Bloodstained Curse of the Moon: Achievement Guide

Guide to all achievements in Bloodstained: Curse of Moon



The game contains 15 achievements

Lunar Temptation (Moonlight Temptation)
Go through 1 level for the first time.

Frozen Hell (Frigid Hell)
Go through 2 level for the first time.

Shining Void (The Brilliant Void)
Go through 3 level for the first time.

Blasphemy in Heaven (Blasphemy unto Heaven)
Go through 4 level for the first time.

Under the Veil of Night (Sunder the Night)
Go through 5 level for the first time.

Tragedy of Massacre (Tragedy of Slaughter)
Go through 6 level for the first time.

Defiler Taboo (Defiler of Taboos)
Go through 7 level for the first time.

Shattered Moon (Cleave the Moon)
Go through 8 level for the first time.

They, Who's Left Behind (Those Left Behind)
Collect all four playable characters into a team and complete the game.

Emperor of Darkness (Emperor of Darkness)
Finish the game by killing every character you meet.
Characters are killed with a couple of hits on them and after that Zangetsu gets a new unique ability.

End of the Nightmare (Nightmare’s End)
Finish the game, without sacrificing or hiring any characters.

Blade, Sparkling at the Rising of the Sun (Blade Gleaming at Sunrise)
Embark on an adventure with your allies and see a normal ending.
Required, so that you take at least one character, and also ignored one character without killing anyone.

This person, Zangecu (That Man, Zangetsu)
You can't take anyone on the team, you cannot kill all characters, but you must kill at least one and also ignore at least one. After killing a character, Zangetsu gains a new unique ability.

Requiem for the Fallen Moon (Fallen Moon’s Requiem)
Finish the game on Nightmare Mode.
Nightmare Mode unlocks after reaching Te, Who's Left Behind (Those Left Behind).

Big Game Hunting! (Big Game Hunting!)
Defeat every boss in Boss Rush mode.
Boss Rush will unlock after completing the Emperor of Darkness achievement (Emperor of Darkness).

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