STAR WARS™ The Old Republic™: How to get costumes from the cartel market without investing money

A guide for those who are fed up, that his character looks like a homeless person!!!


Galactic Trade Network(GTN)

First, we are looking for a GTS terminal, the easiest way to find it in the navy, but they are on almost every planet.
Next, direct the cursor to it and press the right mouse button(PCM).
In the opened GTS window there is an empty field where we enter ARMOR SET
And choose that, what is suitable in appearance and price. To view a suit or item by default, press Ctrl + LMB(left mouse button). When you have chosen and bought the item you want, it will be automatically sent by mail, take it to your inventory and open it.

Account linking.

To access the subject(-am) from any character you need cartel coins. To do this, open your inventory and click on the fourth button
This will open the item collection menu. All items ever released on the cartel market are displayed there..
Further, for ease of search, open the filters tab(top right) and choose to display only collected items. Their icons will be highlighted, and bottom left(item icons) there will be two buttons:

  • the first is responsible for issuing a copy of the item to the inventory.
  • the second for linking to an account(and press it).

Consider, that items are of different quality on which the cost of binding in cartel coins depends.
Link price list:

  1. Items purchased from the cartel market or received as a reward – 10 cartel coins.
  2. Bronze quality item – 60 cartel coins.
  3. Silver quality item – 240 cartel coins
  4. Gold quality item – 400 cartel coins
  5. Platinum-grade item – did not find information

Prices bite and it will take a long time to save up to link items higher than bronze quality without a subscription, but it's still cheaper than buying them on the cartel market.

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