Super Animal Royale: 100% Achievements

The guide will be updated as new achievements appear..


Types of achievements

At this point, I could divide the achievements into 3 categories:

  • cumulative neutral
  • cumulative homicide
  • special actions

Cumulative neutral

Play 100 matches

Here is a holiday on our street
Solo Victory

One field of berries
Winning Duets or Squads

Campfire gatherings
Use 10 bonfires

Bonfires are activated when an injured player or emu approaches them. Campfire location map:

Hoarding mole
Open 10 Mole crates

Mole boxes appear in a circle and are indicated by a special icon on the map. When you find a mole, he will not immediately give you the box. – you will have to wait a few seconds until he crawls to another place.

Repair for five plus
Use Super Electrical Tape 50 time

Collect the duct tape and use to repair the armor on the C key.

Get juicier
Drink up 2500 units of Healing Juice

Collect jars of healing juice and use as a heal on the Q key.

Cumulative murder-related

First kill
Commit 1 murder

Big Bang
10 kills with grenades

Fangs and claws
20 melee kills

Killer ball
50 Ball kills for Hamsters

Rivals instantly die when you hit their hitbox, being in the ball.

Super Tape won't help here either.
Break 400 units of armor

Special actions

Thanks Banana
Find the Banana Cave and place the banana on the offering dish.

To complete this achievement, you must first pick up a banana as a throwing weapon., go to the zone, highlighted in red on this map:
There you will find a stone structure with a tunnel entrance on the left., after passing through which you can get into a room with a statue in the form of a banana. Throw your banana under it and get an achievement.

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