Far Cry® 3: All memory cards

In this guide, I will cover, where to find all memory cards


All memory cards
Barbiturates - Orphanage Outpost (X:392.0, Y:682.0).

Benzodiazepine - Coastal Robber House Outpost (X:437.8, Y:794.9)

Cocaine is an Amanaki outpost (X:501.7, Y:738.6).

Crack Cocaine - Northview Refueling Outpost (X:458.0, Y:627.7).

Ecstasy - Rusty Yard Outpost (X:579.4, Y:752.1).

Prohibited drug 1 - Outpost "Observation Deck" (X:539.9, Y:682.8).

Prohibited drug 2 - outpost "Old mines" (X:647.5, Y:742.8).

Prohibited drug 3 - outpost "After 12" (X:688.1, Y:786.7).

Sodium oxybutyrate - Hubert Coast Outpost (X:658.1, Y:642.2).

Heroin - Outpost "House of Old Nek" (X:637.5, Y:530.5).

Ketamine - Assassin's Halt Outpost (X:745.7, Y:778.3).

Cut - outpost "Kella Shipyard" (X:729.8, Y:637.7).

"Crocodile" - Outpost "Nat's Workshops" (X:807.8, Y:654.4).

LSD-25 - outpost "Pier on the Lazy Bank" (X:487.1, Y:427.2).

Marijuana - Bridge Control Outpost (X:442.7, Y:384.4).

Methamphetamine - outpost "Slope of the mountain ridge" (X:336.0, Y:476.5).

Mushrooms - Coastal Site Outpost (X:377.5, Y:326.1).

Opium - North Peak of Krieg Outpost (X:279.2, Y:431.4).

Phencyclidine - Mo Shipyard Outpost (X:214.9, Y:375.5).

"Spice" - outpost "Center of satellite communications" (X:524.7, Y:443.1).

Memory Card Award
For 10 memory cards an award is given in the form of an excellent submachine gun "Disintegrator", which is an improved copy of "Vector" .45 ACP.
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