Conan Exiles: [Pippi] A quick guide with TheSpian interaction

This guide was written to familiarize yourself with TheSpian from the Pippi Tool mod. & Managment

Will be supplemented with information if possible free personal time (It is by TheSpian)
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good day.

I would like to share with you some information with such a subject, как TheSpian (in other words, a custom NPC for trade, creating quests, and much more)

This item is not craftable, but you can issue it through the Administrator, or the NPC itself is already configured for this. I'll tell you in more detail if possible

Main interface and its settings

This is how the interface of Thespian exhibited in the world looks like

1) Name – NPC name is filled in manually
2) Profession – NPC profession (Slave trader, weapons, etc.) filled in manually, if desired, you can enter the name of the clan
3) Thespian Type – type NPS, function customizable by players and administration, has several modes:
Regular – Normal (Otherwise I'm talking decoration)
Banker – Banker (NPC allows you to store game currency PIPPI gold, silver, bronze)
Profession Merchant – NPC with type “Trader by profession” responsible for buying-
sale of items configured in the tab “Pre-set Profession”(Products are customized in
Social Merchant – NPC with type “Game merchant” Similar to the previous one, but
items are displayed manually by players, not a ready-made preset (Same price
manually assigned). Disabled by default for players this mode,
you can also turn it on in the menu “Economy” control panel by ticking the box
“Allow Social Merchants”
Dialogue Thespian – Dialogue NPC, set by the administration as
quest, to issue a kit or just as an NPC dialogue. Configurable via button
“Launch MushiEditor” very convenient setting

4) Voice Actor – responsible for the voice of the NPC
5) Emote и Animation speed – Character Emotion Customization, which he will show, eg “O YOG!” and, accordingly, the speed of the animations
6) Equipment kit и Equipment Editor – The first is responsible for the clothes on the whale slave, second custom gear, thrown by players into the appropriate slots
7) Character Editor – Character appearance editor

Basics by type “Social Merchant” в TheSpian

In this section, you will briefly learn about selling items / slaves through TheSpian in Social Merchant mode (WORKS STRICTLY FOR SALE OF ITEMS TO PLAYERS)
What TheSpian Owner's Menu Looks Like, can be seen here

And here then, as seen by a player who is not in the clan, either from another clan

Now I will describe in detail in the same way, what is responsible for what in the first image

Items are displayed by dragging and dropping items into a block with a name “DROP ITEM HERE”, after dragging, you can set a price, whichever is more convenient for you, or by double clicking on the value, or click LMB on the arrows, respectively.
How the item will be priced, push the button “SELL ITEM”, after which it will be put up for sale (The number of items in the merchant is available in total 24)

Next, we go through the rest of the functions.
1) Preview Merchant – opens the menu, as shown in the second picture, you can see how the showcase of the NPC merchant will look
2) Withdraw Funds – button to collect all funds from sold items to players (The amount of currency earned from the sale can be seen above in the line “Merchant Funds”)
3) Clear all sold items – clears the list of items sold, so as not to manually delete and free up slots
4) Return all items – returns items, which have not been sold and are currently on the NPS


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