Obtaining Prestige Tokens by selling cards in infinitode 2

Guide to Earning Prestige Tokens by Selling Cards.



In this guide, I will try to explain in detail how to get the maximum number of Prestige tokens by selling your own cards.. I will teach you how to sell the card as profitable as possible and get the desired currency.

Prestige and what is it for.

Prestige – this is one of the studies, which allows you to sell custom cards and reset quests in levels for Prestige tokens. And also researching it will open access to a whole branch of various research and improvements..

How to get Prestige Tokens?
At the moment, the game exists 2 way:
1) Resetting all completed quests
2) Selling custom cards

How to sell custom cards?
Each custom card has its own mP price – Map Points. It is equal to the sum of the prices of all things., located on it, and is displayed in the upper left corner when editing the map.

But the sale depends not only on the price of the card itself., but also from the bonus multiplier, which need to get, playing this card. The size of the bonus multiplier depends on the number of points scored during the game, and also from a few additional conditions.
(Note: the choice of the portal and the base greatly affects the multiplier. The more complex the portal – the less points are required. It is recommended to install the portal at least 300% and start the game in Endless Mode. From the databases, the recommended ones, which cancel research and allow enemies to walk on platforms.)

Information above is taken from infinitode-2.fandom (the official wiki for this game)

Stage 1. Path creation

As soon as we started creating the map. First of all, we think about the path along which the enemies will go..

And so let's get started:

1. The choice of platforms on which our enemies will go. The most profitable platforms are V platforms. For maximum benefit, I advise you to use these platforms.:

2. Path creation. Creating a long path for our enemies. For example like this:

Your paths may be different from mine, you can make an even easier and better way.
3.We fill all the remaining cells with platforms with resources! This is done for the most profitable sale of the card and receipt of prestige tokens.. We put the most expensive resources.

4.We fill the map with portals and barriers.

4.1 Let's start with the portals, since portals have a very good increase in the cost of the card, fill the card with them to the maximum, depending on how many portals we have in stock. We put the portals not along the path of the path. An example of how portals can be set:

4.2 Filling the map with barriers. Barriers, although they bring less value to the cost of the card, can also be installed if you do not have many portals and you cannot close those places where the portal cannot be placed. For example, it will look like this:

5.Selecting Base and Portal
At this point, we especially carefully look at the characteristics of the base that you need to put. Such characteristics are required for the base.:
-Enemies can walk on platforms
-Cancels research effect
Not very important, but desirable characteristics:
-Miner build time
-Well, what miners are available
Near the Portal, set the miner that is available at this base to get the necessary points.
For example, here's a good base.:

Red- Required properties
Orange- This shows which miners you will have available.
Green- Very useful property

The portal can be set from 350% and to 500%.

6. What our map looks like.
Our map looks like this, but you can do it as you like with regards to the way, the longer the path, the easier. Using all expensive platforms, portals, platforms with resources, barriers, gives a huge + when selling your card.

Stage 2 Game process

At this stage, we will analyze the gameplay in detail.. At the first start of the map, selling it is not worth it if you have not typed 4 000 glasses, it will be possible to try to change the base, portal, lengthen the road if possible. All about this in more detail:

1.Launching the map.
When you start the map for the first time, you should pay attention to how many points we need to score. This is usually a number 4 000, provided that you put the correct base as I wrote above.

2. See what miners are available to us :

In this case, everything is available to us. 3 miner : Scalar, Matrix, Infiar. We return to our map editor again and set these 3 the type of resource near the portal where our enemies are coming from.

3.Trial run.
Launching the map, we put the Infiar miner right next to the exits of our enemies, set the auto call of waves and speed up the game as much as possible.

4.Map summary.
In general, I managed to type 4000 glasses.

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