How to survive Below

Description of non-obvious game mechanics, if possible, without spoilers


Beginning of the game

The introductory video is long, not, VERY LONG. Pour yourself some tea and enjoy the music, until the character goes ashore.

The hero can walk, run, swim and crawl on special parts of the rock (one of them will be ahead). Do not be afraid to swim, no one will attack in the water. Climbing the rock, take a lantern in the middle of the island.

Lantern fuel – glowing shards, that drop from creatures with red lights. The lantern has 2 regime:

  • shines around the hero – illuminates the darkness of the caves;
  • emits a directional stream of light – opens sealed doors, drives away dark creatures or removes protection from the flashlight shard (hold the F key).

Some caves on the map are depicted with a double diamond. It means, that the cave has an entrance to a hidden room. You can open the room in one of the following ways:

  • illuminate with a directed stream of light from the lantern;
  • shoot a normal or sharp arrow at the button next to the wall (usually red);
  • blow up boulders or ice with an exploding arrow or bomb;
  • set fire to a thorny vine with a fire arrow (80% rooms);
  • hit with a strong hammer blow on the hexagon next to the room.

General non-obvious tips

  • If you light the brazier, then small red creatures will run away from the hero. Try to light the braziers after clearing the cave, otherwise, some of the fragments will fall into the abyss in the heat of chasing enemies.
  • The bleeding will stop, if you burn a wound on a fire or brazier.
  • Bats fly to the light of a lantern or torch.
  • Some time after lighting the brazier (or killing creatures?) slugs begin to crawl in the cave. Don't kill them right away, Wait 30 seconds, they will grow up and after the murder they will fall out ooze, necessary for bandages.
  • Flimsy wooden partitions, ice walls, wooden barrels and clay pots can be broken by blows.
  • If suddenly in a specific place the camera became closer to the hero than usual, means there is a marble ball nearby. Find the ball and stick it into your pantry wall, to expand it. Marble is often hidden in clay pots, closed rooms and behind objects.
  • You can fish with a spear. Hold the beat.
  • You can cook soup in the campfire menu. Vegetable soup +, from vegetables and meat ++, from meat +++ (hello meat eaters!), mushroom soup – elixir. Soups are only needed in Survival Mode (restore hunger, thirst and a drop of health), elixirs are always useful. Elixir of Blue Mushrooms in Exploration Mode is only useful for 4 floor.
  • The torch is burning 2 minutes, torch + lit 10 minutes, the crystal torch burns for a very long time.
  • Sometimes there are mushrooms and hiding places behind obstacles.. In the desert, behind sharp stones, you can replenish thinned stocks.

Floors 1-3

Floors 1-3

  • Don't miss the cave next to the second bonfire.
  • Collect all bloody moss and store in the pantry. Moss won't be anywhere else.
  • You can cut the stretch with a chopping blow of the sword and get a rope (chance not 100%). Slash is obtained by hitting with a sword while running..
  • Cooing sounds on 3 floor – perfume. They can be lured by placing a glowing shard on the ground. (key 4) and hiding in the dark. I found everything 3 spirit and sometimes they are all in the same room, sometimes in different. If you get in the way of the spirit, he will be scared and will not fit. In this case, go to a dark place on the opposite side of the shard and wait another.
  • Crystal torch shines for a long time, but weak. Use it as soon as you do. In the beginning and middle of the game, it will save a lot of resources, in the end it is practically useless.
  • Stone slab on a small island on the beach 2 floors will not explode. This is a slice, which will be available from the big island.
  • Swim among the shipwrecks.

Floor 4

The entrance to the ice caves is hidden on the large island outside the door.

  • Before you go there, run behind the rock at the top of the island – find a blue mushroom.
  • One of the rooms has a warm hat, which is hidden behind an ice wall, to blow up.
  • Be sure to stock up on water, there are no water sources on the floor.
  • Best level for farming lantern fuel. I recommend doing 2-3 green mushroom potions, which double the number of shards.
  • In Survival Mode, don't light braziers unless you need them right now.. They only burn once. When they burn out, can leave coal.

Floors 5-9

  • I recommend placing one shard in the middle of the arrow trap, so that she is always visible.
  • 7-9 floors – the best place, to die for the first time. Just burn first 25 shards in a level campfire, to then move to the nearest bonfire, barge loot from the body and complete all levels starting with 1, to pick up the pieces, bottles, mushrooms and moss.
  • Convert all found coals to phosphorus, almost all ropes are in fabric. Connect with torch sticks +, with moss and silt for bandages ++.
  • Overall, bandages ++ are not much more useful than bandages + in exploration mode. What bandages to do, see the presence of loot.
  • Help the dark tentacles leave the level – shoot them with a bow, standing by the brazier or surrounding yourself with shards (key 4).
  • Eliminate opponents with two knives from afar. Arrows are cheaper than death.

Floors 10+

Floor 10+

  • Accumulated in the pantry 30+ bandages, 20+ torch and 250+ crystals? Rolled up 8+ elixirs? Arrows, bombs and free space in the inventory left? So it's time to conquer the depths. Don't forget to buy only a dark helmet, otherwise, you will quickly fumble.
  • Run or die, run or die!
  • By the way, You don't need to take everything at once, there are quite a few bonfires below, during parking, you can replenish supplies.
  • Be sure to have bombs or explosive arrows with you.
  • There are many stones and coals below, in between, you can do serrated, fire and explosive arrows, if there are enough bunches of branches in the pantry, ropes and fabrics.
  • The dark tentacles will be gone, if you pat them well.


These creatures can be killed in the name of loot: mouse, slippery, snakes, foxes, the bats, snow wolves, dogs, perfume, centipedes. I have never been able to kill a centipede.

slice of meat / leather
slice of meat / belief / leather
meat / leather
the bats
slice of meat / leather
snow wolves
meat / leather
meat / leather
belief / crystal

Best tactics to prepare for floors 10+:

Bloody moss, Leather, Il → Bandages +;
Branches → A bunch of branches → Explosive arrows (4) and fiery (8), no more needed yet;
Crystal → Crystal Torch
Green Elixir → Crystals
Coal → Phosphorus, Ropes → Fabric;
the cloth, Branches, Phosphorus → Torch +;
Leather, Country, Bloodmoss → Bandage +;
the cloth, Country, Bloodmoss → Bandage ++
Stone → Sharp Stone, A rock, Bundle → Serrated Arrows
Stone → Sharp Stone. Coal → Phosphorus;
Sharp stone, A rock, Bundle → Serrated Arrows

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