Carrion All achievements (RUS)

Instructions for obtaining all achievements in Carrion.


Story achievements (Impossible to miss)

It's alive!
Infiltrate the BSL-4 laboratory (The very first and easiest achievement)

Machines fail too
Infiltrate the dump of dangerous objects. (Next location)

Start the first cycle of memories

(Memory events are not skipped and must be completed in order to proceed, they take place in computer operations (in the photo), in which you have to squeeze)

Infiltrate the uranium mines. (The third location)

Enter the toxic waste dump. (Another plot location)

Ideal organism
Start the second cycle of memories.

Flashbacks not to be missed, and they must be executed to proceed, they happen in computer terminals (in the photo), which you need to squeeze into.

There is something in these trees
Infiltrate the botanical garden. [Another plot location]

At the bottom
Infiltrate the Leviathan Reef base. [One of the difficult locations]

Oh these meetings…
Infiltrate the Science Center

Burning bridges
Infiltrate the bridge at the Leviathan Reef base

Run! Find a helicopter!
Start the final cycle of memories. [Last memories. I need to find the key, go back down, open the door and pick up the shocker, which you have to turn off the flying robot]

Penetrate the nuclear reactor

War… War never changes
Infiltrate an armored vehicle range

4 8 15 16 23 42
Get into the bunker.

New reality
Unleash your monsters. [And then you already need to get into the BSL-4 Laboratory and go to those places, where we could not get because of the glass. There will be no military. We climb into the bank, press Tab. Everything. You are human. Then just run to the right.]

Non-story missions (You can skip)

Light snack
Just a snack by anyone. Very hard to miss, but you can try))

Food for brain
Rip off your first juicy head. You need to cling to the head of a dead / alive person and eat her 🙂

Monster in the bank
Smash 1 content area

The Hazardous Waste Containment Unit is the first, whom you will meet.

You will see the door. There will be two people, they are not armed.

Under the hood
Savings in the bank
Smash 6 areas of content

Broken dreams
Smash 9 areas of content

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