Skinwalker Hunt Guide (locations, places with loot)

In this guide I will try to describe the locations, places with loot, interesting points on the map and a little about the tactics of hunting a werewolf…


Flora & Fauna Longwind Valley Locations

There are not many living creatures and vegetation in the game with which you can interact, however, the variety, although not great, is present


Wolf: Will meet us more often than others, like most animals, it is not particularly dangerous

Boar: Rare appearance accompanied by grunting

Deer: Not quite a peaceful animal as it might seem

Snake: in addition to just damage, it also causes poisoning(stamina penalty)

Bear: the most dangerous enemy of ordinary animals
The bear needs to be done 2 shot or 2 tomahawk strike, also two pieces of meat fall from him, while from other animals one by one. Of course you don't need to kill them., and drive off for example with a fire, but in principle there are enough cartridges in the game, so it is more convenient for you if the situation allows

Also in the game there is Owl with which you can also take 1 piece of meat

After killing one of these animals, we get an achievement. wild Hunt

Also in the game there is Hunting dog(can be heard very far from the characteristic bark) pointing in direction werewolf , and if you approach her, she will lead you to werewolf
however be careful, the dog runs in a straight line over the rocks, snakes and other crap, getting damaged by falling from a height is easy… Another interesting moment with the dog, a werewolf can turn into her, thereby setting up a trap when we get close enough.


Until it is thick and only 1 a kind of medicinal plants is present in the game
Fully restores health and removes the penalty to its maximum(if he is present). Spawns for everyone in different places

Points of interest Locations Longwind Valley

At the beginning of the game, we appear in a random part of the map and next to us is a box with endless rifle ammo

Immediately after that, we begin our hunt with a parallel study of the location. There are key places on the map (church, camp, parking, abandoned houses, trailer) and insignificant, repetitive (hunting towers, shacks, communication towers and remains of animals and people), are also present 2 caves(one of them werewolf). Landmark by location red arrow showing player

House at the bottom of the map

turning around you can see a hunting tower a few meters away





Houses and a fire tower

Werewolf cave

After visiting this cave, I received the achievement Home invasion

Cave to the east just a cave or also a werewolf I'm not sure

Camp on the eastern part of the lake

Backpack by the bridge

Ritual stones

Tree in the forest

Camping by the lake

Communication tower Just one of several around the edge of the map

Hunting tower Just one of several around the edge of the map

Shalash there are also quite a few of them in the location

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