Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: B-benefit or to whom to drain the loot

This manual describes and shows: where is it most profitable to drain loot.
(without water, briefly and in fact)


Glyphs and Armor:
The gunsmith at the fish market (near the Hierarch square)

Runestones and weapons:
Not far from the gate of glory there is a blacksmith Hatori (you need to complete the quest “swords and dumplings”)

Leather, rubbish:
Dealer, dressed in red, in the middle of the Hierarch Square.

Best price in the library on the Hierarch square.

On the northwest side of the Ochsenfurt Gate, near the cemetery.

Alchemical Ingredients:
Herbalist in the south of the Hierarch Square.

Tavern “At the crossroads” in Velenje.

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