Devil May Cry HD Collection keyboard shortcuts

For those who want to play the keyboard.



Wouldn't say Devil May Cry HD Collection is a good port.
Even the designation of the keys in the control layout causes little difficulty..
It's about the keyboard.
Players who do not have an elementary gamepad to play this game(games) the keyboard will not be easy.
In this guide, I will show you the key assignments from each part of the game., which key is responsible for what.

This instruction was taken from the Internet., and was completely in English.
Therefore, I was personally involved in the translation..
This will show the key assignments by default.
Some words have not been translated into Russian
(Long-rage, close-rage и D-pad).
Due to the font, some words have been reduced to a critical mark,
to fit into the frame. Therefore, I advise you to zoom in on the photo to see the text..


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