Guide to getting all the Police Stories achievements

A detailed guide to getting all the Police Stories achievements


general information

  • Number of achievements – 39 achievements
  • Offline achievements – 38* achievements.
  • All achievements can in theory be completed in one playthrough, but most likely you will have to replay.
  • Estimated time to get all achievements – 5 hours.
  • Achievements with difficulty levels – Absent.
  • Glitchy achievements – Absent.
  • Many achievements can be completed without completing the level.
  • Cumulative achievements are not reset, if you don't complete the level.

* 39 the achievement can be completed offline.

General achievements

Pass the 1000 conventional meters.

  • Just walk all the time, do not stand still! Suspects are not wolves, they won't run into the forest.

lone wolf
Complete the mission while leaving Rick on the spawn..

  • To keep Rick on the spawn, right click on it and select “cover up” (sight icon) or press space.

running Man
During the mission, run more distance than walking.

  • Run, never letting go of Shift! Fortunately, there is no fatigue.

Blow up, hack or knock out 100 closed doors.

  • Knock down doors on F, hack with master keys or explode with plastid. Entering rooms normally is not our way!

Big jackpot
Pick up 250 evidence (clues and weapons on the ground are counted)

  • The evidence is either cocaine on the table, either weapon, thrown by suspects on the floor, when you surrender. Pick them on E, the location of the cocaine is always random, weapons do not always drop.

Glass world
Break up 25 windows

  • Windows are such white transparent rectangles on the walls. Shoot them.

Not on my shift
Raise your partner with a defibrillator.

  • You will receive this equipment after a certain number of missions.. To complete it, become Brutus and shoot your partner, and then resurrect and remember this to him all his life. Well, either just wait for the moment, when he sfid and resurrect him.

Groundhog Day
Die 50 time.

  • Live. Die. And again. Get it anyway.

Stay alive after being hit by three bullets.

  • You can try to catch lead in your body, move around the corner, to heal with a first aid kit (don't forget to add to the slot), and then go on to catch lead. You can also try this achievement., wearing a bulletproof vest.

Pass the 10 missions.

  • Just don't drop the game on 9 missions.

Open all equipment.

  • Receive after completing the game.

Police Academy
View all training slides

  • Don't skip your slides.

Get down!
Shout 1000 time

  • Get down! On the ground, now! - and like this a thousand times. On the E key.

Playing by the rules.
Get the first A

  • Grade A can be obtained, if you do not make a single mistake during the passage of the mission. The easiest way to accomplish this is in the first mission., just not killing anyone and doing it as quickly as possible. If it doesn't work, then just keep playing, until you get as much gear as possible, among which there will be many useful things, which will greatly simplify the game.

Get the first A +

  • Easiest to get on the first mission. Don't kill anyone, don't get hurt, pick up all the evidence and do it as quickly as possible.

    Essential gear for maximum success at getting A + rating: flash drives (flush in those moments, when you have a fairly large open space or a long corridor in front of you; also don't forget, that flash drives fly off walls / open doors, so you can throw the flash drive into the wall and it will fly off to the other side or into a room with an open door), tazer (unlike fists, a taser can neutralize an enemy at a slightly greater distance), lockpicks (help to open iron doors or jamming ones without unnecessary noise), boroscope (the most useful equipment, which allows you to find out the number and location of enemies in the room), plastid (put charge on the door, he blows it up and blinds everyone in the room, we can say must have in a hostage situation, when there is a terrorist in the room, who keeps the civilian)
    Things like borescope and lockpicks, if you play with a bot, better to take him. Order him to open or check doors, by clicking on the door with the right mouse button and selecting the desired icon.

    If you have a live partner, not soulless computer Rick, the second character can take shield (which is useful in situations in small spaces, when exploring the territory or neutralizing civil, who can be armed), smoke grenade (sometimes useful, if you need to neutralize a crowd of enemies). Take the rest of the equipment at will.

    Useless equipment: gas grenade (does not kill, does not neutralize, affects you), bulletproof vest (they will kill you anyway), defibrillator (to get A + rank is useless, you would rather restart the mission)

Complete the entire storyline of at least A- rating.

  • Finish the game perfectly and don't drop it. At first you will want to do it, but believe me, upon receipt of all equipment, it will be easy to get this achievement. Tips for Achieving A Rating- up to A + above.

Bad Boys
Complete a mission in any online mode

  • Invite a friend to play cool co-op toy. Tell, what will be fun. If he disagrees, force him or blackmail him. You can invite a friend in the online game tab and on the right side of the screen “to invite a friend”.
    If you can't find a friend or you don't have blackmail skill, then find another friend. If the other friend doesn't have Police Stories, don't buy it for him, let it work. Write to discussion, what are you looking for a partner. If no one answered you, then start local game, let the first player control the keyboard, and the second - with a gamepad.
    If you don't have a gamepad either, then I dick knows what you do.

Police Story
Complete the entire story

  • Don't drop the game and make it to the end, Total 18 missions.

Kill Achievements

I – law
Kill 100 suspects.

  • You are the law. So kill everyone, who is on your way. There are no unjustified sacrifices. The truth will then have to write in the report why you shot everyone, but does anyone care?

A weighty argument
Fire 1000 bullets

  • Shoot at any convenient moment. And uncomfortable too.

Last chance
Kill a suspect with the last bullet in the clip.

  • The easiest way is to shoot the entire clip into the void and kill the already tied suspect., to be sure.

Excessive cruelty
Kill a surrendered or tied enemy with the stock

  • Tie up the reptile and press F a couple of times to hit and arrange F.


Die at the same time with the suspect who killed you.

  • Try to aggravate the suspect and guess the moment for the shot. You can also try to aggro the enemy by opening the door, and then fire it up. Do not worry, the enemy will prefair you too.

Angel takes revenge
Kill the suspect who killed your partner before.

  • Send Rick ahead (the menu on the right mouse button and the icon in the middle), so he gets a bullet in the face, and then, like in the films of the 90s, shout “ne-e-t!” and avenge your partner. Well, or if you are playing co-op with a friend, then just sell it, and then cover it with a frag.

Naked pistol
Kill an enemy with the remaining pistol after breaking the shield

  • You can arrange 322, and ask your partner to shoot your shield, until it breaks, and then kill any related suspect. If you play with a soulless computer Rick, then you will have to climb on the rampage yourself and break the shield by skirmishing with the enemy, which you then have to kill. A little advice: after the shield breaks, the character does not take out the pistol immediately, so it is advisable to move around the corner at the moment, when he pulls out a gun, so as not to accidentally die.

Blind fury
Kill a suspect while completely blinded.

  • Find an unsuspecting enemy at the end of the hallway, throw the flash drive into it and, looking at the flash drive, run at him, and then shoot. Or ask your partner to blind you, being with the enemy.

No knocking
Kill the suspect through the door.

  • After a certain number of missions, you will be given cartridges 44. magnum, don't forget to add them to a free slot, and then kill the suspect through the door. You can find the poor guy through a borescope or a sensor grenade.

At the right time
Kill a suspect who is reloading.

  • Aggreate the suspect, go behind the wall or just stand behind the shield, and then kill him, while this idiot is recharging.

Dirty Harry
Leave more 50 bloody steps in one mission

  • Don't leave anyone alive. Let the blood run across the floor. There are no frivolous murders. Walk the bloody floor. Leave traces. Add extra work to the cleaners.

Groundhog Day.
Die 50 time.

  • Live. Die. And again. Get it anyway.

Neutralization Achievements

A hat trick
Blind or stun more than three suspects with a single grenade or C4.

  • The easiest way is to tie three suspects, and then push them all into one room, and throw a USB flash drive there or put a placid.
    The hardest way is to aggregate the entire level., run away from them, and then throw the flash drive. Most likely you will be killed, better make it simpler.

Shock a suspect with a shocker.

  • Sometimes fists don't reach the enemy, but the shocker is just right. Don't forget to add it to the slot, and then pick up.

The right to remain silent
To tie 100 suspects.

  • Suspects contact at that moment, when they sit down and put their hands behind their heads. For them to do it, shout at them, by pressing the E button or hitting the face, pressing the F button.

Complete the mission without killing anyone.

  • You were taught at the police academy. Agree with a partner, one checks the doors with a borescope, the other is guarding his back. Saw the suspect outside the door - well, don't shoot him in the face right away, shout to him to lie down on the floor, and if you don't obey, smear on the face! In general, it is advisable to always hit in the face first., so more reliable. Do not forget to tie suspects, you never know what will come to their head, they will still take out their weapons and start shooting you in the back… If a freak is shooting at you, then take the shield and walk up to it, hit with the shield. If nothing came out, then don't forget, that you are in a computer game, and here you can restart the level.

Bomb achievements

There will be no explosion.
Defuse the first bomb.

  • For the first time a bomb will appear on 4 missions, you can neutralize it either by cutting the wire, either by learning the code from the suspects, who surrendered to you. Attention: the code is always random.

Neutralize 10 bombs.

  • Find out codes from suspects (you haven't forgotten yet, that with restarting the mission there is always a new code?) and neutralize. Well, either cut the wires, suddenly you are lucky!

Soldier of fortune.
Defuse the bomb by successfully cutting the wire.

  • When you run up to the bomb and press the E button, a menu opens, where can you type in the code, and to the left of the screen there are three multi-colored wires: red, green and blue. You cannot find out which wire you need to cut, when restarting a level, it is always random. The only advice is always cut the same, according to the theory of probability, a chance to guess the right wire 33,3%

Not my day.
Detonate the bomb by cutting the wrong wire.

  • When you run up to the bomb and press the E button, a menu opens, where can you type in the code, and to the left of the screen there are three multi-colored wires: red, green and blue. Cut any of them. You may get unlucky and defuse the bomb., but what to do.

They barely made it.
Defuse the bomb on the last 10 seconds.

  • You can make a dramatic moment and go through the mission as slowly as possible, in order to ultimately save everyone at the last moment, or you can just find out the code, find the bomb and wait until 10 seconds (timer upstairs, if you suddenly did not notice).

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