Streamer Daily: Achievement Guide

Description of achievements and small tips to them (if they are needed there 🙂 ).


First Subscriber
Get first subscriber – Get the first subscriber. (Achievements of this type are easy to obtain., you just need to stream. To speed up the process, worth playing the most expensive games in the genre and playing games, that are marked as popular on a given day).

100th Subscriber
Get total of 100 subscribers (including different saves) – Get everything 100 subscribers (including various saves).

500th Subscriber
Get total of 500 subscribers (including different saves) – Get everything 500 subscribers (including various saves).

1000th Subscriber
Get total of 1000 subscribers (including different saves) – Get everything 1 000 subscribers (including various saves).

First Follower
Get first follower – Get one follower. (Similar in type to previous achievements).

100th Followers
Get total of 100 followers – Receive 100 followers.

500th Followers
Get total of 500 followers – Receive 500 followers.

Get total of 1k followers – Receive 1 000 followers.

Get total of 5k followers – Receive 5 000 followers.

Get total of 10k followers – Receive 10 000 followers.

Get total of 50k followers – Receive 50 000 followers.

Get total of 100k followers – Receive 100 000 followers.

Get total of 500k followers – Receive 500 000 followers.

1 million Followers
Get total of 1 million followers – GET 1 000 000 FOLLOVEROV! (Worst Cumulative Achievement, you will have to sit with streams for quite a long time, no other way…. By the way, in order to increase the maximum allowed number of followers (the achievement needed for this) you will need to buy the most top-end gear (clothes, car, House, furniture, etc.…). Yes, yes, this is what affects the max number of followers on your channel:).

My First Broadcast
Do your first broadcast – Launch the first streamer.

One Week Streamer
Broadcast 7 days in a row – Stream every day, seven days in a row. (If you miss 1 day, days to achieve will go from scratch and in the game you will receive a notification that, that you have lost followers due to, what was not streamed.)

One Month Streamer
Broadcast 30 days in a row – Stream every day without skips for a whole month! (Or weak?)

Perfect Interface
Maximize all OBS plugins – Maximize all plugins for your OBS.

Real Player
Play all games at least once in the same game – Play all games, which are in this simulator, (it is not necessary to finish them off on 100%, just go to each of them for a couple of seconds).

Full Time Streamer
Earn at least 1k in a broadcast – Earn at least 1 000 grandmothers. (I myself could not get it for a long time and did not understand why. To get it, you first need to pump your channel well., while streaming for a long time, so that in the graph “Advertising revenue” it was more than 1k. Like this…)

First Sponsor
Agreement with a sponsor – Make your first sponsor agreement. (Executed so to speak during the game, do not get overwhelmed.)

Subscribers Only
Go to a subscriber day event – Arrange a subscriber day. (Approaching the door – choosing the column “Happiness”, you will see “Arrange a subscriber day”, click and done. maybe, this feature will be available as your channel grows).

Luxury Life
Get over 500k of popularity – Dial more 500 000 popularity. (We buy top gear, point, House, furniture, computer, etc.…).

Love for Colors
Buy the first RGB product from the store (not including internet shopping) – Buy any component to whom with RGB backlighting in the store (not including online shopping).

Against Gravity
Put the computer on the ceiling and sit on it – Put the computer on the ceiling and sit on it. (No comment here…. For everything to work, first you need to put the table with the computer on the carpet, and then move the carpet itself with a table on it to the ceiling, otherwise it won't work!)

Broadcast Love
Broadcast up to 1500 game minutes in total (including different saves) – To restrain 1500 game minutes (including various conservation).

Maximize any skill – Upgrade any skill to the maximum.

Achievement Love
Achieve 100% achievement in a game – Receive 100% achievements in the game.

Achievement Freak
Achieve 100% achievement in a genre – Receive 100% achievements in any genre (just play and get).

Chat with Viewers
Reply to 5000 people (including different saves) – Answer 5 000 comments in the chat (including various saves). Just poke burning messages in the chat and so 5 000 clicks on different comments, ready.

Be a partner streamer – Become a streaming partner (get over time, just play and wait for the letter on your computer).

Support to Dad
Send money to your dad – Give baht for vodka (follow the letters on your computer, this is something like a small plot).

New Home New Life
Move into your own home – He snorted? Buy your house, do not sit on the neck of your parents.

Shopping Crazy
Shop 50k in total (including different saves, not include internet shopping) – Major? Spend in shops 50 000 grandmothers (including various saves, not including purchases through a computer “the Internet”).

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