Satisfactory Guide: “Good start”

I'll tell you about the start and tell you what you need to know at the start!


Hello everyone, I'm a stalker creator of guides for our beloved game Satisfactory. 1 overview and one guide.

I hope for your support and asset.
If you have any questions, addition,write criticism in the comments,I will answer as far as possible!

Sit back,brew dumplings and we begin.

“Choosing a landing site”

At the moment there is only 4 biome for building up your plant,namely:
  • Grass fields
  • Stony desert
  • Northern forest
  • Sand dunes

The difficulty of the game will depend on the biome number, that is: 1-easily 2- more difficult, etc.
(Remember that there is only one planet in the game.,but there is 4 biome that I indicated above)

I'll tell you more about biomes in the next tutorial.…


At the beginning of the game there will be a mini tutorialis.

[Although the game itself as training will come off]

So in this “mini training” it will tell you what you will have to do,namely:

1.Disassemble the capsule and build “HUB”
2.Start production
3.Explore the territory and collect resources
4.Having fun O_o
[I'm not kidding, that's how it is written,answer]

This is where the training ends,move on to the next chapter of the manual.

“Place for the base”

So you landed and you need to find a place for your plant

To build an ideal base, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Large space
  • Lots of resources nearby,namely iron and copper

After meeting those requirements,which I said above you can build the perfect plant of your dreams


Finally the developers have made all the conditions for a comfortable game into the game Satisfactory

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