Othercide: Bestiary (all creatures)

My impressions of all the creatures, inhabiting the veil. Attention, below spoilers!


Karkarych (Plague Doctor / Guardian)
Complexity – 2/10

Title holder “the most useless mob”. Rushing in the forehead, trying slowly and sadly
get to the sweet carcasses of the Daughters. No complications.

The improved version starts to cause problems dramatically: she has armor and a skill for her serious improvement, HP pool is greatly increased. If they run from afar – will definitely have time to buff.

Dirty Harry (Healer / Curse Witch)
Complexity – 2/10

Suitable for shooting distance, then loads the projectile, after a while it shoots. If you break the distance, the charge disappears and the poor woman starts to approach and load the barrel again. Thus, you can avoid shots for as long as you like., which pushes the nosy to the very end of the line for destruction. Dangerous only in combination with other creatures (Worms and Maggots – their love). the main thing – don't come close: frightened lady with screams will run away and will shoot painfully.
Hint: if the Daughters are out of line of sight, the creature just runs towards them at the maximum possible distance, running up close and saving us precious OD.

Improved version differences:
Base Shot AoE Damage.

Gopnik (Plague Butcher / Preacher)
Complexity – 1/10

Branch of parrots, sharpened for damage. They walk faster and hit harder, than their armored cousins, but a small pool of HP and the lack of protective abilities open up a fast road to the rainbow for the guys.
Reaching can cause problems, therefore, the first in line for destruction before the appearance of more nasty reptiles. The improved version is just slightly better in all respects., I did not notice any special abilities.

Cockroaches (Scavenger / Destroyer)
Complexity – 3/10

Appear in piles. Run to the same daughter. It is important – even newly appearing insects will also run to the same daughter, at the beginning of the battle, which was closest to the first pile. Perfectly triggers the reaction of the maidens of the sword to prescribing to all who came up.
Reinforced version on the second turn includes a reaction, with the help of which it bites those daughters very painfully, who are damaged.

Warboss (Hunter / Reaper)
Complexity – 5/10

Maine tank of the bad guys before the Fel Shield Maidens., jumping over obstacles, does not let go, over time, damages everyone around. The improved version just increases the stats. Their only plus – walk slowly, and trigger the reactions of the sword maidens after landing but before the attack.

Artillery (Worm / Maggot)
Complexity -10/10

Takes first place in a category “the vilest enemy”. They always spawn far away, always run away, have a huge (but not endless, and is it important) attack radius, impose a stun at the start of an attack and have a reinforcement, which gives them some serious armor, and stun daughters, trying to hit the worm in close combat.
Improved version stuns and deals area damage 3x3, although only the central square is indicated as the attack site.
Kill first whenever possible. An additional complication lies in the fact, that daughter, gone to kill him, left alone surrounded by unfriendly creatures. Second option – break the distance, and fight outside of the kill zone of these fly kids, killing them last. Will require calculation in order to kill the creature before, how will the attack take place, fortunately, on the initiative, they are slow.

Goats (Infected / Affected)
Complexity – 9/10

Officially Vilest Thing Veil. Primarily because, what's the smartest. This is the only mob, which does not trigger interrupts when it appears: if at least one daughter is ready to punish, the goat will just crawl to the side, but if interrupt is not charged – will shoot or butt. Very cleverly hiding behind allies, So, that in one move, as a rule, it is impossible to kill him safely. The improved modification adds black paints in the form of acceleration on the initiative track when pumping up armor / hp, slowing down on it when shooting at the daughter, and the ability to slip away, swapping places, like walking next reaper or blade of misery.
In addition to the above “merits” the horned one also has an extremely high initiative.
Kill first. Always. Especially improved version. Especially if there are two of them, and they lick each other – missing a couple of moves we get monsters, which every 15 Initiatives throw daughters in line. Actually, his only plus – relatively easy to kill.

Larva (Larva)
Complexity – 2/10

Winner in the nomination “the least harm caused in the most formidable form” Seriously, this huge creature, with a bunch of tentacles and a huge mouth, suddenly flying through half the map and threateningly overhanging the rest of the trifle, simply… creaks. Not particularly tenacious, not very fast, delayed damage, they bring only two inconveniences: distract from more important mobs and block passages. A suddenly grown column of teeth can seriously slow down the passage of missions for a while.. If there is mobility, they can simply be ignored, leaving for last.

Gats (Blade of Suffering)
Complexity – 4/10

Woman with a rail. Of daughters – the safest, because almost always (except spawn next to daughter) tries to use delayed attack, has little hp and no armor and defensive abilities. Yes, one-shot if it hits. the main thing – prevent.

Basin (Guilt-bearer)
Complexity – 6/10

Hot Greek woman. Maine tank villains of the last part of the game, requires killing in the forefront, because he has a bad habit of smearing himself with a ton of armor in one move. Like any tank, has an impressive HP pool, and some basic armor.

Dog hunched (Carrying pain)
Complexity – 7/10

Third place in the category of the most infuriating enemy. Firstly, due to a bad habit of shooting immediately after the appearance, if there are daughters in the shot zone, and secondly, due to an equally bad habit of seriously speeding up teammates on the initiative scale. Of the pluses – relatively low one-time damage, if there is armor 300 and more, beauty can be ignored.

Helicopter (Pain dancer)
Complexity – 7/10

A walking reference to soul caliber. To kill in the forefront, if it runs – arrange a bath. Unlike its rail-borne sister, it is extremely dangerous: knows how to jump to daughters from the extreme point of its turn and does tons of damage, if it gets.

Joker (Faith Breaker)
Complexity – 6/10

Despite the formidable description, rather a support, with an average efficiency. The only enemy besides bosses, interrupt-intensive, nimble on the initiative, pretty thick on HP. of the pluses – does not know how to defend himself at all.

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