100% Papeture Walkthrough and Achievement Guide By Tomoshi6i

All achievements are story-driven and obtained as you progress through the game.. Impossible to miss.


Passing + achievements

GET UP Wake up the main character.
  • Click on yourself
  • Click on the button, where the firefly sits, after which the firefly will fly to the upper bud. The bowl will fall.
  • Raise the little bowl with the little fly inside.
  • All the buds need to be lit, to open the way. For upper buds, use a bowl with a front sight.
  • Leave the room.
  • Use a bowl with a fly, the fly should stick to the spiked bait.
  • Wake up the creature below the spiked decoy, it will create a bridge.
  • Walk to the other side and climb the spiked bait pole.
  • Talk to the creature on the right and click the hint in the upper right corner, to continue.

FLYTRAP Feed fruit fly.
  • Climb back down and push the creature all the way into the starting room, to eat the firefly.
  • Push the creature back into the room, in which it was, and look at the glowing spots on the creature. there is 6 parts, which either glow, or not (then they will be black).
  • Climb up the spiked pillar, hitting the thorns, according to the creature, turn the spikes on and off.
  • Go down and push the creature straight through the new passage to the right again and keep doing it, until the bridge connects, so you can go to the other side.

BRANCHES Cross the branch.
  • Jump through the hole on the right and continue to the left until the cutscene.
  • Keep running left, avoiding burning meteors.

LIGHT Become a witness.
  • After this section, go down and to the right..
  • Interact with two creatures, to make the bridge go down.
  • Come down and pick all the seeds, from right to left.
  • Now cross the bridge to the other side.
  • Under the bridge, you will notice a feline creature under the rubble.
  • Remove trash and interact with it.

TAPEWORM. Free the creature.
  • On the left, you need to interact with the seed, to raise it.
  • Now you can throw seeds.
  • Damage the creature on the right, who sleeps in the water.
  • The creature will follow you, the goal is, to make it stay closer to the middle and let the big buds fall on it.

  • As soon as he passes out, climb it and sail to the left.
  • Repeated blow to aquatic creature, wake him up.
  • Let's swim to another creature, which acts as a water pump. After waking up, if the creature is too scared, go right and slowly move towards it, not letting him fully rise.
  • Once you finally manage to walk up to it and clear the blockage, ask him to drain the water and swim to the left.
  • In the new area, hit the vine with the seeds and quickly move past it to the next area.

KEY. Discover the key.
  • Walk left twice and wake the creature with the seed hit.
  • Return to the previous room, go up the stairs and go through the door on the right.
  • Climb to the landing with the stairs and use the creature in your hands, which shoots seeds, to throw in 3 cups seeds, the stairs will go down.
  • Climb the stairs and talk to the creature.
  • Now use the creature, which shoots seeds, to hit everyone 9 spheres, so that they light up.

BRAIN. Ignite 9 spheres.
  • Leave the room, going down the stairs, and go right across the bridge to the next room.
  • Interact with the worm, to get fish bait.
  • Now the goal is, to try to catch a jellyfish and one of the largest fish at the bottom of the pond, while avoiding all the small fish, so use bait, when smaller fish are far away.
  • Catching a jellyfish and a big fish, leave the room and go left.
  • Talk to the bartender, and you trade jellyfish for a bottle.
  • Talk to the creature, reading a book, and you exchange your fish for a book.
  • Go down to the room with vines.
  • Use the creature, which shoots seeds, to neutralize the vines and quickly move to the right, before they go down.
  • In this room interact with the painting. She will fall.
  • Now close the window on the left, and you will see the sequence in that place, where the picture fell.
  • The goal is, to click on the buttons in order, from the mouth to the tail.
  • We get points. Then return to the creature with spheres., who lit earlier.
  • Talk to the creature and bring him all the items, which he asked.
  • You will now play as our tame creature.
  • The goal is, to light all the capsules, to open the exit.

BUGS. Light up all the capsules, to open the passage.
  • Pick up the key and avoid other bugs, until the exit opens, then go away.
  • Return to the area with the creature, which acts as a pump.
  • Interact with the pump twice, to fill the water and continue to the right, using the key on the door.
  • Use the creature, which shoots seeds on the red area, when the creature inhales the main character will fly out. The cut scene will start.

BALLOON. Discover the balloon.
  • Climb up the spiked pillar and board the balloon.
  • Keep taking off, while dealing with creatures, throwing seeds, when they open their mouth.
  • Reaching the top, interact with hole, from which steam comes out and inflate a large balloon.
  • Then drop the seed, to block the steam outlet and interact with the main hole below it.

SACRIFICE. Finish the game.

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