Supreme Commander 2: Blinking cursor and falling FPS (Nvidia)

This guide provides a solution to a technical problem (Blinking cursor and falling FPS) Supreme Comander games 2 on Nvidia video cards



so, the problem is, what if you use the mouse while playing, then the cursor starts blinking when moving, and the game itself hangs. Alas, restarting the PC or reinstalling the game on Steam temporarily solves the problem, but over time, the blinking cursor reappears.
There is almost no information on the Internet about this problem.. In Steam discussions on Supreme Comander 2 it turned out, that this error occurred after the latest updates to Nvidia drivers. The first part suffered from a similar problem., but the solution to this error was found quickly.

Solution to the problem

1. Launch Supreme Comander 2

2. Minimize the game and open the task manager

3. In the task manager, open the section “Services” find
string “NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem” and stop her

4. Enjoy the game

From Kurumi

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