Force of Nature 2: How the Canyon puzzle works

Hello. Since this puzzle is procedurally generated, no one can say for sure, what items do you need. But I will explain, how to find out.


How it works
First you need:
  • find all the stones

  • examine them and take screenshots

Now, how everything works:
  • You are in the middle of a maze and must find a way out., to understand, what item do you need.

  • Repeat the puzzle with each of the five stones.
  • Place items in their places. (To the stone altar at the very end, next to the ghost)

Do not worry, if in your solution of the puzzle some objects are in the same position.
Just put them on any empty spot..

Now to the hardest part:

The hardest part – determine the meaning of pictures. Here it is:

– Stick

– Apple

– Pen

– Water

– Cactus

– Skin

– Egg

– Land

– Coal

– A rock

– Claw

– Meat

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    • Of such stones 5 pieces, and there are some more stones without pictures (near the boss). It is necessary to understand through the maze what resources to put on the stone without pictures.

  1. Works. Symbols are indicated incorrectly. Well at least one. Not coal, and ember. The one that is red.

    • I put clean water, raw meat. Otherwise, I don’t know. Probably how lucky. I have had: pen, meat, water, coal (red which), skin.

  2. The canyon ran out of iron ore. Who knows, what to do? In caves, in the swamp and the tropics it is not. It is difficult to go further without arrows. And for research you need iron.

  3. Are looking for 6 pieces of stones. 5 painted one no. In the painted ones, we solve the puzzle and remember the elements. Then we go to the clean one and lay out the memorized elements..

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