Workers & Resources Soviet Republic: Handling finished products

In the game, citizens have a daily need for food, meat, alcohol, clothing and electronics. This need is met when a citizen buys these resources. – in stores, bars, restaurants. Also, with the tourist update, hotels appeared in the game, where tourists coming to the republic also consume these resources. Delivery of resources to stores is a logistics task, and in this guide we will look at how to do it all.


Options for solving logistics problems
How to fill stores with the necessary resources?
Way 1: auto purchase of resources for money. This is unrealistic, and, also expensive – the further the building is from the border, the more expensive is the cost of auto purchase because the cost of delivery is taken into account when calculating the cost of auto purchase.
Way 2: deliver resources yourself. These are either resources produced in the republic or acquired at the border..

Car depots (Distribution offices)
There is such a building in the game as the Distribution Office (small / medium car depot). It is located in the tab “Vaults”. Thanks to him, you can configure the transportation of resources from one point to another.. for example, from factory to shops. Or from a fuel storage next to an oil refinery to gas stations throughout the republic.

But when your republic grows, then there will be more cities and production lines, and this will complicate the logistics.

Logistics center
I recommend using logistics centers – a complex of warehouses near each city. Logistics centers are an intermediate base between production, and consumers of goods.

How the whole thing works:

We have a food processing plant and a warehouse attached to it., where the products of the plant are stored, namely food. A train arrives at the warehouse, loaded with food, and goes further to the logistics center, where unloads food. If there are several logistics centers – he goes around them all, and then goes to customs – in case there is still something left on the train. So you can send surplus products for export – those goods which are in abundance in the republic. Simplified train route is as follows:
Factory => logistics centers => customs

Let's consider in detail the work of the logistics center.

1. The train arrives at the cargo station, where it unloads products to 5 warehouses (Warehouse) – one warehouse for each separate type of product (meat, food, alcohol, clothing and electronics). Each warehouse must be configured for one type of product in order to avoid confusion..
2. Car depots are configured to load resources in warehouses, and unloading in stores in the shopping area (Shopping area) – space filled with shops, hotels, restaurants and bars.

The residential area is highlighted in yellow, and the blue zone is the stores that are served by the supply office at the expense of the filled logistics center.

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