Sea of Thieves: [TallTales] Part 2 – “Sunken Pearl” (Passing + Diaries)

Complete walkthrough guide for part 2 of the new Tall Tales titled “Sunken Pearl”. Here the focus is on getting all the achievements., collection of all diaries and all secrets.



Estimated time for completing the task – time

After completing this task and collecting all the diaries, you will receive all the achievements and, most importantly, the reward for them. – Blade and steering wheel

After completing only the tasks in the story, you will receive the achievement “Sunken pearl”

After completing all the tasks and collecting all the diaries, you will fully unlock the achievement “A pearl in the dark”

The beginning of the story

1. We need to find our already old friend – hermit, this can be done at any of the outposts. (When you show up, often she will be there)

2. Now we need to take the second task out of five proposed under the title “Sunken Pearl” (To the right of the hermit near her hut)

3. Then we get a diary, and on the last page a piece of the map with the approximate place of the ship's wreck.

You will also see a blue beam in the sky, it is mainly visible to the entire map and to all players.
We sail on it

Chapter 1

1. Arriving at the crash site, we see the wreckage of the ship floating in the water., we dive after them and swim on them.

2. After sailing to the end, we see a black pearl.

3. Having sailed on the ship itself, we need to get into the hold, this can be done via the descent at the front of the ship

4. Next, we swim through the fences and debris inside the ship., and find a dead sea creature with a key, we take the key from him.

5. Now we sail to the captain's cabin, and open it with the key.

6. Jack's compass is on the table, take it and sail further.

Chapter 2

1. Now having a compass, he shows us the way where to go next. Namely, into the cave from the starboard side of the ship.

2. After swimming into the cave we swim through the wreckage of the ships, piece of mast, we swim through the cave and swim out to the barrier. To open it you need to shoot or hit the purple thing with a saber..

3. Further behind the barrier, we find ourselves in the room, where you need to put the mermaids correctly and the same it contains a diary. (cm. Diaries)

A statue with a yellow stone, we put it with a hand at the bottom
Statue with purple coral, we put it with a hand in the middle
A statue with chains, we expose with a hand from the top.
Next, shoot at the statue with a pipe in the middle and swim higher..

4. The making riddle is similar to, we expose the same 3 statues.

A statue with a yellow stone, we put it with a hand to the top
Statue with purple coral, we put it down with a hand
A statue with chains, we put it with a hand in the middle
Next, shoot at the statue with a pipe and swim higher..

5. Next, we need to swim higher (There is a second diary here, (see Diaries)), there we climb the khrept and come to another barrier.

Chapter 3

1. We pass through the barrier, opening it by hitting the checkpoint like last time, and we find ourselves in a new room, in it we find the Trident, and listen to the dialogue.

2. After the dialogue, the walls become passable, we pass and find ourselves in the water.

3. Now we need to destroy the mermaids, some.

4. Further, the last heart of the siren falls out of us.

5. Now with our hearts we need to swim to the stone door, (see compass). Opposite the bow of the ship.

6. Insert the heart into the right statue where it is missing.

7. Now we put our hands as shown on the doors, and shoot at the statue with a pipe. The door opens, sailing on.

Chapter 4

1. Swim through the stone door (Find the third diary, let's not forget to take), we need to swim along the hole on the left side of the two barriers and debris, and we find ourselves in such a room with kraken doors.

2. It is filled with water, float to fill up the air. Here we need, again, to expose three mermaids as in the photo.. And also do not forget (fourth diary, cm. Diaries)

The main statue is at the top, we float and aim with weapons at her.

3. When you activate the water will descend and bottom inhabitants will begin to appear. We defeat them.

4. Then we pull the rope and open the doors.

Chapter 5

1. Next, we find ourselves in the next room with you and in it we need to lower part of the ship, stand on it and climb a hill.

2. Then we go up the hill to the back of the ship (Here is the last diary, (cm. Diaries)).

3. Walking along it to the other side, we go along the path to the end and see a picture of mermaids

4. We expose the mermaids themselves with the help of small arms as in the picture through the fence.

5. Then we return to the back of the ship., with which we fall on the main statue from the weapon and activate.

6. Further, when the water rises, we swim to the stairs and climb it, then we raise the platform and jump onto the rock.

7. Now (for achievement) go straight, to the part of the ship.

8. We pass along it to the end and take the key

9. now with this key we return to the platform and go further into the cave in the wall.

Chapter 6

1. We go to the next location, we open it the old fashioned way

2. We see the ship, climb it using the path on the left immediately after entering

3. On the ship, we need to open the captain's cabin with our key

4. There we find the chest of sorrow, and get the achievement. Just don't lose your chest.

5. Now we kill monsters, and raise the ship with the anchor

6. The kraken appears a little higher, hammer him with cannons or snipers, how is it more convenient for whom.

7. Killing the kraken, we listen to the dialogue


1. We take the chest and climb the mast.

2. Next, we swim to the final location along with the chest

3. Now we see a door with a kraken, you need to put a chest next to her, and wait 30 seconds, after it will open.

4. Now we go inside, read rock painting and get an achievement “the legend of eternal sorrow”

5. Now let's go further, we fall for the queen of the sirens, and defeat her with tridents.

6. Then we go down under the water and go to the last room where we free the plaster and old acquaintances. We return the compass to the gypsum and return to the ship through the mermaid statue


1. The first diary is in the first cave with statues near a huge door with a kraken, by the wreckage.

2. The second is in the same room only on the second level where the water has already run out.

3. The third is located just outside the stone doors in the wreckage of the ship..

4. The fourth is further where we expose the statues, you need to swim down into the hole and there will lie in the wreckage.

5. Fifth last to be in the back of the ship in the trail of locating


IN. I'm stuck in textures and can't get out.
ABOUT. To solve such an unpleasant but very common problem, you need to re-login to the server. If you are with a friend, then you just find yourself on the ship, if you yourself then appear at the last checkpoint.

IN. I missed the diary.
ABOUT. The stories are not difficult, so you need to go through it again

In case of problems, write in the comments, I will gladly answer and add here.


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