Grim Dawn: How not to lose characters playing hardcore

This tutorial was created and implemented in Powershell for those who are very worried about their characters playing on hardcore!



Hi everyone! This article is suitable for those who do not want to lose more characters on hardcore in Grim Dawn., I understand what it is to myself, like if you don't know how to play hardcore, then don't play, BUT, this is a much more honest decision than codes or trainers. I decided to organize a backup system in Powershell, you can, of course, deal with copy-paste pens, but this is bad manners. The script was invented in a hurry after foolishly merging 3 high-level Persians in a week.

Step-by-step instruction

  • We are looking for a way to save Grim Dawn “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam userdata ”saves from all games are contained here, and the games are named by numbers, go into each folder and look for the names of the characters (I do not recommend copying the path to a separate character, all the same, the Persians have a common inventory and xs how it goes), for backup, I copied the folder “remote” and the file “remotecache.vdf”
    Here is my way “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steamuserdata255680261219990” you will have different numbers.
  • Create a folder for our future backups (e.g., on my slave. table)
  • Launching PowerShell ISE (everyone has a 10, on 7 PowerShell is old and I don't know how it will work on it)
  • Copying my code
    (no viruses, but if you are afraid, then I can drop the code in text form here or you can rewrite it from the screen)
  • Insert the code and change my paths to ours
  • Making a test run (launch is carried out by PKM -> execute with PowerShell), push 1
  • Check if the folder with saves has appeared
  • Push 2 if we want to restore the backup
  • You are gorgeous

From Play’N’KillThemAll

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