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Muck is not the easiest game. We recommend that you try to figure this game out on your own.. Most likely, you will die often, but on the other hand, even dying here is fun enough. If you've just started playing the game, start with this guide.


The first step of passing Muck
First of all, inspect the map. Do you need a map, where you can sit in the center of boring resources around. Check all houses for an ax and a workbench, because then instead of you 30 units of wood will be needed in total 10 (on a pickaxe). Beware of the bug - if you have 5 bark in two inventory slots, the workbench will consume both of them. With an ax, it is generally good to chop a lot of wood at once., because it will be needed in very large quantities.

Second step
Next, you need to get 40 units of stone - 15 on the oven, 15 на наковальню и 10 for boiler. At the same time, try to get hold of 15 iron and 20 birch wood. Craft a furnace and smelt iron with coal or wood.

Craft an anvil and craft an iron ax and a pickaxe. (you need 10 tree for bark).

Get 10 gold ores and melt them. Craft a golden ax and a pickaxe (need to 10 bark and 15 wood).

Get 10 mithril ore (blue), melt them and find 20 spruce firewood. Craft Mithril Ax and Pickaxe (need to 10 bark).

With an empty bar of hunger, you will not be able to restore stamina, so get as much food as you can. When you need it, make a cauldron, to cook food.

You can eat apples and yellow mushrooms or a multicolor mushroom.
Of 5 wheat, make a dough and cook it in a cauldron, to create bread. Leave 10 wheat, to make a bowstring.
Get Cow Meat and Cook It - Replenishes 50% hunger. You can also make meat soup, but i don't think, what is it worth.

Final preparations
To defeat the boss, need to make the best bow and arrow, what are there.

You will need 25 birch firewood and 10 flints (can fall out during mining), to make a table for making arrows.
Make a rope out of 10 bark and 10 wheat.
Make a wooden bow from 10 wood and 1 ropes.
Of 5 oak planks and 1 rope make an oak bow. (To chop down an oak, need a mithril ax).
Make arrows from those resources, which you have left. Ideally, adamantite arrows from adamantite and oak wood.

Get the best armor possible. Mining and smelting adamantite takes a long time. (possibly, you should make more ovens), and you need 40 adamantite for making a complete set of armor and 5 adamantite i 5 oak wood for sword making. If you have lower level resources, make armor out of them.

If you don't have enough time to smelt adamantite, you can try making a complete set out of mithril, it will be much faster.

Boss fight
The boss will appear on the fourth night.

My strategy: run away, and then shoot him with arrows and dodge his ranged attacks.

Also always move, so that other monsters don't hurt you. Electrodino may appear, which can be very dangerous.

After defeating the first boss, the game should be much easier. Sure, there are still dangerous monsters and there will be more bosses, but you'll be much better prepared with a complete set of adamantite. Moreover, you will have more gold, spent on bonuses.

We recommend leaving a few arrows for the second boss and random monsters, as they can still be very dangerous.

You can smelt gold and make gold coins, to get more bonuses.

You can later activate the shrines, to get more gold from monsters.

Moreover, two rare items drop from the boss, which can be used to create cool things.

This is the entire guide to walkthrough Muck.

From Elintar

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