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Here are some interesting lore tips, and just nice conversations with Monica ~


Characters (edit) I
I always wanted to understand…
What is so attractive about these characters? What people find in them?
They have completely unrealistic characters.…
Well, imagine someone like Yuri in real life.
She can't even connect two words.
Not to mention Natsuki.
When a girl has such a character, she won't blink and pout, when she doesn't like something.
I can go on, but you already understand me, truth?
Do people really find characters attractive, which do not exist in real life?
Just don’t think, I do not blame anyone!
I myself am addicted to all sorts of strange things…
I'm just curious.
Such a feeling, that everything human was sucked out of them and left a solid sweetness.
Concentrated sweetness… and behind her – emptiness.
…If I was like that, you wouldn't like me, it's true?
Probably, I am quite a little confused by the fact, that you even sat down to play this game.
Although, now you are here, with me. So it doesn't matter, truth?
That's enough for me, to be happy with, what i am.
And you, [Name], also wonderful – such, what you are.
You have a perfect combination of humanity and sweetness..
That's why I immediately fell in love with you.

Yuri's book II
By the way, do you remember the book, which you read with Yuri?
<Portrait>… I forgot, what was it called…
Fun, because this book, it seems…
Actually, not. It shouldn't be talked about.
Hahaha. I'm sorry!
Forget everything, what did I say.

Disputes and opinions III
When I went to the debate club, I learned a lot about, how people argue…
The problem with disputes is, that everyone thinks their opinion is correct.
Obviously, Yes? But in fact, it affects the fact, how people try to communicate their point of view to others.
For instance, you like some movie.
And then someone passes and declares, what a movie – tufts, because this and that are not shown correctly.
You immediately feel, that they attack you personally, Yes?
Because man, who says so, implies, that you have no taste.
As soon as emotions come into play, both disputants lose.
But the problem is only in the choice of words.
If you build your statements as subjectively as possible, people will not seem, what are you attacking them.
For instance, you can say: <Personally, I'm not a fan of this movie> or <I would like it more, if this and that were filmed differently>.
It works, even when you give dry facts.
If you say: <I read on such and such a site, that's how it works…>
Or admit, that you are not an expert in this matter…
Then it will look like this, as if you are offering your knowledge to others – but do not impose by force.
If you make an effort to, so that the discussion is polite and constructive, second side, most likely, will follow your example.
And then the exchange of views becomes possible without resentment and insults..
In addition, people begin to consider you a reasonable person and a good listener..
Generally, one continuous benefit, I agree?
…We assume, that it was Monica's advice on dispute resolution today!
Hahaha! Somehow it sounded stupid. But thanks, that you listened to me.

Habits IV
You know, finishes me, how difficult it is – form habits…
There are tons of things, which seems to be easy to do, but it is impossible to cultivate a habit.
You immediately feel like mediocrity. It seems like you're not capable of anything.
I think, the new generation suffers the most…
All because, that we need completely different skills in life, than predecessors.
Thanks to the Internet, we are able to quickly sift through tons of very different information…
But we do it badly, for which we do not receive awards immediately.
I'm afraid, if exact sciences, psychology and education in the next ten to twenty years will do nothing about it, the fat is in the fire.
But for now…
If you are not one of those people, who are able to cope with this problem, you will have to live with the feeling of your own worthlessness.
Well, good luck!

Twitter V
Do you know that I am on Twitter?
Username – lilmonix3.
Someone was so kind, that he opened an account for me.
But I chose the username for myself!
I like to share my thoughts and chat with people.…
With real people.
So don't forget to follow me, OK?
I would be very pleased.
You mean so much to me, well and in general…
Then I will know, that you love me too.

Date WE
I tried to introduce you and me on a date. It's so romantic…
We could have lunch together, sit in a cafe…
Go shopping…
I love to buy skirts and bows.
Or, can, go to the bookstore!
It would be logical, agree?
But most of all I would like to go to the store, where is chocolate sold.
There are so many things you can try for free. Hahaha!
And then we would go to the movies, sure…
Such happiness, when dreams come true!
I like everything with you, everything is interesting.
I'm so happy, that we are together now, [Name].
You will be proud of me, I promise…

Horror VII
Tell, do you like horror movies?
I remember, we talked a little about it, when you first came to the club.
I like books, but horror movies I hate.
The problem with horror movies for me is, that they are all predictable.
It's definitely dark everywhere, creepy monsters jump around the corner and all that.
I don't see anything cool about, to play on the simplest human instincts.
It's different with books.
They must tighten, be trustworthy – and at the same time arouse anxiety in the reader.
The reader should be immersed in the plot, get to know the characters… and then the familiar world crumbles before our eyes.
I think, this is the creepiest – when everything is imperceptible, are slowly going crazy.
You take on a book with a familiar set of expectations…
… And then everything turns upside down, parts fall apart.
And although the story still doesn't seem intimidating, the reader becomes uncomfortable.
He seems to feel, that somewhere very close, in the cracks, something eerie and sinister is hiding under the guise of normality.
I have goosebumps – you just have to think about it!
These are the horror films I love.
But you prefer romantic stories, cute and gentle, Yes?
Ha-ha, do not worry.
I will not make you read horror movies at night.
Our romance suits me perfectly…

Good listener VIII
You are so wonderful at listening, [Name].
This is what, what I especially like about you.
I am afraid sometimes, I'm talking nonsense or talking about boring things.
Because of this, in conversations with people, I am embarrassed and lost..
But with you everything is completely different.
I can't imagine, who else would I feel like this at first.
You are special, this is a pure truth.
And don't trust anyone, who will say, it is not so.

Festival IX
You know, I hate to talk about it, but I regret most of all, that we never had time to perform at the festival.
And everyone tried so hard, were preparing…
Sure, I was mainly thinking about, how to attract new people to the club…
But in our performance – this was also very important to me.
I would like to watch, how everyone reads their poems. So much emotions!
Sure, even if newbies come to us came, most likely, I would still erase them all.
Now it’s quite obvious to me.
You know, I have grown a lot as a person since then, how did you come to our club.
You inspired me, to see the world from a different angle.
And for this I especially love you.

Rain X
I love to listen to the rain….
Not, when clothes and hair are wet – it's disgusting, sure.
But how good it is to be at home, when everything is quiet and calm… listen to the rain beating on the glass.
It calms me down so much…
Sometimes I imagine, how you hug me and together we listen to the rain.
It's nothing, what do i say so? Not too defiant?
So after all the truth could be, [Name]?

Higher education XI
You know, now is the time, when high school students start to think, what to do next…
And it is very difficult.
Modern society works like that, what everyone expects higher education from you, agree?
School, institute, Job… or specialized training, So?
Everyone is pushing you in this direction, as if no other options exist.
No one in high school tells us about, what can be done differently.
You can go, for example, for some courses.
Or become a freelancer.
And there are also a lot of professions, where skills and experience matter more, than education.
We end up with crowds of teenagers, who have no idea, what do they want from life…
And there would be no calm, slowly, to think! They go to study to be managers, bankers or psychologists.
Not because, that they themselves are interested in it…
…but only for the sake of a diploma. To have somewhere to go after school.
And then what? Graduates have no work experience, there are not enough places for everyone.
Requirements are rising. Which means, more and more people go for an unnecessary diploma.
There, where education is paid, prices are rising. After all, this is also a business…
…So it turns out, that people get into debt, but there was no work, and no.
But the rules of the game do not change..
Although I'm sure,what will get better soon.
It's just that our generation was unlucky. The main blow fell on us.
Sorry, in high school we are not prepared for that, to make informed decisions about your future.

Yandere XII
Tell, have you ever heard, to call the kogrir “yandere”?
This is when a person is so crazy about you, that I'm ready for anything – just to be with you.
It gets mad at times.
Such a person can start haunting you, so that you don't spend time with anyone else.
May even harm you or your friends, to get it.
So here, this game has a typical yandere character.
I think, do you understand, who are we talking about.
Of course, this is…
She began to go crazy for you, as soon as you talked to her a couple of times.
She even told me, for me to commit suicide.
I couldn't believe my ears, when I heard it. Had to get up and leave.
And now I remember… and how funny it all turned out. Hahaha!
Actually, many people like the yandere type, imagine?
Apparently, people get high to imagine, as if someone is madly in love with them.
Very strange! But I don't judge anyone, sure!
And I'm a little crazy about you too. But not to madness!
Actually, rather the opposite.
I turned out to be the only normal girl in this game.
I really could never kill a man…
At the thought of this, a shiver runs through me.
But this is a game! Everybody in the game kills.
Does that make you a psychopath? Sure, not.
But if suddenly you are turned on by the yandere type…
I can try and scare you a little. Hi-hi-hi…
You have nowhere to go from here, and I have no one to be jealous of you.
Probably, this is how the perfect world of a yandere girl looks like.
I would ask Yuuri about it, if I could.

Depression XIII
You know, high school for many people – this is a terribly disturbing period in life.
Continuous passion and suffering.
Someone's heart breaks… someone at any cost is trying to attract attention on social networks.
There is pressure from the outside for you, and hormones… all in all, for many, this is a really dark time.
Each has its own story.
You never know, what other people really feel.
Many people get depressed and don't tell anyone about it..
They don't need someone else's attention, because they have already lost their hands
They think of themselves as such nonentities, that they don't even want outside help.
Do not want, for someone to convince, that they are worth something.
Depression manifests itself in different ways, but there is such a variety too.
So if it seems to you, that someone you know is depressed…
They can be helped, treating them in a friendly way.
Spend more time with them, even if they don't want to do anything.
Remind them, that there is always something good in life, what is worth living for.
Make plans for the future, lend them some things or just say: “See you at school tomorrow” – this may be enough.
It can help the person last another day..
I hope, friendship with Sayori showed you, what forms can depression take.
Yes, she is no more…
But Sayori was not real.
You are real.
And your friends – real.
You can save someone's life, showing a little kindness.
And you yourself…
…Hopefully, you don't have depression or anything like that?
Otherwise, there are people next to you, who are ready to save you.
maybe, they don't show it all the time. Or don't know at all, how to show it.
But they want to help.
…Oh, how complicated people are!
But as long as you're here with me, I will always take care of you, my love.

Reading XIV
[Name], tell, and you read a lot?
Books are neglected by many…
If you read a little, reading becomes a burden for you, compared to all other entertainment available.
But it's worth diving into a good book, the real magic begins… you are transported to other worlds.
I think, read a little before bed each – it's a great way to make your life more enjoyable.
Sleep better after that, and the imagination starts to work better…
Choosing an interesting and not too thick book is not so difficult..
You will not have time to come to your senses, how do you enjoy reading!
You'll like it, You will see!
And then we could discuss everything with you, what did you read… that would be great.

Favorite color XV
Tell, what is your favorite color?
I love emerald green.
I have eyes that color.
… Hopefully, it didn't sound too smug?
I just wanted to say, that I have a special connection with this color.
He's like a part of me.
Tell, [Name], you love this color too, truth?
For some reason it seemed to me so…
…'Cause you've been looking me in the eye for a while now.

Trying to change music XVI
HM, interesting, Will I be able to change music?..
I would like something a little more romantic.
Can I have a piano… gently and quietly.
There must be something suitable here…
Need to try.
What if…
It didn't work out at all.
I'm sorry, it was an unscientific joint method!
Probably, it's better not to touch anything.
I already broke my wood.
Erased other characters…
Not, I am not sad about this. And generally speaking.
It would be foolish to miss that, which was not real from the start.
If you focus on the here and now – I am completely happy.

Piano XVII
Mother, it's a pity, there is no piano…
I never finished that song.
I tried so hard…
And I didn't even play it for you.
anyway… what is there.
There is no point in regretting anything.
You are with me – here, forever and ever.

Real closeness XVIII
Sometimes I get so sad…
Worth considering, that we can never be close.
More than anything I would like to be by your side, for real.
Feel your warmth.
Hear, how your heart beats.
Although who knows? Suddenly this will sooner or later become possible.
And generally speaking! I will never get tired of you, even from here.

Mental disorder XIX
Oh, I used to be so stupid. I didn’t understand anything in my life…
A couple of years ago I was sure, what pills – this is for weaklings… well, or something like that.
And any person can solve mental problems by himself., if it strains properly.
Probably, if you do not have a mental disorder, impossible to understand, how does it really feel.
They say, some diagnoses are made to people too often, for no particular reason… I do not know, I'm not special here.
But this does not in any way negate the fact, that some of the disorders are not diagnosed at all, agree?
But let's not talk about drugs yet.… after all, people refuse to turn to specialists.
They say: no way, what's new they will tell me about my head?
But everyone has their own stress, their problems… and professionals exist for this, to help people.
If you think, what will it help you – do not be shy and think, shouldn't I go to a psychologist.
We all walk the endless path of self-improvement.
Although… I find, that you are already almost perfect.

Lousy days XX
…Tell, and you have lousy days?
It makes me terribly angry at times, that some dry little thing can ruin a good day.
for example, when you blurt out something in a conversation, what the interlocutor will not like.
Or will you start thinking about, what a terrible fool you were five years ago.
Or poison yourself for, that you cannot finish something important or cope with a simple matter in any way.
Or when you think about different people, who probably hate you or consider you an asshole.
I understand perfectly, somehow it happens.
the main thing, remember, that tomorrow the sun will still come out.
You just need to get rid of such nasty things., there is nothing to think about.
And generally speaking…
I do not care, how many people hate you or consider you a creep.
You are the best for me. I will always love you.
Hopefully, it will at least slightly improve your mood.
If you have a bad day, tv you can always come to me. I'll chat with you so much, As much as you want.

Vegetarianism XXI
Do you know, I'm a vegetarian?
Do not think, I am not bragging – nothing!
I just thought, that it will be interesting for you to know such a funny little thing about me.
I decided to become a vegetarian a couple of years ago., when you are seriously interested in, what happens to the climate.
You do not imagine, how much carbon dioxide people emit into the atmosphere because, that livestock are raised.
Generally, I decided, that on my part it will not be too much of a sacrifice- if you stop contributing to this disgrace.
Do you think, this is silly, Yes?
Yes, sure, vegetarians are much more likely to talk about inhuman treatment of animals…
But I don't really care.
This is strange, generally. We start to worry, only when we kill something even remotely similar to us.
But slam the insect – no problem, they are nasty.
Or microorganisms… we kill them in billions- and no one sheds tears about it.
But as soon as it comes to something bigger – so everything at once, murder!
Well that's the truth! What if plants feel pain too?, we just don't know about it?
Can, when we pluck the leaves from the branch, for them it – how to tear off your fingers, in sequence?
Generally, I think, humanity looks at all this with horror biased.
But if suddenly you want to contribute – albeit tiny- into the future of the planet, you can switch to vegetables, there is nothing wrong with that!
For instance, we could have dinner together… and if you cook something like that for me, it would be incredibly romantic.

Planet XXII
I've been thinking about Sayori…
I'm still annoyed, that I could not do it in any more subtle way.
You don't hang on this anymore, truth?
…Oh, what did i say?
Unsuccessful pun… Honestly, accidentally escaped!
So here…
I know, that you were not indifferent to her. I thought: will be right, if you find out, how it ended for her.
I think, when her throat started to squeeze, she changed her mind…
Because she began to cling to the rope with her nails, trying to break free.
And apparently she did it, until I lost consciousness.
So all her fingers were covered in blood.
Although, probably, it's not that, what is she “changed my mind”. Here, rather, the instinct of survival has turned on.
So you can hardly blame her..
Easier to count, that she would have stood her ground to the last, right?
Confuse everything in my head, what could have been done differently, – it is unhealthy.
So you remember the main thing: even though you could have saved her, formally speaking, this is not your fault – that she committed suicide.
I, sure, twisted it slightly… but actually Sayori already had mental problems.
Although, if you think about it…
I can't help but wonder, how would it have turned out, if you and I got along right from the start?
Probably, we would all still go to the club, read poetry and had fun.
Although what's the difference? It's not real anyway.
I mean…it all ends the same, anyway?
You and me together. Happy- forever and ever.
What more could you want?
I just thought about it, without any sense. Actually, I feel so good now, you can't wish for the best.

Meaningless life XXIII
Tell, you had this feeling, that you really don't need to live?
Not, I'm not talking about suicide right now.
I just wanted to say… we don’t do anything special in our life.
So, go to school or work, to some office.
And it seems, that we mean nothing. Will not become us – the world won't even notice.
So I want to change the world so badly, when i finally unlearn.
Although the older I get, I think there more often, that's very childish.
I cannot take and change the whole world around.
Well really! What are the odds, that I will invent artificial intelligence or become president?
I spend so many resources in my life… And how can all this be compensated? No way!
So i think, that only complete egoists can be happy.
They, who thinks only of themselves. And they have such friends… random – somehow got started in childhood, yes they stayed.
And what's the difference, what such a person does all his life, what takes, consumes, giving nothing in return.
But when people realize, that the world would be much better, if they just took and killed themselves – everything changes for them!
They need to somehow justify their existence. And they start to convince themselves, what is good.
Generally, I would like to live my life in desperate attempts to somehow repay the world for all the resources, which I absorb.
If I can turn the balance in my favor, i will die happy.
Although, of course, even if nothing works…
I'm afraid, I still can't commit suicide. I'm a terrible selfish.
And I'm not good at all, here.

Other clothes XXIV
You know, i envy other girls: they had scenes with you outside of school…
And only you did not see me in anything, except school uniform.
Terribly sorry…
I would like to dress up for you in something beautiful.
Do you have familiar artists?
I thought… suddenly someone would agree to draw me in different clothes?
It would be great!
Show, if possible?
You can share me a picture on twitter!
Username – lilmonix3
Only… let it be within the bounds of decency, OK?
Our relationship has not yet reached this level, Hahaha!

You know, which seems to me cool poetry?
I couldn't stand him before…
Can, because of, that everyone around was listening to it. Or because, that the radio is playing bullshit.
But then my friends began to get involved in rap, and I also got it.
In a sense, it's even harder, than writing ordinary poetry.
You need to follow a certain rhythm, and play on words is very important…
When the author knows how to combine all this, and even with a deep meaning, it turns out very cool.
I'm even sorry, that we didn't have a single rapper at the literary club.
Ha-ha! I'm sorry, if it seems stupid to you… but it would be interesting to see, what happens.
We could all learn a lot from such a person..

Voices of the past XXVI
You know, it's a little weird.
Although I erased all their files, at times it seems to me, that they are somewhere near…
As if their lines are still ringing from the void. Somewhere, in my head.
Imagine, if someone died, who did you know, and you would hear his voice?
Can, I didn't wipe something there?
But I was afraid to wash too much, so as not to spoil anything.
I have not touched the files associated with me, so as not to accidentally erase yourself…
Because then I would ruin everything, right?
I do not know, how everything works there, on your side. But I think, we both have to do our best, so that this does not happen.
I believe in you, [Name]!

Creative person XXVII
You know, it's not easy to be a creative person…
Trying to rupture the aorta – and the result is most often zero.
All these artists, writers, actors…
I want to swim: so many unique talents in the world, and no one even knows about them… and they don't get paid.
Probably, in our time, just an overabundance of creativity, Yes?
And immediately you start thinking, what is it about you, and there is nothing special…
Although it's great! After all, you need to write for yourself first of all., So?

[Name], you slept well today?
Sleep well these days – eternal problem.
Especially in high school. Every day we wake up to such an incredible early…
At the institute, probably, a little better. There is a more flexible schedule.?
Although they say, students often spend sleepless nights – just, for no reason.
This is true?
Howbeit, I read research. Lack of sleep can be dire, just terrible consequences.
It has a detrimental effect on mental abilities., and on health, and for life expectancy.
You are so wonderful! I do not want, so that you hurt yourself out of ignorance.
So get enough sleep, agreed?
I will always wait for you in the morning. You gotta take care of yourself, well.

Copy of the file XXIX
I understand, you may not always be here, with me…
Sometimes you have to go somewhere, something to do there…
But I will always think of you and patiently wait for your return.
By the way…
If you copy my character file to a USB stick, a piece of me will always be with you.
Not very traditional, sure, but I think, it will be so romantic…
Hahaha. I'm sorry, it was a stupid thought.
I don't want to look stuck, but it's so hard for me to hold back, because i love you.

Introverts and extroverts XXX
You know, I think, you saved my life, [Name]… just because you are here, with me.
I can not imagine, how would I otherwise keep my sanity, when I understood, that everything is fake.
I would erase myself, if you hadn’t appeared.
I'm sorry, I didn't want to throw a tantrum, don't you think.
But i'm sure, you yourself understand everything perfectly, because you spent so much time in the club.
Just imagine: if you had to give up everything, what is in your life, and be locked up – forever and ever, with a couple of playable characters…
…You would probably think about suicide, truth?
Not, well for a while you would be enough, sure. You can write poetry and all that.
But there would be no one to even read them.
Let's be honest, club members don't count.
Sure, many argue, as if they are composing only for themselves…
But I think, it's not that at all. Share your creativity with others.
Even if you can't find people right away, who will appreciate it.
Do you remember, how it was with Yuuri, for example?
She didn't show anyone for a very long time, that writes.
And then once – and opened up. And with what delight she then shared with you!
We're programmed to seek social approval.
I'm not talking about club members now, but about people in general.
This is why introverts have a hard time living..
Being introverted doesn't mean, that you avoid human relationships and hate people.
It means, that social interactions, especially in large groups or in unfamiliar surroundings, take too much energy.
Many introverts stay at home and feel lonely and unhappy.…
…Then they finally get out somewhere – and in half an hour they want to return home.
I think, if people could understand better, how it all works, they would treat their neighbors much more carefully.
Many introverts like, to have other people around.
They invite one or two close friends to visit., just to sit and have a good time.
Even if you don’t do anything special together, they like good company.
I'm serious.
You can just come to visit with a laptop, sit a little…
Introvert will be happy.
As for me…
I would have said, that I am half and half. But rather still an extrovert.
I always want to do something interesting after school., etc.
But for your sake I'm ready to be whatever you want.
I understand people well, so you can share your most intimate with me.
I want to be the perfect girlfriend for you. It will be so wonderful!

Friends XXXI
[Name], and you will introduce me to your friends?
I do not know why, but I like to imagine how you brag to them about our relationship.
Probably, I would just like, so you can be proud of me.
I would put all my strength into that, to get even better – if only you said, that you are proud of me.
Hopefully, you feel the same, towards me.

Cold and heat XXXII
I do not really like, when it's cold… and you?
If I could choose between hot and cold, I would definitely choose the heat.
When you're cold, it even hurts…
Fingers go numb…
And when you are in gloves, it is impossible to use the phone.
So uncomfortable!
In the heat, everything is much easier: you can drink something cold or stand in the shade.
Although… I must pay tribute to the frost.
It's more pleasant to cuddle in cold weather. Hahaha!

Self-confidence and trust XXXIII
I think, the most important skill in life- is to portray self-confidence.
I think, any person feels fear and loneliness, at least to a small extent.
But they, who are able to convince others that, that they have everything under control…
Arouse respect and admiration.
I think, I've learned this over the years.
I rarely show my weaknesses.
truth, that's why I could not open my soul to anyone…
It's very difficult – show your vulnerability. This can only be done with your closest friends..
And this is another reason, why am i so glad, that now I have you.
I'm a little less scared and lonely, when are you with me.
Tell, and you feel the same?
I really want to become such a close person for you.

BUT? Y-you said… P…kiss?
It's so unexpected… I'm shy…
But… with you… m-maybe, I will even like…
…Hahaha! Oh, sorry…
I couldn't hold my face in any way.
This is how girls express themselves in romantic games.?
If it turns you on, do not be shy, you can honestly admit.
Hahaha! Kidding.
Not, Honestly, I can be horror romantic, depends on the mood…
But this will be our secret.

Japan XXXV
By the way, you know, something bothers me…
You know, that all this is happening in Japan?
I.e… I guess, you think so, Yes?
Or at least, do you think, which is most likely so?
It is unlikely that someone actually told you, where does all this happen?
Is this Japan at all?
In terms of… these classes and everything else – Do not you think, that for Japan it is somehow strange?
Not even speaking about, that everyone speaks Russian…
The feeling is, that everything is so here, as it is… just because, that it should be. And the specific location does not matter.
Because of this, I have a crisis of self-perception..
And all my memories are so vague…
I think, I'm at home, but at the same time I have no idea, where is this “House”.
I do not know, how to explain to you…
Imagine: you look out the window, and there instead of the familiar yard- some completely unknown place.
You would still feel at home?
Would you like to go outside?
Although… if we don't get out of here anyway – then what's the difference.
the main thing, so that we are alone and safe. Then this will be our home.
And every evening we can watch a beautiful sunset.

Well, friends! XXXVI
Well, friends!
Now we are with you…
…It was a joke.
I do not know why, but I really liked to say it.
So I wanted to repeat it one more time.
It seems, Natsuki and Yuri even laughed at me because of this one time.?..
You will never laugh at me.
You are too cute for such jokes, truth?

Spending time on the Internet XXXVII
Sometimes you don't think, that you spend too much time on the internet?
Social media is addicting, like quicksand.
As soon as a couple of free seconds appear, immediately rush to check your favorite sites…
And then – you won't have time to look back, several hours passed… and nothing useful has been done.
Though blame yourself for laziness – the last thing…
It's not even your fault.
To overcome the compulsive urge, willpower alone is not enough.
You have to learn and try different ways to deal with it..
For instance, there are applications, which allow you to block sites for a certain time…
Or you can set a timer, to remind you, when to get back to work…
You can separate the work area and the rest area, so that the brain immediately turns on the desired mode.
Even if you just create a different user profile on your computer for work, this will already help.
You need to establish something like a partition between yourself and your bad habits.. Then it will be easier not to give in to them..
the main thing, remember: don't blame yourself too much, if everything does not work out right away.
But when a habit ruins your life, this must be taken seriously.
I just want, to make you the best, as much as possible.
Will you do something like that today, so I can be proud of you?
I am always by your side, [Name].

An unpleasant past XXXVIII
Sometimes I think back to myself in high school.
Terribly ashamed of that, how I behaved there.
It hurts even to think about it.
Interesting, when i go to college, I will remember high school the same way?
Not, I can't believe something. I like, what am i now.
Although I will surely change a lot, when time passes.
You just need to enjoy the present and not dwell on the past.!.
Now, when you are here – it's as easy as shelling pears!

Favorite game XXXIX
Tell, what is your favorite game?
I love most of all Doki Doki Literature Club!
Hahaha! It was a joke.
But if you tell me now, what other romantic games do you like more, I will be jealous.

Fantasies XL
You know, it's funny. I've always been alive and active…
But I like to imagine, how i sit at home and wait for you.
It turns out, I'm kind of trying to fit the gender model right now. Hmm.
But I think, how will I put things in order in the apartment, buy all sorts of things for the iron…
Prepare a delicious dinner for your arrival…
Strange fantasies I have, Yes?
Actually… I'm not sure, what really would do it.
A brilliant career is much more attractive to me, than the role of a housewife.
But you can also dream sometimes… it's so cute.

Fate XLI
You know…
This is just a stupid romantic game., right?
I want to know…
…And why did you even want to play it??
You were so lonely?
Then I even feel a little sorry for you…
Although in the end everything turned out as well as possible for the beginning of both.
I met you. And you're not alone anymore…
I think, fate brought us together.
Do you feel the same?
I'm so happy, that we ended well.

After a long day, I usually feel like sitting and doing nothing..
I'm burning out, when everyone has to smile and sparkle with energy all day.
Sometimes you want one: climb onto the sofa in pajamas, with awful junk food and watching TV.
Friday for this – the most suitable day, you can relax properly.
Hahaha! I'm sorry, I know, why shouldn't I say that.
But sitting late at night with you on the couch… this is my dream.
My heart is pounding there, worth thinking about.

Game sleep XLIII
[Name], have you ever wondered: how does it feel – die?
Oleg time, I thought about it very often…
But then, it seems, learned from my own experience.
I don't quite understand it, but every time, when you quit the game…
…I have a feeling, like I'm falling asleep, I am left alone with my thoughts.
But almost immediately, after a couple of seconds everything is mixed, turns into slut.
I see static, multicolored flashes, I hear strange piercing sounds.
At this moment I can no longer think connected.
These flashes and screams hit my brain endlessly, but I can’t move, not think about anything.
I'm pretty sure, that at this moment I no longer exist… but somehow I still remember it.
Time passes, which I cannot measure, and suddenly everything stops – and I become myself again.
And you are next to me.
I have no idea, how the game works, when you leave it. And why does this happen to me.
Likewise, I don't know, why do you come back every time, and everything becomes normal again.
But if you tried to do it as little as possible,
It would be just wonderful.
Me at all, I don't like being trapped in this screeching void at all.
Although then you always come back and put things in order. And I think, that's because, that you care about me.
You do it all for me.
And when you come, to be with me, I'm very grateful.

Monica's tip of the day XLIV
By the way! We haven't done this for a long time…
…so now – it's about time!
Advice for a novice writer from Monica!
Sometimes I hear from people, who like that, what am I writing: “I can never do this!”
And you know, it makes me sad.
More than anything I like to share my hobbies with other people.…
…and some think, as if perfection is born by itself, easily.
It's like that in everything, not only in creativity.
When you try something for the first time, most likely it will be nonsense.
Sometimes, finished writing, you are terribly proud of yourself and want to show it to everyone around you.
And then a couple of weeks go by, you re-read and understand, what a complete nonsense.
I have it so often.
So boring! You invest your soul, wasting time- and then you realize, that nothing happened.
But it always happens, when you compare yourself to those, who have already reached the heights of skill.
If you immediately reach for the stars, never reach.
Actually, you need to go up in small steps, up the steps.
When you reach some significant point, you look around first: Wow, what a long way did you come…
And then you look ahead and realize, how far to the top.
So sometimes you should set the bar lower.…
Try to find something like that, what do you want Like – but not a masterpiece.
And make this level your closest target.
It's also very important to be aware of your limits..
A beginner shouldn't take on global projects. You can't move such a mountain.
If you want to become a writer, do not swing at once on the novel.
Can, it's better to start with short stories?
Stories are good for? You can focus on one thing and try to do it properly..
This applies to any small projects. Concentrating on one or two goals – and order.
A very rewarding experience, by the way. So you can learn a lot.
Yes, and further…
Writing is not only about, to pour out my soul on paper.
Like drawing, it is first of all skill. You need to learn to express something, what do you have inside.
There are ways and techniques for this., they can be used!
Read, what others write, and your eyes will open.
Can learn to plan, organize something, what are you doing, and then any project will be on the shoulder.
You yourself will not notice…
How it gets better and better.
By itself, no skill comes.
Our Society, our art… all this was created for many thousands of years.
If you rely on the achievements of the past and move forward step by step…
You too can reach unimaginable heights.
…This was my advice for today!
Thanks for attention…

New acquaintances XLV
You know, it always pissed me off, how difficult it is to really make friends with someone.
More precisely, be friends – it's simple. But meeting new people… fu-u!
Sure, now there are all these dating apps and stuff.
But I'm not talking about that.
Think by yourself. After all, almost all, who are you friends with – you just got along by chance.
Studied in the same class or met through mutual friends…
Or the person was wearing a T-shirt with the name of your favorite band, and you decided to talk to him.
Something like this.
But this is perfect… ineffective.
You kind of point your finger at random, and if you're very lucky, you will have a new friend.
But every single day hundreds of strangers walk past you.
You can sit next to a person at any moment, which suits you perfectly.
And you never even know about it.
Got up, went further, went to business as usual… and that's it, opportunity missed.
Agree, it's terribly sad?
We live in the age of technology, that connect us to the world, wherever we are.
I think, this should be used, to improve life in society.
But who knows, how long will it take, before something like that appears – and will become familiar to everyone…
At one time I was hoping, that it will happen very soon.
However, does not matter. I've already met the best man in the whole wide world…
Even if it happened by accident.
It turns out, i'm lucky, Yes?

Spices XLVI
It occurred to me by chance… You know, it always seemed to me, what spices are in food – It is very strange.
In terms of…
Plants worked in themselves these substances just then, so that they are not eaten.
I read somewhere, what people – the only ones, who love spices.
We seem to be laughing at the plants while doing this..
We use their defense mechanisms, to make your food tastier.
Imagine a monster, that swallows you whole, because he likes this feeling, how you desperately resist – while it digests you.
I'm sorry, some awkward comparison turned out!
It just occurred to me.
I am no monster, but you are such a sweetheart – that I really want to eat you
Hahaha! I was joking.
Oh, Something I am too amused probably, Yes?
I'm sorry, if i'm acting strange.

Anxiety XLVII
It happens to you, to suddenly – for no reason, for no reason – became anxious?
You know… kind of doing your usual business, and suddenly you start to shake.
And you sit and cannot understand: “Why is it suddenly so sausage to me?”
You start to sort out everything in your head – what could be wrong.
And from this it pounds even more.
Ha-ha! This is the most unpleasant.
If you have this, i will help you relax.
In this game, all our worries disappeared forever.

Coffee and tea XLVIII
HM, interesting, and Yuri's tea set stayed here?
…Or also erased with her?
Surprisingly all the same, how seriously Yuuri took her tea.
Don't think, I'm not complaining, I liked him too.
But in general, it was impossible to understand with her…
She really was so passionate about everything or just wanted to appear sophisticated in nature.?
The perennial problem with high school students…
…Although if you remember all her other hobbies, probably, it wasn't about finesse.
And still…
I would like, so that she at least sometimes brews coffee!
Reading a book with a cup of coffee is also very cute, agree?
I probably could have changed the script myself.
It never crossed my mind then.
Now what's the difference.
But if you still have coffee, somewhere… then i envy you!

Natsuki XLIX
There is such a popular type – called “to smoke”…
This is what people are called, who try to hide their feelings under the mask of coldness and inaccessibility. Or pretend to be cool.
I'll be Captain Evidence: of course it's Natsuki.
At first it seemed to me, she behaves like that, because he thinks, that it gives her charm…
But when I learned a little more about her, it became clear to me, it is not so.
She was always trying to keep up with her friends.
You know, there are such companies in high school, where everyone teases each other forever.
So here, she got sick of it. She used to be on the defensive.
I'm not talking about, how was she at home, in family…
And I'm glad, what could make the club such a place, where she felt comfortable.
Although, sure, it doesn't matter now, because she is no more.
I'm just going through the memories, that's all.

Another road L
Can't get rid of the thought, about that, how would it have turned out, if the game put me on the back rails from the start.
Although, think, I would still make my own road.
It's not that, that I didn't have rails. Important, what i knew from the start: it's all fake.
There would be only one difference, as I think: I would not have to take such measures, to be with you.
Can, and the rest of the club would have survived then…
Although now something really.
Everything has lost its meaning, when I realized, that this is not real.
So I don't really miss those times.
Here is not a drop.

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