In general, in this guide, I will tell you how to get everything. 3 secret or covert achievements in the progress bar95!
(Traditionally, if you liked the guide or I helped you, then you can throw the reward,I will be very pleased!:3)


First Secret Achievement.
The first secret achievement is called: Pink is the new blue, to get it you need to fill the progress bar completely with pink segments.

Second Secret Achievement.
The second secret achievement is called: 5%, yes it is called. To get it you need: Fill the pressbar with yellow segments on 95%, and at the end catch the blue segment.

Third secret achievement.
The third and last achievement is called: Don't panic!, to get it you need:
1. Have Bar Os 10.II. ( I don't have it yet)

2. Lose catching segments. (any complexity)
3. Click on the computer.
4. And choose an item: Don't panic!

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