Sea of Thieves: All about Raids Raid

A great option for those, who likes to play with friends, and for those who do not have enough space for 1 ship. This article in no way encourages you to break the rules of the game., just show you how you can get a lot of gold, experience, and also make some edits such as with a shiny beard. Or have fun with friends



What is raid?
In short, this is finding your friends or acquaintances on the server. On the server, the maximum number of – 6 ships. It could be galleons, brigi, or sloops.

Why do they do it?
The first, this is done so that pvp players do not interfere with the completion of your tasks or your leveling.
Second, when you form an alliance with your friends, You get 50 percent of your friends' profits (they are all one hundred) and it also works the other way, that is to your friends.


The point of the raid is, that all ships of you and your friends join the alliance ( alliance is the unification of all friendly ships on the server into an alliance and bringing each ship 50% gold, reputation and doubloons from the sale of loot from an allied ship).
That is, you hand over your loot for 100% rewards,so still those come to you 50% from the loot that your friends in the alliance surrendered on other ships, and vice versa),and most importantly, no one bothers you to farm, because the server has all its own! In this way, you can become a legend in just a couple of days!

᠌ In several ships you can do different things, for example farm fort of the damned, ordinary forts, pass the armada or even go to the other end of the world in the Devil's Throat and complete the tasks of the Mysterious Stranger.

How to create a Raid

The way to create is very simple.

1. All participants go to “Main menu” -> “Adventures” -> Choose the ship you need -> “By invitation” and wait before clicking “Set sail”

2. At the command of a man,which counts down to start, everyone presses at the same time “Raise the Sails” and are waiting for upload to the server.

3. When they appear at the outpost, everyone climbs onto the mast., raise the flag “Death Mark” and go down to the map.

4. On a table with a card, you should see besides your, yet 5 ships marked for death, if this did not happen, then repeat 2 point until you get to one server!

5. After successfully hitting 6 ships, you agree on a meeting place and create an alliance between the ships,using the alliance flag,and then each ship sails away to do its own thing. (Advice. One ship includes an alliance, the rest are connected to them)

(I advise all raid participants to try to log in at the same time, not just team captains)

Raid on White Megalodon.

Raid is not for beginners, it is boring and long. You won't get a lot of loot and money here.. If you decide to go in for an hour and make money, then you will not get anything at all and this raid is definitely not for you.

Raid is not going to farm money, reputation and other.
Raid target:
a) kill the white megalodon
b) close achievements in the treasures of athens for slaying megalodons.

  • With this tactic, the appearance of megalodons – 5 per hour, one for each ship
    (Distribution of received loot from megalodons – accidental. Who had time – he ate. Or negotiate in advance)

For this raid, 5 sloops (10 human)

  • You can't just swim away from the gathering place, only if necessary. (Delivery of fish and other things is carried out using a boat – by one person, given that, that his second teammate remains in place)
  • All ships are collected in one place where there are no islands and rocks nearby. (as an example R16, S18)
  • The location of the ships should be roughly in the shape of a star on the Christmas tree, the rear of the ship must not face another ship, for this everyone is standing around.
  • All ships are at anchor so that they do not move during excitement or attacks by megalodons.
  • When spawning a skeleton ship, one ship raises the anchor and turns the side of the ship so that the skeletons can spawn.
  • Each team is responsible for their own ship, if you want to quit the game, speak in advance, a lost ship will destroy the entire raid.
  • It is best to use ranged guns instead of cannons, you will also need cores for skeleton ships and sometimes for kraken.

Raid on Fort of the Damned

Raid target:

  • a) complete completion achievement 50 Forts of the Damned;
  • b) earn gold, doubloons, faction reputation level;
  • c) close other achievements, related to the sale of certain resources to representatives of factions.
  • With this tactic, the closure of one fort takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Distribution of the received loot from the fort - in turn. Ships anchor around the fort in a semicircle and set sail; and team, whose turn came to collect loot - lowers the sail.
  • It is not forbidden to exchange loot, if someone needs to close some achievement. All manipulations with loot should be performed strictly by agreement..

Before gathering, each team needs to patch up their outpost and islands on the way to the place so that:

  • a) fend off the kraken / megalodon;
  • b) fend off an armada of skeletons;
  • c) use cannonballs to kill the Gray Bone Ghost (Ghost of Graymarrow).

For this raid, 5 sloops (10 human) in the channel "Raid FOTD".

  • Before collecting, you must collect all 6 lights of fate (red, blue, green, white, pink, purple) and recruit ritual skulls (at least 10 pieces, again, everything is by agreement).
  • All ships are gathered in one place - Fort of the Damned (L14).
  • The location of the ships should be in the form of a semicircle from the front of the island, so that the sides of the ships look at the fort. This is necessary primarily for a quick landing with the help of cannons., as well as for killing the boss with cannonballs.
  • All ships are at anchor so that they do not move when a storm appears.
  • You can't just sail away from the fort, only if necessary. You can agree on a general surrender of loot with the subsequent continuation of the raid, because. Death Trophies and Reaper's Chests only appear in a limited number.
  • It is highly recommended to preserve and in every possible way obtain citadel barrels of gunpowder, since using them as a weapon against the boss is impractical, besides, they are expensive and some achievements are associated with them. Use only regular barrels of gunpowder against the boss.
  • Each team is responsible for their own ship. If you want to quit the game, speak in advance - the lost ship will destroy the entire raid.
  • It is best to use longshot and blunderbuss instead of swords, because swords can quickly kill each other. You will still need cores for skeleton ships, megalodon or kraken after sailing from the fort


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