Wreckfest: Quick earnings of experience and money

In this guide, I will tell you about the fastest way to earn experience and money.. I will say right away, that we will use honest methods!


Step 1
We go into our own event

Step 2
Choosing a derby, the card is called FAIRFIELD COUNTRY (the map is small and the surface is asphalt)

Step 3
Event settings (I will highlight the most important):
A type – Skirmish
Rivals – 23
Time – of your choice
II – LOWN MOWRE (weakest transport)
Damage – realistically

Step 4
Complexity (I will highlight the most important):
Difficulty driving – fine
AI complexity – expert

Step 5
Result (in my case for 4 minutes):
+32390 EX (experience)
+2750 CR (money)

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