Chernobylite: guide to the raid on Chernobyl; Correct decisions

Decisions outside the raid
This section on solutions, which you need to take BEFORE the time of the raid on the station. If some of them already match, go through the entire list for accuracy. Remember, that certain combinations can cause different feelings for different characters. BUT, a bad reputation with your friends should not be allowed, one of them may have a bad relationship with you, but that's enough, to complete the mission. Important decisions will be highlighted at the beginning, they need to be done like this, as below!
  • Destroy the Eye of Moscow
  • Destroy Cockroach Notes
  • Steal only a few rounds from the NAR supply (Oliver's priority)
  • IMPORTANT save / hire a Cockroach
  • Disable traps in his lair
  • Burn the data of the Cockroach in his lair
  • Erase the NAR servers
  • IMPORTANT Spare Semenov in the Garden
  • IMPORTANT save Michael and hire him
  • Surrender to the NAR when you get the plan
  • Save friend Michael
  • IMPORTANT at the NAR base, save Semenov
  • Do not shoot down the NAR helicopter
  • IMPORTANT hire Sasha
  • Use a detonator, when Sashko talks about rats
  • IMPORTANT release Kostya
  • IMPORTANT DO NOT AGREE to Kostya's plan to poison Matthew
  • IMPORTANT hire Olga
  • Do not blow up the NAR checkpoint for Sashko
  • IMPORTANT release Gleb DO NOT LEAVE him in the cage
  • Don't kill NAR scientists
  • IMPORTANT arrange the kidnapping of Kozlov
  • Unplug generator to distract NAR
  • IMPORTANT do not kill Kozlov during interrogation
  • Tell the black stalker, you know who he is
  • Do not banish Oliver after his betrayal
  • IMPORTANT tell Kozlov, you know where his nephew is (Gleb)
Passage of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
Solutions, which you will receive during the raid on the station (I do not know exactly, are there any other options for passing, but these are the decisions, which I took during my successful raid)

Raid Command:

  • Sasha and Oliver – scouts ((I don't remember exactly, what were they called, they are chosen for
    NAR forms))
  • Michael – spy
  • Cockroaches – hacker (technician)
  • Olga – sniper

solutions, leading to the final:

  • Choose an alternate route for the guards at the main gate
  • Let the technician overload the gate
  • Let Olga kill the sniper at the door
  • Let the Cockroach turn off the power in the tunnels
  • Use acting and feedback to beat the guards in gold
  • Agree to a spy plan for passing through the reactor zone
  • Take an alternate path (ventilation) for passing through a mined door
  • Use Sashko's explosives to open the door in the prison area
  • If you followed the decisions before the raid, Kozlov will recall the soldiers in the safety room (in front of the ark)
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