on it and get out. Eventually, the search for generators itself should take no more than 3 minutes.
Passing on Easy, You don't have to worry, that the Proxy will kill you the second time.
P.S. I have marked on these maps the possible locations of generators and fuels. (Hard difficulty only). Here they are, with levs straight.)

Floor 1

Floor 2

Chapter 5


Be trapped by the Slenderman

When the fire starts, we find Slender and wait for the appearance of his tentacles. Thereafter, try to run up to him and make hugs.

(Personally, I have, even on Hard, Slender couldn't trap me in any way, I had to run after him all over the map. Even when I stood in one place for minutes, he did not attack. maybe, it was a bug, or, I was too pushy.)
Fire Proof

Make your way through the forest fire, never caught fire

You can find a safe passage yourself, but we want to get everything quickly and honestly, it is so?

(And if not, why are you reading this? Seriously, you could enable cheats and complete the game in 5 minutes.)

Universal achievements

Marathon Runner

Pass the 10000 steps

Can be obtained in one playthrough and does not need a special approach.

We are sorry about this… Here's a cookie!

Achievement can be unlocked in the Chapter 2, the main thing, die trying.

(Whatever that means…)
Get Me Out of Here!

Make 10 unsuccessful attempts to press pause

When camera noise appears, press “ESC”.

(Nothing happens, Yes? Well, you keep trying, I believe in you.)
Why Am I Still Playing This Game?

Make 50 unsuccessful attempts to press pause

(You read past advice? So do the same, it's not hard. By the way, while you do it, you can share your impressions of swotting on the ESC button?)
Speed Runner III

Complete the game in less than 45 minutes

Go to the Extras section–>Stats. There are statistics on difficulty levels and time., spent on completing one level. Your total time to complete the game must be less 45 minutes on one of the difficulty levels. For instance, на Easy, you completed the prologue in 20 minutes. Start this level on Easy and complete it faster. At the end of the level, your 20 minutes, will be overwritten.
The Collector I

Find all numbered letters

(I recommend watching the video and using it, collect all notes and documents.)

The Collector II

Find all of the scrapbook items

(If you carefully watched the past video, I already completed this achievement, Congratulations!)

Unique achievements

I’m Free!

Beat the game on Normal

Complexity – Normal and forth.

(By the way, for the passage of Hardcore, this trophy will not be given, you can not hope.)

Beat the game on Hard

Don't think about gathering at this level or running fast., better to do it on Easy difficulty.

(Don't repeat my mistakes.)
Retro Fan

Complete the level “Origin” на Hard

This level opens immediately after completing the story and is a remake of the original game. A task – to collect 8 card notes from 10 fixed points.

(And now, listen to me carefully, i will help you do it quickly, as I have promised. Stick to simple tips:

1) Visit the building, since this is the only place with dead ends. If Slender squeezes you in the hallway, there will be nowhere to run.

2) The flashlight will go down very quickly, unscrew the scale to the maximum, so as not to get lost in the dark.

3) Don't run! Run is wasted extremely quickly, and before the collection 3 list, desirable, move on foot.

4) An interesting moment to relax: if Slender appeared, go behind the tree so, so that the interference stops and look in his direction. Don't stay that long, he can teleport to you behind your back. This method works up to the 5th sheet, further, he gets mad. Teleport close range, and save yourself from him by walking, won't come out anymore.

5) Look straight into his soul! As long as you look at him, he does not teleport, but everything has its own side, with prolonged eye contact, he can kill.

6) After the 5th leaf, pray.

By the way, I found a map of the location of the sheets here, come in handy for you.

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