Thief: All valuable trophies from chapters

In this manual you will find detailed information, where and how to find trophies for Garrett's collection (only from story missions – chapters).


There is only one trophy in the prologue and it is impossible to miss it..
1. Shiny choker
After you pass between the bird cages at the end of the attic, there will be a safe behind the painting., Well, and then the skill of hands will help you.

Chapter 1
Location: Stonemarket, Traitor's Gate
1. Ring with amethyst “Alice”
The ring is lying in the alley, patrolled by two guards. Once we get to this alley, one of the guards will shout, that the Gates of the Traitors are closed to all on the orders of the Baron. I need to go down to the lighted street. There will be a cart, and next to her is a ring.

Location: Laigruve Jewelry Store
2. Laigruv Jewel Mask
The mask is hidden in the basement of the jewelry workshop, in the safe behind the painting.
We go down to the basement and see a picture on the wall, there is a safe behind it. The cipher from the safe is in Laigruv's letter on the table.. Set of numbers – 739.

3. Mask with “jewels”
A fake mask is displayed in a jewelry store window on the first floor. (to the left of the front door).

4. Blackened Bracelet
The bracelet is placed in a safe on the first floor of a jewelry store.
In one of the back rooms on the first floor, a guard sleeps on a chair., and behind it is a safe with a trophy (don't make mistakes when hacking).

Chapter 2
Location: Foundry, dump
1. Ring “In memory of mercy”
As soon as you enter the Foundry grounds, take your time to get inside the main building, look into the one-story building on the left (if you stand facing the factory building).
The only way to get into the former coal shed is through the roof.. To do this, we climb onto the structure, resembling a small crane, and from it we are already jumping to the barn. We go along the roof towards the factory building, until we see in front and on the right a hatch and a ladder down.

There will be a table inside an almost empty room.. There is a ring in its right box.
Location: Foundry, manufacturing facility
2. Brooch “Daisy”
Finding yourself in the right corridor, Garrett will witness a conversation between two guards. One will grumble, that slaughterhouse service is better, than here, and the second will call a friend with him, for he found something really interesting. After that, the guards will go further along the corridor., freeing up space for activity.
Looking up, on the ceiling, and turn on concentration, it will become clear, where to look for a trophy and where to shoot with a rope arrow.

The decoration will lie on the very edge of the second walkways.

3. The soul of a mechanical man
Taking the brooch, we go after the guards. They will lead us to the boarded up door, behind which there is still some room. Climb the stairs to the left of the door and climb over the railing. Landmark: red emergency light above the technical access.

In the room (into which you will fall through the manhole) there will be a code safe, robot on a chair, and there is a number on it 3 (the safe is on the opposite wall). Another part of the robot is in the same place with the number 1. We find the last digit to the safe by searching – 314

Location: Foundry, horn
4. Ring with diamonds “Diana”
If you look to the left from the point of contact with the oven level, then you can see the open door, leading to a dark room.

We go in and immediately turn left. There will be a pile of ash with a ring under the red lantern.

5. Cornelius ring
The ring extracted from the corpse of Cornelius is locked in a safe in the former office of the workshop foreman, and now to the General's office. This is a quest storage, you won't be able to pass it. Just follow the control point marker, and he will lead you to the goal.

Chapter 3
Location: Catacombs of the South Quarter
1. Brooch “Dragonfly”
The brooch is hidden in the catacombs in front of the house of tolerance at the very beginning of the chapter.. Following a wealthy client and his guide, Garrett sneaks down the aisle, over which the pipes of communications hang. Before that place, where the passage turns right, worth stopping and looking around. There is a bolted door nearby, because of which the light oozes. Next to the door is a pile of boxes and barrels with planks leaning vertically against them. We climb up, until we find ourselves on the duct pipe. There will be door protection, cut the wires.

Once inside, turn right, we climb on a high box, and from it even higher, almost to the ceiling.

The jewel will lie in the light approximately in the middle of that area., where Garrett found himself.Location: House of Flowers, top floor
2. Ring with emeralds “Helen”
The ring was lying around in the technical room above one of the rooms on the upper floor.
We go up the side (western) stairs from the lower floor of the brothel to the upper. Before the last flight, we climb the ventilation duct., walking along the wall, and from there even higher, through the window under the ceiling.

Once in a small technical room, use concentration. There will be a trophy near the rope.

Location: Underground ruins, forgotten ruins
3. Ancient figurine
Caught in ancient ruins under a brothel (after passing through the destroyed premises) looking for a door.

There will be a staircase just outside the door.. We go down and turn right. There will be a corridor with wardrobes, and between them signs (use concentration). There will be four of them in total - two pairs opposite each other.

We reach the column, similar to, which was activated a little earlier on the Ancient podium, and get Erin's medallion. After activation, a cache will open by the correct selection of highlighted ancient signs.

Location: Underground ruins, scriptorium
4. Ring “In memory of the stonemason”
The ring is located in the secret room of the scriptorium., you can penetrate, by activating the desired book on one of the shelves.

Location: Underground ruins, library towers
5. Book of rituals
Book of rituals – quest item and main goal of the chapter 3. It is located in the main tower of the underground library.. Once Garrett gets there, he will see the book, which “will need to be released first”.

Chapter 4
Location: Dayport
1. Ring with lapis lazuli “Leonora”
As soon as you see a flash of fire on the upper floors of the Fortress (almost at the very beginning of the chapter) the game will invite you to climb through the window. Walk to the window and turn left, there will be a beam for the rope.

Go down the street to the bottom. Next, we go to the lighted nook behind the stairs and from under the bench farthest from it we take out the ring.
Location: Eastwick Mansion
2. Morendram Medal
The medal is located on the first floor of the mansion., in the office. The door to the office is located to the left of the main staircase to the second floor, if you stand facing the stairs.

We go in and go to the desktop.

There is a button on the side table attached to it on the right., becomes noticeable when concentration is activated. This button moves the wall panel in front of the fireplace, behind which the safe is hiding. We open the lock and take another trophy.

3. Picture “Excess emptiness”
The canvas hangs on the third floor of the mansion, in front of Eastwick's office. From the second floor of the mansion we go up to the third through the public, not a secret staircase. Landmark - the voice of the guard, asking Eastwick to open the door, and knock on this very door. Next to the stairs to the third floor there will be a passage to the balcony above the main entrance to the mansion.

Location: Fortress, boiler room
4. Ring “In memory of a soldier”
The ring is held in the hands of the guard, lying on the floor of the boiler room in the Fortress. Entering the premises, moving straight, until we stumble upon a corpse lying on the floor.

5. Memorial plaque “Fortress”
On the boiler room wall, behind a corpse with a ring.

Location: Fortress, safe box
6. Bracelet “Shale snake”
This location will become available at the very end of the chapter., after the first unsuccessful attempt to open the Big Safe. The location is flooded with alarmed guards. There is a remote control, which turns off the lights in the location, and opposite the switch on the box the bracelet itself.

The bracelet lies in the depths of the dead end.

Chapter 5
Location: Host Moira, park
1. Memorial plaque “Host Moira”
A commemorative plaque bolted to the outer wall of the shelter, to the left of the portico with stairs, leading to the main entrance of the building.
Location: Host Moira, second floor
2. Picture “Disgust for pleasantries”
Caught in the block with the wards of the male ward, heading straight down the hall, without turning anywhere, to the dark vestibule. An empty frame will hang in the vestibule on the left wall in the direction of travel. This is our masterpiece, not yet available. For the canvas to appear, Garrett will have to look into the M02 room next to the vestibule..

There are holes in both side walls of the chamber.. Let's look at the left of them and the frame is no longer empty., now you can pick up the painting.

Location: Host Moira, basement descent, women's department
3. Brooch “rose flower”
The brooch will be found in the basement room behind the women's section elevator shaft. But Garrett will start his way to her from the second floor of the orphanage., from the lobby of the women's department.

Under the ceiling of the elevator shaft (she will be to the left of the entrance to the department) there is a place, where can you hang the rope with an arrow.

We go down to the roof of the elevator, and from there we jump even lower, into a room with furniture shifted to a corner. We climb on the table, then to the closet, and it's easy to reach from it to the duct pipe, on which lies the jewel.

Location: Procedure center, third floor
4. Ivory ring “Irene”
The ring lies in the safe, and the safe is in the operating room 3E of the treatment center. Safe, understandably, locked, and the hint for detecting the code for it is hidden in the note “Knocking in the pipes”. You won't have to go far for this note.. She lies in a drawer, standing near the safe. And the problem pipes themselves are right there., in the operating room.

Now listen to the rhythmic clanging, distributed in the room. It's not chaotic at all. Count the clangs, and you will find out the code combination, unlocking the safe, – 731.

Location: Old prison, correctional department
5. Mechanical eye
On both sides of the prison “reception” there are passages to the balcony above the inner “courtyard” prisons. There is a beautiful view of the location of the trophy and of the beam from there., to which the rope should be attached by means of an arrow, so that you can get close to this very trophy.

6. Ring “In memory of the child”
Taking away the mechanical eye, on the ropes we return back to the structure under the balcony. A passage is visible in the wall opposite to the structure., leading into pitch darkness.

Chapter 6
Location: Northcrest Mansion, yard
1. Brooch “Rusty tears”
Brooch, seems to be, became the prey of a local crow and is now stored in its nest.
From the starting point of the chapter we go to the far support near the stream. We climb on it.

Once at the top, jump over the stream to the nearest support. There is a brooch in the bird's nest.
2. Memorial plaque “Elias Northcrest statue”
Memorial plaque, as the name suggests, screwed to the statue, and the statue stands in front of the entrance to the mansion.

Location: Northcrest Mansion
3. Sapphire ring “Woman”
The ring is locked in the safe on the first floor of the mansion, in the break room.

Safe, naturally, locked. The code is in the note, which is worn on the belt by one of the guards, patrolling the library. This is one of the two guards, who do not leave the table. At the same time, the non-writing we need still does not stand still., but is moving. Table area lit, but you can still paint the document.

4. Lion's Heart
The heirloom of the Baron's family is hidden in a secret vault on the second floor of the mansion, the former home chapel of the Northcrests.
The passage to the secret room is hidden by a bas-relief painting in the western corridor of the second floor of the mansion.. About that, that it exists and where to find it, Garrett learns from the docs “Secret vault” (restroom, ground floor, on a round table near the sofa) and “Mansion plan” (library, second floor, on the table).

Once the desired buttons outside the frame are pressed, the wall will turn, and Garrett will end up in the old Northcrest Chapel, converted into a cache. To open the treasure sarcophagus, it is necessary to correctly fold the pallet from the rotating cylinders on the sides of the storage. On one side, we add the coat of arms of the Northcrests.
On the other hand, the pattern is not so obvious. If you get confused or blunt, there is a crack behind the sarcophagus. Take a look into it, and you will understand, which cylinders in which direction to turn and how many times. Garrett's task – arrange the cuts on the discs like this, so that the weight falls to the bottom.

Location: Northcrest Mansion, captured by the Lightforged, second floor
5. Picture “Married old maid”
Hanging picture in the second floor corridor, near the doorway to the room, from which there is a passage to the destroyed ritual hall (where to, actually, Garrett needs to get into the plot).

Location: Northcrest Mansion, Baron's laboratory
6. Ring “In memory of the braggart”
The ring is on a box at the far end of the Baron's laboratory.. To get to him, rope boom required.

We climb the tightrope through the void and land on the platform below. There is a box on the right. There is a ring on it, you only need to go around it to the left, so that the trophy, blocked by all sorts of rubbish, became visible.

Chapter 7

To get trophies you will need: rope boom – 1 PC., serrated arrow (optional) – 4-5 PC.

Location: Secret city, boot dock (outside)
1. Artifact of the City
Near the bridge. there is a valve that hangs over the abyss.

While turning the valve, the bridge goes down to the landing, where Garrett is. It's worth stopping twirling, the bridge will spontaneously rise up. So don't yawn, quickly jump on it, we run forward and jump off on the opposite side of the abyss.
Turn left and head towards the glowing plants.
We enter the cave and turn left again. Behind the wooden shield on the right is the trophy. If you do not look behind the shield, The artifact can be easily overlooked.

Location: Secret city, inner catacombs
2. Bracelet with bronze head
Bracelet – in the chest, chest – in a wooden building such as a barn, barn in a cave with freaks.
As soon as we find ourselves in the cave, where the freaks graze, turn left, down the stairs. Reaching the cliff, shoot the rope to the beam from above and overcome the cliff. There will be a wooden barn-type structure on the left.. We break the lock and go in.

Location: Secret city, Lair of the Lightforged
3. Ring “In memory of the old man”
Stopping in the shadows near the snoring illumined, note the huge box, packed in canvas. We will need to climb on it first, and then even higher, for scaffolding.

Further, with the help of a rope we move to the wooden cornice of a neighboring building and stomp along it forward to the glowing flowers. A ring somewhere in between.

Location:Secret city, Rotunda
4. Ring with amber “Astra”
This ring is located in the General's belt bag. Garrett will have a chance to take possession of it in the Rotunda., where the nasty, bent-legged asshole will impose a battle on our hero.

If you really are a master thief, you can try to steal a trick, while the General shoots you with the crossbow. But it's easier to neutralize the enemy first, and only then clean his pockets.
By the way, it is not necessary to kill. It is enough to plant a few jagged arrows in the head, so that the sadistic bastard changes his mind about bombarding you, but I did not exhale. If not to finish off the pagan, shooting to kill will only affect the determination of the passing style (opportunist), but stunned or killed, the game will not count it for you.

Chapter 8
Location: Old Quarter cliffs, tunnels
1. Brooch “Funeral bell”
The brooch is kept in the tunnels of the Old Quarter (the first location in the chapter), in a locked chest. A freak is wandering around the chest.
Location: “Morning sunrise”, middle deck
2. Picture “Compassion, disgust”
The painting hangs in one of the cabins on the middle deck “Morning dawn”. Garrett will go there immediately after, as, wandering around the loading deck, will jump into the elevator and ride down a little.

Coming out of the elevator, turn right and go through the door.
There will be a lighted table directly opposite the door., illuminated and picture.

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