Europa Universalis IV: Krabater or easiest Croatia achievement

Perhaps the simplest achievement, which can be done in a few minutes of playing time, but not obvious judging by the statistics for many. (1,3%)


Execution conditions.
Must choose in 1444 year, Croatia as starting country (She is a minor in Hungary).

Your equestrian unit must be located in the capital of Sweden – in Stolkholm. (З.Ы. optional in capture state, that is, wars)

The fastest way to get an achievement.
Use a starter fleet and landlocked Croatia. Having previously loaded a detachment of cavalry into it, then follow to the shores of Sweden.
While you are following, raise the level of relations with Sweden as a diplomat.
And ask for the right of way.
Then unload your cavalry squad and wait for the message about the opening of the achievement.
Congratulations you are perfect!)))
From Axios

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