DayZ: A beginner's guide

This is a beginner's guide for newbies..



begining (server entry)
After installing and entering the launcher, there will be a server section, click, and he offers you server options for a start, let's take the official ones, choose a server by ping, click enter and install mods and add-ons and join.

After entering the server from the side in the lower right corner, you will have 5 indicators 1. (thirst) it will look like a bottle when the color is white everything is fine, yellow thirsty, red or flashing health goes away 2.(hunger) as well as thirst, there are no differences except for the indicator, he looks like an apple 3.(temperature) looks like a thermometer, white 36.6 OK, there is no risk of getting sick, blue very high risk of getting sick, blue health is leaving, yellow high fever there is a risk of getting sick, red health goes away. 4.(blood) looks like a drop, how the picture of the game looks like depends on blood, when cut, blood leaves the body, color white picture, not complete white drop muddy picture, yellow spruce colored, red black and white picture, flashing falls knocked out, 5.(health) looks like a cross, white excellent, white incomplete good, yellow limps, red spruce walks, flashing falls knocked out, 6.(tax) need to be bandaged with bandages or rags, 7.(virus) will show that you are sick, 8.(tablet) after taking the medicine, this indicator will appear, 9.(overeating) if you continue to eat, then the character will start to puke, 10.(fracture) at your
character's broken leg.

Every thing has a weight, the harder you are, the less you run, but you can inject adrenaline and for a limited time you can run. Stamina is in the lower left corner.

Inventory on the tab button. Each clothing has slots, the more theme slots, more loot you can carry.

There is no such sense, you just loot, find adventures on your head and die in NW, but at the same time you get unforgettable adventures. But first, in turn, you will appear somewhere on the coast in one of the cities of Kamyshovo, Chernogorsk, Electro-factory, Бернозино, Solar, Svetloyarsk. 2.start looking for food, weapon, medicines and clothing, killing zombies along the way 3. go to the military and find top loot, automatic machines, clothes, and others.

Peace or not peace
There is no one who will not treat you with the world and at the first opportunity to stick a knife in your back, there are things that cannot be done 1. do not give a weapon to strangers 2. if a stranger tries to stop you, then perhaps his friend is walking towards you 3. do not attack first on the bank F1 welcome button.

Base and hiding places
To build a base, you will need 1. shovel 2. ax or hatchet .3 box of nails 4. nippers 5. wire 6. saw or bait 7. a hammer but if you have a hatchet you can do it without a hammer 8. 4 or 3 digit lock 9. fence markings.
Hiding places 1. put a wooden box in an inconspicuous place 2. teddy bear and shovel drip the bear 3. sailor chest can be found on the shore 4. cartridge cartridge or container of the Ministry of Emergency Situations 5. waterproof backpack or waterproof bag can be buried.
1. belief + 2 sticks = markings for the fence
2. 8 boards + nails = wooden box

Weapons and clothing
Let's start with a mas-robe, I don't recommend crafting because you can't carry a backpack with it., but the hood and camouflage cloak in exchange for armor, decide for yourself.
Choosing between green and black, take the black bushes running around the city will attract attention.
On SVD you can not grow, but there are other great sniper rifles shooting 308 which can be found in an ordinary house.

Briefly about medicine
Your character might start sneezing, puke and so on. your character is sick take medication.
Vitamins will help you avoid getting sick.
Morphine can help you walk with broken legs.
The splint will help you walk and heal your leg faster.

I personally flew this evil on a cargo truck. They get stuck in textures I don't recommend using cars.

If you put an item through the inventory, it has no texture, but if you throw it, you can flock on it for 30s, and thus you can climb onto the port container and hide something there.
Well, you figured out further only practice.
From Misha

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