Hobo Tough Life: Hardcore Tramp Guide | Tips for killing hardcore + difficulty

Hello, In this guide, I have laid out a set of tips and thoughts of my own on how to make your life easier when playing Hobo: tough life на сложностях hardcore и hardcore+



so, it should be said right away that this guide is not for those who entered the game for the first time. If you are one of those – I advise you to try Hobo on Normal difficulty first. This is how the game will give you that experience, which was conceived and implemented by the authors initially. Two other difficulties (Further – hk and hk +) are present for those, who seemed to have few adventures on normal difficulty… Well, for those who want to knock out a rare achievement in the game, it is natural.

Analysis of the features of xk and xk +

Already on the page for creating a new world you will be greeted by a canvas of text, reading which half of the players will certainly decide to return to normal difficulty. Let's take a look at these innovations point by point and make sure that they are not as scary as they seem.!

The very first line hits the very heart of every hamster, which usually stores a ton of useless, common and useful junk, various building materials and other-other-other things. What, comrades hamsters, in fact this line is for you – a way to rethink your actions, because for the first time your trash will benefit the passage, instead of just clogging up a warehouse cell. For me, it was a big discovery that any trash can be sold to Monty, albeit just one coin. And if it's a pity – convert it into a useful one yourself / at the same Monty. Building materials can be sold to him and the Baron, and if you need them later for your own base or for the quests of the NPC – they can always be easily obtained with the help of Langos quests.

The second line hits already on those, who has difficulty with the reaction mini-game, because now any mistake during crafting will deprive you of all resources, but you will not see the result. Everything is solved quite easily – Improvements to Monty's Crafting Skill. And yet, if expensive and rare components are involved in the craft – I would advise to use the will – our second key from all troubles. Passing through this guide means that you will quickly accumulate 4 willpower points, and soon you will have 6.

The third line doesn't look scary on its own, well, you can't walk when overloaded, nevertheless, you can simply not allow this very overload. That's just the hardcore took away from us two more slots for bags.. Here even the toughest hamsters went for valerian. Yes, the hero's luggage is severely curtailed, and yet we will try to take a backpack for a hundred slots as soon as possible, later we will back it up with clothes with a lot of pockets, and even later if there is still little – add more 20 backpack slots.

Fourth point – broken clothes cannot be repaired. Trash cans are actually the main source of holes., and the solution here is also very simple. Or dig carefully and stop when you reach the limit “чуйки” for mines (you can predict the same number of mines, how much skill do you have in digging in trash heaps, the bonus to the skill from the hideout is also taken into account), or carry cheap replacement rags with you and change before diving into the next trash heap. Attention – just undress – bad option, since then mines will start hitting your health, with the restoration of which, as we learn in the next paragraph, on hardcore, things are not very good.

Difficulty number five – treatment with consumables is weakened by half. It can be leveled very easily – you just need to avoid brawls until then, until we can kill enemies sooner, how will they come to their senses. Also, ideally, follow the needs of the character and not keep cold, hunger, fatigue, poisoning and mood in the red zone. There are cheap consumables for all these parameters., effectively dealing with the problem. Carry a couple of bottles of water, PlayGuy and some food in your pocket – and you will never know sorrow. Well, keep an eye on the condition of the change of clothes, when rummaging through the trash heaps.

The guide is designed for difficulty hk +, therefore, permanent death / lack of redemption of things from Meisner costs…. By the fact that we do not die, exactly. There is nothing in the game, which can do you a lot of damage suddenly. Even falling from a height won't kill you (but be careful with it anyway, damage from falling from a great height is)

Well, among other things, we are partially deprived of the most obvious ways of obtaining items and money, increasing the amount of trash in trash cans and decreasing the amount of money, received as a result of begging. The Bear will help to cope with the former with his skill increases, and with the second perk, obtained from Langos. Well, and still no one forbade us to use trade and theft instead of begging.. In addition, you will solve one of these problems on the next screen. – character selection screen.

Character selection

In my opinion, the best character will be a charismatic grandfather., second place goes to stinker, the third is the most common bum, and the drunkard goes to the fourth.
Perhaps I did not have time to taste the latter, but it seems to me that its benefits are too weak for such a negative effect as a new need. As if hunger with sleep was not enough, no thanks.
Character without features (from third place) may well be your choice, and yet the disadvantages of the first places are very easy to solve, so why give up the unique benefits.
Stinky Jack lets you scavenge as if playing on Normal difficulty, which at first will provide you with cigarettes, materials, life-giving, items for sale and even furniture. all this is very important for pumping reputation at the start, when you can't “to chat” with a character more than once from behind a threshold “trust points” (the ones with the hourglass). The cost of this will be a passive increase in stench., with which deodorant stolen from a passer-by or soap and napkins found in a garbage can easily cope. Otherwise, they would still lie unnecessarily, nevertheless, we do not want to run into mines in our main clothes.
Old man – the most difficult to discover, but in my opinion the nicest character. In essence, we get a hidden boost to charm., which will allow us to quickly pump social skills at the start and use them more effectively by the middle of the game. The price of such an increase – increased stamina consumption. Personally, when playing for grandpa, I did not feel this drawback at all, because regardless of the chosen character, I am constantly running, I sleep except in a punishment cell awaiting release. Sleep in Hobo is overrated, because water costs everything 15 CZK per bottle, and coffee, cola and energy drinks in large quantities fall from the pockets of passers-by. And even if there are no consumables left – you can always go to the bum, with whom you get along and for 10 give yourself confidence points 30 energy, also get a rage buff for surrender. In short, the disadvantage of the grandfather is very weak compared to the advantage, which attracts me very much and makes him the best candidate of all.

The first important NPCs and what we want from them

After going through the world and character settings screen, we finally find ourselves in the pit to Meisner, and what to do next? First, let's define the goals: we want to get a good source of crowns to convert them into top clothes, food and items to solve needs, as well as develop relationships with key characters, who will later help us or even vote for us in the election of the king of the beggars. But first I would like to get at least some bag, money and clothes.
I advise you to complete the first few Meisner quests without leaving the checkout., to be able to craft grub later, hand-rolled and life-giving, which will help you get rid of excess luggage weight on the go.

The second useful character is almost right there. – this is langos. On the first meeting, you will receive from him the metal equivalent of fifty crowns., as well as a tip on a heap of scrap metal. We'll have to be generous during his first few quests., to bring the trust of the gypsy to twenty points, but it's worth it. Building materials always spawn in the same location, are more expensive than scrap and can be disassembled for a whole bunch of different resources, constantly necessary for quests and for our hut (by the way, you can get nails out of scrap metal using the same method, wire and metal plates). If Langos offers you a scrap metal quest after the first building materials quest – refuse and ask again. Repeating two or three times, you will definitely get a quest for the resource you are interested in.. Perk Langosa “cheeky” overall good, but optional, since begging is not our MAIN source of income. Still, if you want to take it – take early, then it will pay off earlier.

Moving from the gypsy slums we'll get to the city, where the number of useful NPCs will only increase. First of all, I advise you to move to Sister Agnes' shelter., and on the way, drop into the commission to Anatoly and Father Burian for their first quests. Why? Yes, because from this moment we are obliged to poke at every oncoming passer-by for the sake of pumping social skills and the appearance of a pleasant ringing in the wallet. Agnessa interests us first of all because of the opportunity to ask for free clothes, and also because of the dog walking quest. While you are hanging out with the dog, you can take off all your stock rags., except that, for which Agnessa offered you an alternative, and dive into all the trash heaps. Still, at the first level of the skill, it is very difficult to find something before the first mine on the hk, so it is worth overclocking the skill to at least three in the first days. Moreover, very soon Burian will direct us to Agnes on the quest, where we will need this skill in C grade. Yet clothes tear quickly, so check Teak and Agnes' assortment occasionally for cheap clothes. And if you really need a change – buy a medical mask at the pharmacy.

Also, until you have gone far, I advise you to visit Furgrim and continue to do it more often. – his skills are worth their weight in gold for us, but the first level is enough for a start “Unscrupulous”. Needless to say that on the way we open all the storage facilities and regularly we will pick up from there (and from the pockets of passers-by) all sorts of goodies. A three point mood penalty is very painful until you have money for a bunch of PlayGuy magazines.

The following very important characters live in the south of the city – this is schizo and monty. At Monty, we want to get a reputation for pumping an expert, and then the craftsmen, as well as we are interested in its assortment and service in the repair of electronics. Monty's repair prices are affordable, and the result of the repair can be fused to Anatoly to build trust. Well, on the streets, vacuum cleaners with headphones are torn off with their hands.

Shizik – one of my favorite characters, the chain of quests which I advise to rush as soon as possible, but for a start it is enough to collect taxes, try to drive out the bukhars from the station and deal with Rasken. This is enough to get hold of 30 trust units and unlock the strategist perk – probably the best perk in the whole game, which opens up a lot of new options in dialogs, as quest, so with npc-dummies.

To deal with Rasken, you will somehow have to contact Finn., Bruno and Anton, all three faces are also very interesting to us. Finn – pumping charm (I advise you to take his perks as soon as possible, because then they will pay for themselves as soon as possible), and Bruno and Anton with their quests. Bicycles are great passive income when you learn to steal them yourself. You just do your thing and you can find 200 crown, and when you find yourself near Anton – cash out your money and immediately take a new quest. And the longer the cooperation – the more effect it has.

The next priority after the above Shizik, Finna and Bruno will be Moiser's Wenceslas drug store. Yes, first you have to wander back and forth a few quests, but on the other hand, you will quickly get the position of a pusher from Ramsay, and with it the ability to push powder on the streets, which will make your life much easier. Do not provoke fights yourself, the police do not pay attention to the screams of outraged passers-by, and you get a chance to have 140 CZK literally for 2 a click on a passerby. Develop a relationship with Ramsey and Moiser, do not side with the satanist and you will not regret.

Well, the last ones in this section – Nuggets and Tick. From the first we want to get hold of the perk “Pitchman” by the time you start trading meth, and we are not lazy to visit the second one from time to time, because it can help us save a lot on buying good clothes. By the way, have a look at Anatoly's goods, there are good clothes and even a one hundredth backpack with a markdown. Later, you should pay attention to other characters., start raising your reputation with Struok, Burian, residents of the fort, Bear, Drax and others, but it's in no hurry, after all, all the benefits of them are revealed with high trust.

House effects and willpower boost

There are a number of benefits to building your own home in Hobo, which we clearly should not neglect. Every two passed “stage” let us take an extra perk from the base, all of these you can take 9. It is important to understand that you will not be able to reallocate points., and if you put all sorts of structures and furniture into your inventory – you just lose your bonus until you recover “stage”. The choice is actually minimal, all sleep buffs are useless, like the dream itself. Fortitude won't help you much, after all, it doesn't matter when the indicator of a particular need reaches the limit – you will need to use consumables. What you want to eat a minute later does not change anything., you will not receive, let's say, more satiety from food. The warehouse is not available at all, so three perks remain, each of which has three levels. Resistance to cold and moisture, willpower and extra levels in communication and trash digging skills.

What to download here first of all – strictly your choice. I prefer willpower. Colds in the early days do not hit us hard, barrels with a spark and wine in the game are enough to move in dashes and not stop even at night. We ourselves disperse communication quite quickly thanks to the passive feature of the grandfather, and for garbage dumps it is enough to wear replaceable rags – and none can resist you even at the first skill level. Second priority – resistance. The third – skills.

Now let's talk about exactly how to improve the base.. Of course, we bring all the furniture and decor items to our place., for which you do not need to pay. There are boxes in the vaults., tires, bricks and stuff. Furniture is often found in large trash bins and storage facilities inside the entrances.. Having placed several wardrobes and chairs, we will not have time to notice how we accumulate 5 units of equipment of the first level, similarly with small equipment. So we got the first point of will. Also very free stages are “strange” and “sophisticated equipment”. All sorts of garden gnomes and busts flicker as rewards for quests and are often found at Anatoly. It is very easy to collect three items from these sources., and now we have the second upgrade of the will and the possibility of guaranteed passage of medium checks. See for yourself how to develop the base further, I crafted a home bar (since it will still come in handy for Struk's quest, and guaranteed craft just requires 4 will), then you can bring the strange / equipment / small equipment to ten and pick up the fifth point of will. Or put four flimsy designs. Or even more complex equipment. Or… Look at what you have and decide for yourself, nevertheless, you still have to draw precious points from your shelter.

Even with three willpower points from the base, we will have only five, that is why it is worth taking care of pumping reputation with Struk and Burian, Tony. In my opinion, the simplest option is – father Burian, since his quests are scripted and we always know what to expect from him at the moment. And that, at some point he will ask us to fix the boiler room, so if you find an adjustable wrench and a hammer in advance for sale from homeless people or in storage – grab without thinking, they will save you nerves in this quest. Voila, less than a week in the game, how can we close any checks with will.

Why do we need this willpower?

Upon completion of all the actions from the last paragraph, a rather large scope of possibilities opens up to us., among which: instant opening of any containers and locks, winning any fights without taking damage, persuasion of any characters and guaranteed crafting of even the most difficult things! At what cost? Usually 20-30 crown. The chewing gum from the nearest snuffbox from now on become our best friends.. Buy them by 100+ pieces, bet on the fast slot and go through everything, what you don't want to do with your hands in one click! Do not forget about the fact that we receive will from other sources., so do not rush to restore the stock immediately after it is wasted. Maybe in a minute you will decide to drink an energy drink to recuperate or take a drag on good tobacco to raise your mood.. My gum flies away instantly, so this kind of savings comes back with a pleasant ringing in the wallet.

The fight and everything connected with it

Fights are dangerous at the start, but by the middle of the game any battle is fought with closed eyes.
What do we need in order to become a thunderstorm for all the gopniks of Wenceslas?
– money
– жвачка
– fire extinguisher
– Zhigulevskoe
We have already mentioned the first two points., in place of the third, any beater with maximum damage and crit is suitable, which you will find, and the fourth is generally optional. We invest money in increasing the damage at Bruno and in the gym near the acceptance of Mr. Kotler's scrap metal. Also, there you have to buy the most imbibed combat perk – “It touches”.
For just three points of will, the bully lets you hit twice in a row… But in fact, the description is lying, after all, after applying the perk, the enemy does nothing and the move remains with us. So you can do 3 attacks in a row for 3 likes or 5 attacks in a row for 6 will. I haven't seen the character yet, who wouldn't give up after five blows to the face with a fire extinguisher. Can optionally be purchased from the Convict gunsmith perk “soldier” for less durability consumption of our red herald of death. And don't forget about the buff “Rage”, giving 5/10/15 damage to 1/2/3 minutes. I have not seen a two star buff in the whole game, and for three I saw only a rare and difficult toast in cooking “Macho”, but in fact such a strong effect is not needed. With the aforementioned fender kit, any opponents will fly away instantly, a can of beer with her first level of rage can only come in handy for the second quest of Shizik, since one of the boozer will have to fight on fists, and we will need to get drunk there anyway.
Most fights, by the way, can be avoided, but I usually deliberately climb on all Bruno's gopniks, since in case of victory they give more than thirty crowns, which I spend on gum before the fight)
If you are caught doing something illegal by the workers or the police – the strategist will be a great alternative to early combat, and the bandits can be bypassed, hide from them in buildings, sometimes they will let you pay off with a joke or a cigarette. Don't joke about the duck and the bike.. And about the Red brick harmful to teeth. And about the mother – it's uncivilized (but it will work if that)!
Py. sy.: do not ask for trouble when you are low on health, then the game at the very beginning of the battle will decide that you have been beaten to a pulp and that you will definitely not be able to cope, well, it will count the victory to your opponent with all that it implies.

Economic Tips

A few points about money. Tobacco and food stalls are scattered throughout the city, so you can exchange bottles and lottery tickets for crowns at any time. If you have little money (less 120 crown) – bandits won't bother you, so don't rush to sell bottles and tickets, maybe then you will shorten your way and save time. You can also convert money into items in advance to perform this feint, purchasing magazines and food supplies, or by purchasing quest items, which will be useful to you soon (cigarettes for monty, food for Kachka, etc.). By the middle of the game, the usefulness of such chips fades away., because you don't need to buy consumables, and there is always a lot of money, so try to bypass gopniks and not make contact with them at all. Later, you can still give them what they deserve..
Second feint – opportunity “take advantage of” quest money. For example Purulent can give you 200 CZK for refueling a gas cylinder, The schizo will ask to collect taxes from his dealers, and you can ask Mistress Ludova as much 1500 CZK for Drax's chair! Try you, by the way, you can only once, so it's better to use the will, so that, like me, not to lose a potential fifteen hundred. Nevertheless, no one asks you to instantly dispose of this money for quest needs., so you can assign them to yourself, and later give it out of your pocket. This might come in handy, eg, if you caught a good offer in Anatoly or Tik's store and you urgently need money, until the assortment has changed.
And the last thing – some perks cost a lot of money, but pays off in the course of use. These include: pickpocket, Naglec, pitchman, smuggler (but why is he, you can just not go to jail, heh), charm, expert and master of begging and so on. The sooner you access them – the better they will reveal themselves.

A couple more moments

Dependencies – our worst enemy. Even on normal difficulty, they force a lot of money to heal, so it is sometimes easier to maintain them, not to heal. On xk, first aid kits are two times weaker, which means that the cost of treatment is twice as high. Get ready to pay three to four thousand for healing if you get addicted, but it is much wiser to just not risk it again. Saw the addiction risk icon in an attempt to get drunk on quest booze? Better save and return to this quest in a day or two., booze will not run anywhere, his liver is steel, and the legs are concreted right into the station street.

Best clothes – Shizik's quest cap, expedition jacket and pants, boots to taste, backpack on 100 or 120 slots.

In the Moiser quest chain, you can side with a Satanist at one point, what doesn't suit us. I never got my reputation to the max on normal difficulty., so I don’t deny, maybe it gives serious advantages. The only trouble is that to level up a Satanist you need to do a bunch of rituals -> spend a bunch of hp, and their restoration at the holding company costs substantial money. The drug den alternative is much more transparent – cool meta recipe. Home lab resources aren't hard to find, the pan can be bought from Meisner, the balloon is also sometimes on sale (I don’t remember who, from Tolik or the same Meisner probably), this powder is crafted +- for a hundred crowns if you buy materials, but it takes more than two hundred. With our charm, this is one of the best ways to make money, which will definitely provide you with everything you need and will carry you through the entire season!

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