SCARLET NEXUS: How to increase the level of squad connections

How to increase the level of squad connections? This question haunts some players and I will try to give a simple answer to it..


Increasing the level of communication

The level of connections of the squad depends on the level of relations with individual members of the squad and on gifts, which you gave them. To increase the level, you need to go through communication stories, give gifts, which are marked with a heart.

Yellow or red heart in this context does not matter. The main thing is to give all such gifts at least once..
A checkmark on the right side will tell you if you gave this gift.

Do I need to give gifts without “hearts”
As far as I know, it is not necessary to give such gifts., but, if you want to furnish the base – dare. Personally, I donate them last.

If you have met the conditions:

  1. The level of relationship with all members of the squad is higher than the current level of communication of the squad;
  2. You gave all the gifts, marked by heart.

Then the level of communication must rise.

What gives the level of connections of the squad?

Total levels of links 5. And this is what they give:

Nothing special
Nothing special
As far as I remember, a photo on the wall in the base
White squad outfits
Command Liaison Episode
After receiving, go to any member of the squad at the base and select the appropriate item in the dialogue
Plot spoiler! Don't look if you haven't passed the phase 9

A little advice

During the passage of the game, even if you are like me “vacuum” locations, all the same, some resources may not be enough to receive the necessary gifts.

Click the button [About resources] in the item exchange window, to select the desired resource and see the description, enemies and other information about the desired resource, and then go to the desired location and farm the resource.

The game has a list “desired”. Mark the desired item in the item exchange window using the button [Dob. to "Desired"]. This will allow you not only to quickly filter the list of items through the button [In the desired], but also receive a notification when you collect all the necessary resources for the exchange

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