The Descendant Russification

We activate the Russian language, who has been in the game all this time.



Once upon a time (in 2016 year) Studio Gaming Corps, the developers of this game, signed a contract with, providing the latter with exclusive rights to distribute the game in Russian-speaking countries. Respectively, Russian localization was available only through loathsome service Games.

Subsequently, when the contract ended, the Russian version of the game was simply removed from sales – in the same time (to this moment) in Steam Russian localization was unavailable (although there are Russian achievements, lol).

But kudos to the developers, the translation remained inside the game itself!

What should be done

  1. Close Steam tightly.
  2. Open the folder SteamApps on that local drive, where is the game installed.
    for example: D:\SteamLibrarySteamApps\commonThe Descendant
  3. Find a file in it appmanifest_351940.acf.
  4. Edit it with Notepad. We are looking for a parameter at the end of the file “english” and replace it with “russian”. Save the file.


  5. PROFIT! Steam can be launched, play and enjoy translation!

From ivanproff

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