Agrou: List and description of roles in Russian

This guide is more for my friends.. But I will only be glad if thanks to him, the rest of the Russian-speaking players will be easier to integrate into the game.

Will be supplemented and formatted, as mechanics can change.

If you find errors, don't be afraid to notify me, I will correct!


Peaceful Roles / Village Roles.

Villager (A citizen)

A citizen – this is an ordinary resident, not particularly powerful. In most games, he will be the most common role.

Game mechanics:
She's gone, you will most likely be hanged first.

Often evil roles say their role is a resident, because of what you will have the least trust.

There is a small chance of survival if the Seer checks you and confirms that you are a resident, but then most likely you will be killed at night.

Seer (A seer)

A seer – important role, able to test the role of another player at night, which can be used to search for evil roles or confirm the innocent.

Game mechanics:
On your turn at night, click on the player, to instantly show his role card. Your turn usually follows the Guardian role..

Witch (Witch)

Witch – this is an important and powerful role, which can save a player from death or kill a villager. This is one of the few village roles, who can kill the villager, others – Dictator and Hunter.

Game mechanics:
When is your turn, you will see a menu with 3 options: poison, heal and do nothing.

Holding E, you will be able to throw a potion of poisoning, which will kill the villager. During the day, if the deck is not hidden, residents will see, how a potion is thrown at a dead player and a witch plays.

Holding F, you will be able to throw a healing potion, who will save the villager, if he is attacked the night you played him. If the player is attacked, like the Guardian, healing particles will appear on the player that you saved, but only if the deck is not hidden.

Holding Left Alt, you miss your turn, so as not to waste the potion.

You will also see, who the wolves have targeted tonight, if you have a healing potion, since your turn immediately after, how all the wolves will make their move.

We remind, that you can only use the potion once, and it's up to you, when to use them.

Dictator (Dictator)

Dictator – one of the few village killers, others – Hunter and Witch. He can directly select the villager, whom to kill in the afternoon.

Game mechanics:
The dictator cannot kill on the first night; on the second night he can choose to start “coup d'état” (choose whether he wants to shoot someone the next morning)

Choosing a dictator at night:

Hold E at night, to use weapons the next morning, or hold Left Alt, to skip.

If a dictator kills a werewolf, he becomes mayor, and elections are skipped, if the mayor was not there before.

A dictator can commit “coup d'état” only once

If a dictator kills a villager or a neutral role (even if it's a Pyromaniac or a Killer), dictator kills himself. The only exception is the White Wolf., which the, despite, that he is a neutral role, seen as the role of the wolf during “coup d'état”.

Guard (Guard)

Guard – role of protection. Can protect one person or protect itself at night.

Game mechanics:
On your turn at night, click on the player, to protect the player.
By moving the camera down and pressing the left mouse button, you protect yourself.

The Guardian cannot defend the same target for two nights in a row!

Tamer (Tamer)

Tamer – it is a support role helping to find wolves among the inhabitants during the day phase.

Game mechanics:
If the Tamer is sitting next to the wolf (it doesn't matter left or right), then the Tamer's dog will start barking during the daytime phase, which will mean that there is a wolf on the left or right side of the Tamer.

Sometimes a priority target for wolves, since the Tamer's dog will bark even if you are far away from him, but there is an empty space between you and the Tamer (that is, you are on the right or left of him and there are no other players between you).

Peaceful Roles / Village Roles. (Continuation)

Cupid (Cupid)

Cupid – it's a chaotic village role. Cupid is designed to change the game according to the player's preference, bringing / falling in love with two players together and forcing them to survive together (this can include a peasant and a wolf, wolf and neutral or dweller and neutral).

Game mechanics:
On the first night, Cupid gets the opportunity to fall in love with two players. (Cupid can fall in love with someone else) or do nothing. If you don't do anything, you will have no other opportunity to fall in love with the players until the end of the game.

Cupid goes ahead of any other role (and the Pyromaniac comes right after).
You will be given a bow with arrows of love.

You can link two people, shooting arrows at them, including myself, to make them fall in love, or hold Left Alt, to skip a turn.

At the end of your turn, the lovers will be informed that, that they are in love.
Lovers will see their usernames in pink.
Lovers will have a private chat, where they can talk about anything.

If one lover dies, the other will die with him. Hunter, who dies of love, will not be able to shoot. And such a death does not give the Angel victory.

Lovers can win together, if only the Lovers are alive, but if both lovers are on the same team, their team's victory conditions are available.
Cupid also wins with the Lovers, but cannot enter private chat between them.

Crow (Raven)

Raven – it's a bit of a chaotic support role.

Game mechanics:
Every night you can choose a player, who will have two votes against him the next day.

Voices cannot be changed in the morning. Raven also votes the next day (eg, Raven, which has 2 votes against X, can vote this day, to do 3 votes against the player).

Hunter (Hunter)

Hunter – this is a village killer, capable of killing a villager during the day phase of the game.

Game mechanics:
If you get killed, you can take revenge on someone, shooting him right before dying.

If the hunter is killed during the night or day phase, he will pull out his gun before dying and will be able to choose someone to shoot.

Medium (Medium)

Medium – it's a pretty useless support role.

Game mechanics:
Every 2 move you can summon a random dead player, who can help you at night, informing, Who are you “should” kill the next day.

When the medium activates the ability, the dead player is given the opportunity to put candles over someone, to show the medium that the player is to blame.
Since the dead player is chosen randomly, it can be a neutral role and a dead werewolf.
Only the Medium sees candles over someone, so it's almost impossible to prove your existence in a game with hidden roles.

So you can call this role Resident 2.0

Little Girl (Little girl)

Little girl – this is an important role, able to determine every night, whether someone is a wolf or not, and be able to see during the werewolves' turn (with impaired vision and vision).

Game mechanics:
When the wolves turn at night, you can see through a small oval on the screen, if you are looking at a wolf, you giggle, warning the wolves, if they listen.

Necromancer (Necromancer)

Necromancer – this is not a very useful support role. You can chat with the dead every night, To obtain “important information”.

Game mechanics:
At night, the necromancer automatically gains access to the dead player's chat. There is no access to it during the day.

The necromancer does not see the nicknames of the players he is talking to, so werewolves can write misinformation, or the chat may just be silent, without giving any useful information.

Blaster (Demoman)

Demoman – this is the role of the village killer, but quite chaotic, since when using the ability, players start playing “hot potatoes” a bomb for a certain number of throws.

Game mechanics:
At night, the Demoman chooses the one, who will have the bomb. It doesn't explode right away, and the village starts to play “hot potatoes” bomb. The Demoman himself sees how many moves are left before the bomb explodes.

The bomb can kill the Demoman himself.


Werewolf (Werewolf)

Werewolf – this is an ordinary wolf, no extra ability, but still eligible to vote for killing a resident at night.

Game mechanics:
Every night a vote is taken between the werewolves to, whom to kill. The player is devoured, got the most votes against him.

Black Wolf (Black Wolf)

Black Wolf – this is the special role of werewolves, allowing the wolf to transform the player, who was chosen in the night vote as a werewolf, without killing him.

Game mechanics:
After the werewolf vote (the above) The black wolf is given the choice to transform the player into a werewolf (eg, werewolves vote against X, to kill, but the black wolf decides to turn him, so X is now a werewolf).
Transformed players do not retain their old role as a werewolf (for example, a hunter transformed into a werewolf will not be able to shoot if he is killed in a vote).

Black Wolf's ability is one-time use!

Misty wolf (Mist wolf)

Mist wolf – this is the role of support werewolves. During the daytime, the Mist Wolf can save his fellow, or just confuse others by using your ability.

Game mechanics:
When villagers vote for murder during the day, misty wolf gains the ability to create a dense fog. Players become impossible to see, and the voices are hiding, until time runs out.

Note: fog-causing ability disappears, when the majority of players voted.

Anesthetist (Anesthesiologist)

Anesthesiologist – this is the role of support werewolves. At night, the Anesthesiologist may choose to, who will he put to sleep. A dormant player cannot vote during the day (it is desirable that the player does not use his text or voice chat either, but it's on the player's conscience).

Game mechanics:
The anesthesiologist can permanently put one player to sleep every night after the second night (so this is not a one-time ability).

White Wolf (White Wolf)

White Wolf – this is a neutral werewolf, but who will win one. Has the ability to kill a wolf or a second resident after voting.

Game mechanics:
White Wolf's ability is played after other werewolves have voted. By holding E, you can select the second target for the kill, or you can skip by holding down the left Alt.

Neutral roles.

Angel (Angel)

Angel – it is neutral (a little chaotic) role. To win, you must be killed by the village in the very first round. If you win, the game will end with your victory. Otherwise, you will become an ordinary resident.

Game mechanics:
Angel will win, if the villagers vote to kill him in the first round. Angel will NOT win, if he is killed at night.

Influence (Influencer)

Influencer – it's a pretty straightforward neutral role. At the beginning of the game, you are assigned a task. If you complete this quest, you win the game, but it will go on. If you fail the task, you will join the village.

Game mechanics:
The influencer is given X turns to complete the task. At the moment in the game there are only 2 tasks:
Assign “Player X” mayor
Kill “Player X”

If the goal is not achieved in the indicated moves, mission failed. If the goal is achieved, fireworks explode, and the Influencer technically wins, even if the game continues.
Note: The influencer can win, even being dead, if he completed the task in the allotted time.

Assassin (Assassin)

Assassin – it is a neutral killing role. The Assassin can kill any player every night. He must be the last one alive to win.

Game mechanics:
Every night the killer can throw his knife at the player, thereby killing him.

Wolves cannot kill the Assassin.

Pyromaniac (Pyromaniac)

Pyromaniac – it is a neutral killing role. Each night, you can soak up to two players in oil or sacrifice all players, which you soaked. Players will know, that they are covered with oil. Can be soaked for up to six players.

Game mechanics:
A pyromaniac can use oil, holding F, and then can throw it twice.

Once the players are soaked in oil, the Pyromaniac will have the opportunity to set them on fire.

Only a Pyromaniac can see all the players that he doused with oil.

A pyromaniac cannot light just one player; he should light them all at once or not light them at all.

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