New World Closed Beta: Coins out of thin air | We speculate on trade

We multiply our capital according to the buy-sell scheme


If you are already an advanced huckster, I'll just remind you:

  1. We study supply and demand
  2. We buy cheaper, we sell more expensive

Next, we will analyze how to make coins out of thin air using the example of buying and selling wooden sticks..

Start-up capital
Nowhere without start-up capital. The higher it is – the more profit can be derived from the buy-sell scheme.

In this example, coins will serve as our start-up capital., which we received for quests on the way to the main settlement of the territory. A couple of hundred coins will be enough.


Now we need to find out, what items are in the greatest demand. A professional huckster will spend hours staring at listings and categories in order to track down the most liquid commodities with good price volatility..

В нашем случае предметом пристального внимания станет Fire Staff (Uncommon).

Why? Because I want to finally start shooting magic, but the staff itself at the start is not given to us. We project this experience to the market.

We open the Trading Post and find our coveted stick with the lowest price.

Scroll further and see, that a bunch of the same (nearly) poles are already sold at a price of 2 times higher.

This is our chance! We buy the cheapest stick and put it up for sale at a price 28.99 coins. For now, let's skip details like the presence of perks., Gear Score, base damage, etc..

We wait. If they managed to buy our stick – we are great. If the lot is not bought for a long time, then you should go in and make sure, that nobody broke our price. If someone put up their sticks for a lower price 28.99 coins, then either we buy them all, or we concede in the hope of better times.

With more capital, you can go further and monopolize the stick market, buying ALL sticks on the market and setting your own price. Naturally, at the same time, taking into account the purchasing power of other players.

The above diagram is for informational purposes only.. Devil, as they say, is in the details.

We calculate the minimum percentage of the markup on the sale

In order not to accidentally trade at a loss, we must take into account the costs when making transactions.

  1. Purchase tax
  2. Tax on the transaction and the cost of setting the lot on sale

In this case, if we decide to break even to resell our own stick within one day, we will have to increase its cost by ~3.48 coins.

1.15 (purchase tax) + 1.44 (transaction tax) + 0.89 (the cost of placing a lot) = 3.48

In this way, our resale margin will be ~ 10%.

We keep track of taxes

Company(clan)-the owner of the settlement can set his own trade tax (transaction tax). Therefore, it is worthwhile to follow the changes..

We increase the volume of trade

The mother knows everything – money should work. Therefore, if in our wallet too much is lost as a result of successful trading, not worth staring at a beautiful number. We need to expand and look for new opportunities. You won't go far on sticks alone.

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