Age of History II achievements and how to get them

A fairly short and simple guide just for show. I did not find any guide to the Achievements of Age of Civilizations II in the Russian segment of the community, so why not. Just in case (suddenly what), there is absolutely no political connotation in this guide. Pure play, clean strategy, pure fun. Hopefully, someone will be useful. Good game


Provincial Achievements

The Steam achievements of this game can be quite easily divided into categories.. Perhaps the very first category of achievements, which you will face, there will be achievements for conquering provinces. Personally, I received them in the first 6 hours of play in the Blitzkrieg scenario for the USSR, taking over the world (This is a fairly simple scenario for beginners to master., specifically for the Union)

  • Initial discoveries – Grab 10 provinces. Generally, everything is pretty simple. This will be the first achievement, which you get in the game. Everything, what do you need to do, is to win your first 10 provinces. Nothing complicated
  • Extension – Grab 30 provinces. Also nothing complicated. A little more effort and basic knowledge of the game will help you earn this achievement without any problems.
  • Provincial – Grab 75 provinces. Old scheme
  • Elder – Grab 150 provinces. Nothing new. In this game, numbers don't have to scare you.. but, do not forget about the assimilation of the annexed provinces
  • Prince – Grab 300 provinces. The only thing, what should you worry about, so it is for the assimilation of the conquered lands
  • King – Grab 500 provinces. Assimilation is still your loyal friend
  • The Emperor – Grab 750 provinces
  • Lord of the World – Grab 1500 provinces. Last achievement for the Provinces

Alliance achievements

Alliance is a friendly cooperation of two or more civilizations. An alliance can be achieved by increasing relations with selected powers, financial aid and so on. All achievements for alliances are cumulative. I.e, you do not need to create in one script 50 alliances for all achievements, not. Everything, what you need, so is it to play. Play a lot… Generally, alliances are interconnected with unions, about the achievements of which will be a little later

  • Preparation – Join your first alliance. Alliances are easier and easier to create with civilizations, having similar ideologies. The first alliance was created with the USSR and Mongolia, to fend off Hirohito's Japan
  • Together we are stronger – Join 5 alliances. As I said, not necessarily in one scenario
  • Great Alliance – Join 10 alliances
  • Session – Join 25 alliances
  • Round Table – Join 50 alliances. Last Alliance Achievement

Alliance achievements

It will be more difficult to create an alliance, than an alliance. On condition, that the accumulation of achievement is carried out only during the voluntary creation of the union, ie. annexing with an ultimatum will not work, the achievement becomes rather boring and difficult. Relationship needs to be improved, send help, and it is also desirable to create an alliance with civilization, with which you wish an unbreakable union. Alliance, by the way, you can declare war with an ally on a civilization, which will increase the chance of successful creation of an alliance. Generally, история как с альянсами, только немного сложнее и мудренее. Данное достижение, naturally, можно выполнять не в одном сценарии, ибо создать все 50 союзов в одном сюжете хоть и возможно, но невообразимо трудно

  • ConspiracyСоздать первый союз. У меня это был союз Монголии и СССР, будучи в альянсе
  • Union – Create a 5 союзов. При удобных обстоятельствах, даже в одном сценарии не создаст серьёзных проблем
  • Impeccable power – Create a 10 союзов
  • Among your own – Create a 25 союзов
  • United together – Create a 50 союзов. Последнее достижение за союзы

Достижения вассалов

Познавательная минутка для тех, кто не в курсе дела (Мало-ли, no one is obliged to know everything). Vassalism is a certain structure of the hierarchy under feudalism, in which one mentality depends on another. In our case, this is when one civilization is dependent on another. I.e, is a puppet state, having nominal independence, but at the same time dances to the tune of another power. In our game, vassals are created to make themselves more comfortable borders or to isolate themselves from unwanted neighborhood. To create a vassal, вам нужно зайти в дипломатию своей цивилизации и выбрать пункт “Free the vassal”. Next, select the desired civilization and the required provinces. This achievement branch works also, like the past. but, this time, achievements can be obtained even at the very beginning of the game, choosing a game for some kind of superpower with a bunch of provinces. Choose, let's say, British Empire, and ruthlessly create 50 vassals for one province. Generally, there will be no problems here at all

  • Submission – Create your first vassal
  • To dominate – Create a 5 vassals
  • Feudal fragmentation – Create a 20 vassals
  • Vassalizer – Create a 50 vassals. Last Vassal Achievement

Achievements of ideologies

To get achievement data, you need to change the ideology of your civilization. This is done through the diplomacy menu and for this you need 1000 gold and technology and economy points defined for each ideology. Generally, not difficult to get, if your civilization is advanced enough

  • Fascism – Embrace fascism. Feel like Benito Mussolini. The main thing is not to attack Greece…
  • Monarchy – Accept the monarchy
  • Republic – Adopt republicanism
  • Democracy – Embrace democracy
  • Communism – Embrace communism. Establish your Comintern among civilizations
  • City State – Accept city statehood
  • Horde – Embrace the horde

Formation achievements

And now it's the turn of the sweetest. I think, these achievements are the most interesting and varied, as they represent a specific gameplay task – form a certain state. There is where to run away, the main thing is to choose the right scenario

  • Japan – Form Japan. Choose a scenario 1440 of the year, any civilization of the island of Honshu (territory of modern Japan, if it's easier). Next, we squeeze everything under a single state and form the state of Japan in diplomacy. Then it will be possible to form the Japanese Empire, taking over all of Oceania, but the achievement will be given already for the formation of purely Japan
  • Italy – Shape Italy. But here, be careful, because I personally did not form Italy for the first time, and the Italian Empire, choosing the wrong scenario. You need to select the scenario of the Napoleonic Wars and play as the Kingdom of Naples. Then you simply conquer all the territories of modern Italy. The main thing is to do it faster than Napoleon, for a war with the First Empire under such circumstances is not the most pleasant thing…
  • Austrian Empire – Form the Austrian Empire. В сценарии “Modern World” играем за современную Австрию. Your goal will be to capture all the territories of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • Russian Empire – Form the Russian Empire. One of my favorite gameplay scenarios. Сценарий “Modern World”, we play, naturally, for the Russian Federation. Our task is to reclaim all the territories of the Russian Empire, and this: the whole Baltic, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, Caucasus (+one province of Iran due to ethnic Azerbaijanis), Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and, which especially surprised me, Alaska, which the Russian Empire sold to the USA under Alexander II. If everything is extremely simple with all the points, then in Alaska, perhaps, I will make a stop. Take Alaska – business, generally, not difficult. But you can prepare a landing in the USA in advance. (either to Washington state as I did, either in Florida). The bulwark of democracy will not easily give up its own state, so you need to show him Mother of Kuzma a little. After a preferably short war, we propose to disperse in peace with the terms of the transfer of Alaska
  • Ottoman Empire – Form Ottoman Imeria. Сценарий как обычно “Modern World”, Turkey. Generally, nothing complicated. The Egyptian and Arabian campaigns may pose some difficulties, but this is at the beginning
  • Australia-Hungary – Form Australia-Hungary. The best and rarest achievement in the game. Represents a joke of humor with a play on words, Where “Austria” and “Australia” sound and write similar. По сценарию “Modern World” выбирайте Австралию, start assimilation and economic recovery. After a fairly long process of raising Australia from its knees, making a fleet, which goes to Croatia, which we will pre-declare war. Purpose of Achievement – conquer the lands of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire for Australia. To get acquainted with the struggle in the Balkan Peninsula, it is advised to start with the story with the Austrian Empire. And now a specific note with the achievement – in Russian localization “Australia-Hungary” translated as “James Cook”, in honor of the famous navigator. The idea is strange, in the context of admitting a similar name to an entire civilization, but we are here for Australia trying to capture central Europe, what is it about. Generally, the trick worked well

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