Achievements 100% в Soda Dungeon 2

All achievements in the game. Ctrl + F To quickly find what you need!



Witness the destruction of the dimension

(Watch the world fall apart…)

2.You Sneaky Rat

Get ambushed

(Just play and in time you will definitely hit).


Scrape the item

(Well, here I think everything is simple)

4.One Of The Good Ones

Find the Fairy Healer in the Castle

(Just as easy, just play and over time you will get it)

5.Quest Love

Complete 10 quests

(Just complete and submit the quests that NPCs give you)


Complete 50% bestiary

(It will take a little sweat, because you have to kill 50% types of mobs in the game)


Kill 500 opponents

(Well, here you don't even need to strain)


Scrape 25 items

(I think there will be no problems here either)

9.Step Into Darkness

Finish first measurement

(Reach the boss, give a hat, voila, your achievement)


Destroy 1000 enemies

(Follow the path of genocide and your achievement. P.S. This is not game content, I just have nothing to do, so I comment on the achievements)

11.Wet Floor (Secret)

Defeat the janitor

(And there is nothing to go about in a washed way. As he progresses, he is encountered as a mini-boss.)

12.Rare Opportunity

Find a rare item

(Easy achievement, I personally did it during the second trip to ♂Dungeon♂)


Complete the delivery quest

(At times, you will be given tasks by type “Pass”, “Bring”)


Exterminate 5000 opponents

(From now on you will receive the title of "Boss in the gym")


Fail quest

(Well, here I think everyone will understand it)

16.Partial Mastery

Receive 25 level on any of the characters

(Just recruit a full team and go through the dungeon, the level rises quickly, especially with 3 measurements)

17.Stomp Into Darkness

Complete the fourth dimension

(Well, here you need to play a little, measurements are taken quickly)

18.Fancy Digs

Decorate the tavern

(You need to change the skin or pump to the maximum, I do not remember exactly)

19.Lady Of The Darkness

Complete the sixth dimension

(A very interesting dimension, you need to see it yourself)

20.Questing Beast

Execute 30 quests

(Took the quest, completed the quest, passed the quest. Everything is like in Skyrim)

21.Light In The Darkness

Complete the eighth dimension

(There we have a new villain, so don't relax)

22.Soda Brain

Create and use “Soda Script” in the dungeon

(Any script can be created, everything depends on you)

23.The Darkest Darkness

Complete 10 dimension

(Quite a daunting task, Considering that, what needs to go 1000 levels)

24.Full Mastery

Receive 50 level on any of the characters

(Simple task, just recruit as many identical characters as possible and start them from the first level)

25.Eat Your Veggies

100 once gain resistance to status effects

(Eat lots of vegetables)


Burp 50 once in battle with “Soda Lover”

(Drink lots of soda, the burp will go by itself)

27.Everything Must Go

Get 250K gold with payments

(I will not say for sure, there or by liquidation, or using payments, you will need to go into the game and check…)

28.Are You Not Entertained

Complete 25 battles in the arena

(Play the arena, there are good rewards and weak enemies)

29.Cleanup On Aisle 10,000 (Secret)

Pass the 10.000 levels

(A challenge for real soda lovers and Dungeon Masters)


Turn an enemy into a golden statue

(You can use an antelope from the Soviet cartoon)

31.Never Had A Chance

Mark, stun and attack the enemy in the back.

(An unpleasant achievement, it is quite difficult to complete)

32.Crag Combo (Secret)

Turn the enemy to stone, and then kill him with a pickaxe

(To be honest, I don’t know how to do it myself)

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