All clothes + Super Animal Secrets: Royale

The developers are constantly updating the game and making it fun, fresh and pleasant. With this come… Secrets! Here are some of the common secret ways to get new clothes and weapons in Super Animal Royale..


Secret laboratory

  • If you talk to a dog in a lab coat before the match, she'll do a few hmm and talk about a secret in Super Saharaland. Secret – this is his secret laboratory, which he hides. The way to unlock this is to enter through the front of the pyramid on the map. There will be a square in the very right corner, apparently, connected to a notched line on the floor. Go out to the square, to open the secret door.
  • Enter the door and follow the lines, stepping on any squares, related. The line will go inside another hidden room., which is at the very top of the pyramid. The tomb will open for you, and there will be a lever inside. Pull on it, then there will be a secret laboratory on the right. Talk to your dog, to get a coat, and make sure, don't go out before, how will your team die, so that you get all the awards, and then go to the menu “Milestone”, to get your reward.

The very first Super Skullcat

  • This secret is also found in the Super Sahara region and is part of the section “History of milestones”. In the lower left corner of the pyramid there will be a sand statue in the shape of a cat. Everything, what do you need to do, is to step on the square with the symbol, located to the left of the statue. Once you do it, go down, where will the door open, and the mummy will jump on you. Or will try. Reward – cat staff with golden skull for melee weapons.

Sign “Don't dance”

  • Most of the battle royale, surprisingly, – this is dancing. We all love to do our signature dance moves before a fight., just to show enemies, what is what. Before a Super Animal Royale match starts, you start at the S Welcome Center. A. W, where there is “Party bush”, in which many players dance often.
  • but, when the game starts, instead of the sign with the inscription “A party” there is a sign, forbidding dancing at this time. Well, calling on all my rule breakers and rebellious gamers, It's time. If you dance in the party bush during a match, you will get melee weapon, which is an exact copy of the mark “No dancing”!

    If you did everything right – it should appear in your upper left corner of the screen.

Thanks banana

  • This is the secret of all secrets, since you cannot find it, if you don't press against the wall, to open the cave entrance. It is located on the green ground to the right of Thomas's workshop. There is one big stone in the middle of it, and on the left side of it you will find the entrance.

  • Take a banana with you and break the boxes in the upper right corner of the cave. There you will find Sir Banana's sacred prayer space. You must throw a banana into a special bowl and behold your blessing.. When you do it, you will be given the praise of the banana emotion!

Leave a tip for Donk

  • In the location “Super Animal Farm” on the right side of the main barn there is something, what appears to be a formed line, to meet someone, who is clearly important, if he has a shiny throne.
  • There's a tip basket for this donk, and if you throw a banana at her during a match, a fashionable outfit awaits you.

From Marston

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