Stellar Warfare: A fleet for dummies

This guide is for dummies on naval layout.- 5.08.21



so, on 5.08.21 , the best weapon (standard, not counting the sometimes dropped improved) in my opinion are Autocannons (Autocannon). Best DPS, not very good accuracy, amazing rate of fire!!! If the target has a shield (for some reason i thought, that he should repeat the contours of the ship, the buildings, and not be a radius of a kilometer), then he doesn't live and 3 seconds…
A plus, the closer the enemies, the more shells hit =). This is especially true for playing against AI. – twig in waves and very heap.

Back to equipping. All we have 10 ships. 4 – lungs, 2 – middle, 2 – heavy, 2 – super heavy ship. We can change ship hulls (ship frame, top-left list), I put instead 1 super heavy dreadnought with 5 guns(LongBack)/

My fleet configuration, taking into account open modules and ships:
1) To hire – Wrecker – 2 Engine boost. – fast attack ships, poked the earners, lonely engineers and hit the road for repairs, schooling boats.
2) corvettes – Autocannon – Shield Generator + Mo0dular Shield. – the main workhorse at the beginning of the game.
3) corvettes – Missle Pod – 2 Engine Boost. – reserve, bots often dispatch a light anti-missile ship, 1 module easily counters to 6 missiles.
4) Beacon ship – Devastating – 2 shield Generator. For those who do not like to drive heavyweights across the entire map.
1) Frigate – 2 Autocannon – 2 Engine booster + shield generator. 2-oops main strike ship, shaken – hit the road to fix.
2) Cruiser – ion cannon + Devastating – Engine booster + shield generator + Mo0dular Shield. – Support ship against missiles and shields. I usually build 3 the frigate of 1 cruiser.
1) Taibera – 3 Autocannon – 2 Engine booster + shield generator + Mo0dular Shield.- Stepbrother of the tank.
2) Megalodon – 2 Autocannon – Laser Shield + shield generator + Mo0dular Shield + Engine booster. – Meet, Tank!
Super heavy:
1) Destroer – 3 Autocannon + Devastating – Laser Shield + shield generator + Engine booster. – Sibling of the tank + ABOUT.
2) LongBack – 5 Autocannon – shield generator. Folder-tilt. Use only with beacon ship.

Generally, everyone can have their own layout. When choosing a ship, pay attention to its PRICE!!!!! (the right will light up). From this and “build” your fleet.

Normal start – this is the earner + 7 engineers. Engineers Priority in Integrated Manufacturing Outposts. Further according to the situation.

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