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The Complete PawnMorpher Mod Guide Written After A Human Asks For Help With The Mod. Any additional questions about the mod, write in the comments or in the discord (Damglador#3663) I answer as quickly as possible, I will supplement the guide.


If there are grammar mistakes, then correct in the comments. I didn't learn Russian, because I live in Ukraine so there is no need to dig, you are welcome.

Sam mod



The manual will mostly contain information about buildings and related things., there will be no exact numbers, since they are few and difficult to define. But what is written is enough for you for a regular game, for more requirements, please contact us in the comments.

In the assembly on which I played and made screenshots, there are other mods and a developer mode, so do not pay attention to the characters around the letters and the bear with a tree on its back.

The buildings

All buildings of the mod are in the tab – .
Total buildings 8:

1.Mutagenic lab

Workbench for making most of the fashion items, including Mechanite Slurry , which is needed for most buildings in fashion. Also, according to the idea in the database, you must have a DNA sample of the animal, how to add it can be found in the description of building number 3

Occupies 5x2 cells
Doesn't require energy

I will not talk about all the crafts, set up a laboratory yourself, I'll only talk about some.

2.Injector lab

Serum crafting bench, is it not logical.

Occupies 3x1 cells
Doesn't require energy

About serum below.
All craft workbenches:


Used to store studied mutations and animal DNA samples, to get a DNA sample of an animal you need to make and equip a Tagging Rifle and use the button choose a target and wait for the shot.

Occupies 1 cage
Requires 10w

4.Mutagen tank

Can keep to itself 10 Mechanite Slurry units can be connected to different devices using the Slurry Pipe. There is a green rectangle on the front of the building showing the occupancy level..

Occupies 1 cage
Doesn't require energy

5.Mutagenic Chamber

Colonist Transformation Device. Allows you to turn people into chaos of creatures or change their skin and other things.
Several additional buttons appear when a device is selected., besides standard:

First button allows you to turn a person into “Chao” animal, overbafnutoe po statam, nutty about breakdowns and weird about implementation, like all semi-animals. Also, when you fully explore an animal in the Mutation Sequencer, it will become available upon transformation.

Second button allows you to selectively mutate parts of the human body
After clicking, the following interface appears
On the left, for each part of the body, you can select a mutation, to the right is the character model, which can be twisted with the arrows to inspect with the selected changes or turn off her clothes, under the character there is 4 lines, 2 with a choice of parameter and 2 with check mark.
The first with a choice allows you to choose the type of chin pawn, yes-yes, pawns have different chins.
The second option allows you to select the type of body of the pawn, I advise you to use only the first 5, the rest are most likely mod and most likely break the game, but there may be mod and work, if you are not afraid to take the risk – good luck.
The first checkbox is responsible for the separate selection of skin for the limbs., if included in the column with mutations, at the very top, there will be a Skin option and it will be possible to select the type of skin for in his body, if disabled, an option with a choice of skin type will be added to each limb and it will be possible to take any skin for each limb, for example for a torso with more thermal insulation, and for legs with more protection.
The second tick is responsible for the separation of paired limbs / ears / eyes, if enabled, there will be a choice of mutation for both legs or arms, if disabled, you can select one mutation for the left hand, another, different from the first, for the right.
The top right side of the menu displays all selected mutations, below is a description of the mutation you are targeting (Selected, not on the list).
Available mutations unlock as you research

Activating mutations will take time and some Mechanite Slurry, which, in turn, this shaitan machine can take from nearby cans containing this mutagen, or through pipes, which are connected to such repositories.

What is the last button for I do not know

Active state, implantation of mutations

Connected to pipes, it is inappropriate to bring them straight to the hitbox of the device, you can just hold next, do not pay attention that visually they are not connected.

Occupies 3x3 cells
Consumes 300w

6.Mutation Sequencer

Used to study animals for new mutations, to study requires a pawn with the skill of a scientist and the appointment of a robot scientist. There is a time for which 100% something is being investigated, before that time, something can be randomly investigated, after which progress is reset. A random mutation that refers to an animal is being investigated, which you research. You can choose an animal for research here ->. To add animals to the database, you need to shoot them with Tagging Rifle using , the button appears when equipping the rifle.

In theory, the mutations researched open up in the Mutagenic Chamber for use.

Occupies 3x3 cells
Consumes 700w

7.Slurry Pipe

Works like wires, requires direct connection to devices, allows you to connect mutagen stores to devices to replenish their stock, cannot be used to transfer energy, does not replace wires during construction.

Requires 1 steel
Occupies 1 cage
Does not conduct or require energy

8.Mutanite Centrifuge

Consumes Mechanite Slurry 1,1 pieces, produces Mutanite. You can turn on the turbo mod, which speeds up the filling and production of mutanite, but at the same time the device will irradiate everyone in the radius, which is shown when the device is built, 4x4 cells with 1 an additional cage on each side in the middle. Turbo mode button has no icon, appears when you select a device.

Requires filling 1.1 Mechanite Slurry. Can only be filled from the Mutagen tank, back-to-back or pipe-connected.
To be filled in 7 seconds in normal mode and 3 seconds in turbo mode. Does not require energy to fill.
Production 1 unit Mutanite takes 1,26 minutes in the usual and 57 seconds in turbo mode. Energy required. After turning on the turbo mode before reconnecting the electricity, the device will be able to work without it

Occupies 3x3 cells
Consumes 1500w

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