Retrowave 100% Achievements and Game Help

Hello everyone! This is a Russian guide to getting all the achievements in the wonderful Retrowave game.. Total in the game 44 achievements, which look very interesting and colorful, so let's quickly take them to our collection! Go!


Basics of the game
(If you are not interested, then you can scroll below and go directly to the achievements)

1. Game modes
At the time of this writing, there is in the game 4 game modes.
Game mode selection screen

1) One way
You choose a car and all sorts of upgrades to it, and also a map. In this mode, all cars go exclusively forward and you must, overtaking and dodging collisions, drive as far as possible and score as many points as possible.

2) Two-way traffic
Same, which is one-sided, but, it's not hard to guess, movement goes in two directions. Cars drive forward in the two right-hand lane (like you), and two left back (towards you). We also try to dodge and maneuver in order to drive further and gain more points..

3) Check in on time
Choose a car and its components, and then the map. Then you get on a one-way highway and drive forward, only now you have a time limit in 100 seconds. This is the whole difference.

4) Velocity bomb
The most interesting, in my opinion, mode. Here, although there is also a choice of a car and its upgrades, but there is no sense in it, since here you will be driving a huge truck. Truck mined, speeding up, you will have a pink bomb health bar. Once she falls completely, the car will explode and the game is over. To avoid this unpleasant situation, you need to keep the speed constantly high, because when it decreases, the health of the bomb will immediately begin to decrease. Will simplify your task then, that now collisions with cars do not mean losing, that is, you can ram at least all oncoming cars, from this you will not lose, but don't forget, that collisions lower your speed, which means, if you slow down hard, then BOOM will happen! On the track in this mode, by the way, also one-way traffic.

2. What to spend money on and how to earn it?
Actually, it's hard to say exactly how they are earned, that is, well, it's clear what kind of races you have, but how exactly they are calculated nobody knows. The final pay for a round is a combination of many factors: number of points, distance traveled, amount of time at maximum speed, etc.. Just try to drive on, drive fast and collect more points.
And the money itself is spent on buying cars, their improvements and the purchase of all kinds of decor, namely paints and wheels.

1. First Run
Simplest achievement. You need to start on any race.

2. Normal
You need to select any game mode and start on difficulty “Fine”. The difficulty selection button is in the map selection menu on the right, easy to spot.

3. Hard
Same as previous achievement, only now choose the highest difficulty.

4. Easy
And again the same, only now we choose easy difficulty.

5. Peaceful
Despite his, it would seem that, simplicity, this achievement can be a little embarrassing. We need to play a round on peaceful difficulty. The peculiarity of this complexity is, what's on the track, besides us, there are no other cars at all. And since the achievement is issued after the end of the round, there is a problem, but how to actually end the round, if you can't crash into other cars and lose? In fact, everything is simple: this achievement must be done exclusively in modes “Check in on time” or “Velocity bomb”. IN “Check in on time” you can just run and wait for the time to run out, and in “Velocity bomb”, as soon as the bomb's health bar appears, slow down and undermine, everything, your achievement.

6. One-way
Another simple achievement. Selecting the mode “One way” and play round.

7. Time Attack
How many times in this guide have I said achievement is easy? Well here's the same thing again. Selecting the mode “Check in on time” and we pass the check-in.

8. Two-way
Mode “Two-way traffic”. We choose. We play. Everything.

9. Speed Bomb
Well, the last mode remains “Velocity bomb”. To him, as well as for other modes, also its own achievement. Run and play.

10. 80s Color Please
To get this achievement, we need to buy any paint on any car.. This can be done in the customization menu by clicking on the brush icon. The price of any color 2500$.

Color selection menu

11. Neon Car
To get this achievement, we need to buy neon wheels for any car. Personally, I chose purple and cost me 1000$.

12. Highway Police
You can get this cool and colorful achievement with a cat by buying police flashers for any car. It's worth such a thing as 5000$. Personally, I did not notice any effect from them., seem to be, that this is just decor.

13. Достижения Stutututu и I don’t have your time
These 2 I decided to combine the achievements into one point, since they, generally, similar and equally simple. You need to buy nitro and turbo for any car (not necessarily all for one). All this is located in the section of customization of cars..

14. 80s Kid Achievements, 80s Teen, 80s Adult и 80s Boss
Another group of achievements, which are rather long, not complicated.

The first is given for earning 1000$.
Second for 10000$.
Third for 100000$.
Well, to get the fourth, have to sweat a lot, because she asks you for a whole 1000000$

15. Confirmed Driver Achievements, Night Runner и Neon Driver
All these achievements are obtained for a certain number of races played in any modes..
Confirmed Driver is given for 10 arrivals
Night Runner за 100 arrivals
And the rarest, at the moment, achievement in the game, which is all 0,5% players (yet again, at the moment), namely Neon Driver, will become yours after that, how will you play the whole 1000 arrivals.

16. One-way Expert Achievements, Two-way Expert, Speed Bomb Expert и Time Attack Expert
These Expert Achievements are given to you for earning 50000 points in each game mode on the highest difficulty. Generally, these achievements are not very difficult, if you know the main secret of a quick set of points. This secret is, that you need to drive close to other cars, for this you will be awarded bonus points, and the faster and more often you do it, the higher these bonus points will be. Account starts from 100 points for driving close to another car, Further, for the next car you will be given a number of points equal to 133. Keep doing the same, and over time the bonus will reach its maximum, namely to whole 2000 glasses! the main thing – speed, try not to make long pauses between passages next to other cars, otherwise the combo will fail and the points will start again from 100. If you want to collect all the achievements in this game, then you will have to use this tactic anyway, since in the time trial mode you simply will not be able to score 50k points during 100 seconds for simple rides on the track.

17. Achievements for buying cars
I will not even insert pictures of these achievements here., for in the game of their whole 19! Each is given for the purchase of some kind of car. Buy each, and all the achievements for the cars are yours.

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