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Three achievements can be earned in Barista Mode –

Intern / Barista Trainee
Submit 10 the right drinks

Expert / Barista Expert
Submit 25 the right drinks

Guru / Barista Guru
Submit 50 the right drinks

Drinks must be served in one game session. If it didn't work out – start over.

Advice: I pause the game (do not worry, on esc'ape the timer stops), open the guide and get everything the first time.

Intern / Barista Trainee

Intern / Barista Trainee

Submit 10 the right drinks will not be difficult. Guests will name the ingredients themselves, and you just have to quickly knead them and serve the drink. Be sure to mix them in the order named. (for example, if the client asks Coffee, Milk, Mint, knead like this, but not Coffee, Mint, Milk)

Expert / Barista Expert + Menu

Expert / Barista Expert

Submit 25 drinks are also not very difficult. At this stage, in addition to the above, guests will begin to ask for a specific drink from the recipe book.. Recommend open all recipes in advance in free barista mode, where you can experiment. If you are reluctant to open yourself – I am attaching a list of drinks:

Guru / Barista Guru + Intensity table

Guru / Barista Guru

There is only one last push left – submit 50 drinks. This is where the real problems begin.. Guests start asking for a drink., according to their preferences: refreshing, very bitter, etc..
For, to understand, how does this system work, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the intensity scale:

If guests ask:

  • Not, not (for example, “not illuminating”, “not bitter”) – fill in the scale on 0 squares;
  • Little, Not really (“not very sweet”, “not very warm”) – fill in the scale on 1-3 square;
  • Normal (“sweet”, “bitter”) – fill in the scale on 4-5 squares;
  • Highly, extremely (“extremely refreshing”, “very bitter”) – fill in the scale on 6-8 squares;

The intensity of the ingredients depends on the order in which they are added to the drink..
! We do not pay attention to the intensity of the ingredients, which were not mentioned in the order (for example, if asked Not very warm and Extremely bitter, pay no attention to the scales Sweet and Refreshing, they don't matter).

To get the last achievement, I advise you to be patient., paper and pen.
The client places an order -> I pause the game -> We look at the order -> Opening the guide
-> We select the ingredients

! Pay attention to the order in which the ingredients are added !
Example: I want Extremely bitter and Not very warm drink.
Checking the table, first select the first ingredient, then the second, and finally the third. We add 1. Chocolate (0 warm, 4 bitter), 2. Lemon (0 warm, 3 bitter), 3. Ginger (2 warm, 1 bitter). Outcome – drink with characteristics 2 warm, 8 bitter. Customer satisfied!

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